Planning for the ultimate girl’s night out? We got you, girl! Curated below are the top 7 Singapore bars that will guarantee you and your girlfriends a vibrant and enjoyable evening. Whether you’re in the mood for chill beers or trendy cocktail bars, the bars in Singapore have it all. Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Republic Bar Singapore

Republic Bar Singapore
Image Credit: Republic Bar Singapore

Inspired by 1960’s pop culture, Republic Bar Singapore offers a night of vibrant energy and timeless charm. This bar in Singapore pays homage to the legendary 1960s period in their own unique manner – from decorations to their carefully curated cocktail menu. Savour a variety of cocktails named after cherished figures and well-known works of art, music, film, and fashion. The staff is humorous and attentive, creating a great atmosphere that is retro-cool. Republic Bar promises an amazing experience, ideal for a vibrant girl’s night out in Singapore’s vibrant nightlife scene, with everything from amazing desserts to excellent service.

Customer Reviews

Spent an amazing night at Republic bar. And a special thanks to Mariella, she was very attentive and witty, her lovely bubbly energy brightened the whole place 😍 The menu are so cute each category(art, fashion, movie, etc) have cocktails named after celebrities or famous pieces & their cakes were fabulous plsss try!!

Joanna Chak
Amazing staff and service. Shout out to Ritesh who was commendable in paying attention to the bar guests seated outside during the recent guest stint by Bar Paradiso and all the lovely staff who were incredibly busy and slammed but managed to greet us with smiles despite the very busy service inside during that day. Amazing. My friend received a scarf from the bar staff because she was cold and when complimentary nuts that came were a tad stale and we mentioned it very kind wait staff to replace them. Couldn’t ask for more, or a better time.

Ms Gaya
Great food and drinks! We had such a great time. Service by Elijah was beyond wonderful! WE WILL DEFINITELY BE COMING AGAIN. 😄

Contact:6434 5289
Location:7 Raffles Ave., Singapore 039799
Opening Hours:Monday – Thursday & Sunday: 8 AM – 12 AM | Friday & Saturday: 8 AM – 1 AM

2. Atrium Bar 317

Atrium Bar 317 Good Bars In Singapore
Image Credit: Atrium Bar 317

For a bar in Singapore with exceptional service and a vibrant atmosphere, Atrium Bar 317 offers you the perfect setting for a lively girl’s night out. Located within Holiday Inn, this stylish Singapore bar welcomes patrons to savour a fine selection of alcoholic drinks and food while enjoying impeccable service. Atrium Bar 317 is the perfect place for you to end the outing with a leisurely evening of talk and drinks. Atrium Bar 317 provides an amazing experience for any get-together with friends, with a staff of skilled bartenders waiting to welcome you with smiles.

Customer Reviews

Syl L
Had a drink there after work today, and not only were the drinks very reasonably priced, but the service was awesome too! We were attended to by a lady with short hair who was very polite, friendly, and attentive. Her bright smiles made our experience so much better! Appreciate the frequent water and snack top ups, felt very well cared for. Awesome, would definitely visit again.

Celina Scarlett Tan
Went for the high tea during their promo price to try. I’m actually writing my review to thank Jay (Ji Yeon) who served us well while we were there. (She wasnt there when left). She served us well, she came and check with us the food and if we need anything and she even asked my little girl if she wanted to refil her drink. Not to forget Devani who also served us well, she dropped by and check with us how’s the food. The high tea food were also great! Kueh pie tie crust was very crispy and the the filling was chunky smoked salmon, the chilli crab mantao also very nice. The desserts were not too sweet. We love them. I think they are better than some others which the desserts tend to be very sweet. Thank you. We will come back.

David Anensen
Lived at the holiday inn for a few months, and this place ofc became a hangout. With my master bartenders Devani, Chrisphanie, Jiyeon and Suresh. They always greet you with a smile and make even the worst of days a better one once you see them. Excellent cocktails and the coldest tigers in town.😊

Contact:6733 0188
Location:317 Outram Road, Singapore 169075
Opening Hours:8 AM – 12 AM Daily

3. Tippling Club

Tippling Club Bar In SG
Image Credit: Tippling Club

Running for over 16 years now, Tippling Club is a Singapore bar that has captured guests’ attention since their opening in 2008. Offering fun and innovative take on contemporary cuisine, you and your ladies are sure to enjoy the best bites! Led by Chef-Owner Ryan Clift, provides a thrilling dining experience with inventive flavour combinations and eye-catching visual displays (alcoholic bottles hanging from the ceiling – awesome). Having earned recognition as one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and one of the World’s 50 Best Bars, this bar in Singapore is a must-visit location if you ladies are looking for an incredible culinary experience in Singapore. Side note: there is a dress code!

Customer Reviews

Visited this beautiful restaurant for a friend’s birthday some time back (and hence the menu is very likely to have changed now), but we were blown away by how good every single dish was then. They did their vegetables and seafood very well – and every dish was like a delightful experiment (100 layer potato, anyone?). The presentation of the dishes was playful and creative as well. Absolutely loved the experience!

Alan Daly
Visited here on Saturday afternoon. This is a cool place! Music very 80s 90s brilliant sounds. Atmosphere is bang on. Staff are tremendous very attentive but not intrusive, you know what I mean. Wine is outrageously good. If I could take it I would drink here all day. Visit here it’s so cool, little bit Boho kind of in my opinion but that’s not a bad thing. Visit drink, eat choice is yours. You won’t be disappointed. Don’t be scared by cost I’m just greedy so I expect to pay lots, Miss this place at your own peril. More than we’ll worth a visit or 3. 😁

Wine pairing was very substantial! Starters were appetising and delightful. Monkfish was beautifully cooked but braised beef was a tad too heavy for my liking. Overall it was a wonderful experience!

Contact:6475 2217
Location:38 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088461
Opening Hours:Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 12 PM – 12 AM | Friday & Saturday: 12 PM – 2 AM | Closed on Wednesdays & Sundays


Atlas Best Bar In Singapore
Image Credit: ATLAS

Among the bars in Singapore, Atlas enhances your bar experience with their unique ambiance and cocktails. This gorgeous bar features a 1920s Art Deco motif, complete with fine woodwork, lighting and sculptures by Dali at the entry. The courteous bartenders are presenting a variety of gins, martinis, and creative drinks in an elegant yet welcoming setting. While reservations are advised, walk-ins may find success. Get dressed up for the event and get ready to enjoy a sophisticated outing with your gals. At Atlas, you can expect a very memorable dining experience.

Customer Reviews

Fantastic experience. The drink was great and tasty. The bartenders are friendly and helpful. You can order food here too. You should book a table in advance if you have lots of people. The environment is so nice and amazing. I will definitely come back again. Highly recommended.

Jesse Lee
Who doesn’t love the 1920’s art deco at its best? So elegant and stylish in its lighting, wood working and furnishings. Check out authentic Dali sculptures at both side of the entrances. Dress up and come for a drink or two. Bring a good credit card too.🤣

Sheila C
One of Asia’s best bars with a truly unbeatable grandeur. Nice selection of gins, martinis and lots of other cocktails from classics to contemporaries. Reservations are highly encouraged but some get lucky by walking in at time. Be mindful to dress properly for the venue.

Contact:6396 4466
Location:Parkview Square, 600 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188778
Opening Hours:Tuesday – Thursday: 12 PM – 12 AM | Friday & Saturday: 12 PM – 2 AM | Closed on Mondays & Sundays

5. 28 Hong Kong Street

28 Hong Kong Street Best Bars In SG
Image Credit: 28 Hong Kong Street

Tucked away behind an unassuming 1960s shophouse façade, 28 Hong Kong Street is a hidden bar in Singapore offering you the perfect setting for an intimate hangout with your girlfriends. Known for its inventive and well-balanced American-style craft cocktails, 28 Hong Kong Street is the ideal location for an exciting girl’s night out because of the high-energy atmosphere that’s heightened by the boisterous crowds and guest DJs. Don’t pass up their fish and chips, fresh onion dip, and mac & cheese. To fully appreciate this renowned, multi-award winning venue in the Lion City, reservations are advised.

Customer Reviews

Ruth Go
Amazing cocktails and cool vibe, this spot is well worth the visit. Their selection of cocktails are aplenty and creative, and they’re all delicious and well-balanced. The place has the usual low light for speakeasies. Would love to go back and try the other cocktails.

Gny Pang
Visited during the Naked Malt guest shift. The cocktails were ok, food was surprisingly decent for a bar. 28HKST is known as the OG in the SG cocktail scene and i’ve always wanted to visit. The unassuming entrance is interesting and kinda fun. Enjoyed the high energy, bustling atmosphere (they had a guest DJ that night and music was good). Would love to come back again.

Bao Fei Koh
Very unassuming place of this bar hidden behind a plain wall with just the address “28 Hong Kong Street”. Good vibes and ambience upon entering. Dim lighting but I guess that’s the thing about bars right? 😆 Must try their Mac n cheese, fresh onion dip, fish and chips!!!! For cocktails, really depends on your flavour profile. For myself, Friday night calls for a spicy margarita. Felt like I could indulge in the drinks more ever since I watch the mixologist show on Netflix. Love the creativity and the blend. 😘 A bit packed on a Friday night so do rmb to make a reservation as well! You definitely won’t be disappointed. 😬

Contact:8318 0328
Location:28 Hongkong Street, Singapore 059667
Opening Hours:Monday – Wednesday & Sunday: 6 PM – 1 AM | Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 6 PM – 2 AM

6. Jigger & Pony

Jigger & Pony Best Bars In Singapore
Image Credit: Jigger & Pony

Jigger & Pony, named after the classic bartending device, is a well-known Singapore bar offering a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern hospitality. Founded in 2012, it has gained recognition for its lively atmosphere – derived from the Latin phrase “con vivere,” which means “with life.” Situated within Amara Hotel in Tanjong Pagar, this bar in Singapore is ideal for an exciting night out with the girls. An amazing evening in one of the best bars in the world is guaranteed with Jigger & Pony inventive beverages, welcoming atmosphere, and first-rate service.

Customer Reviews

We got ourselves bar table, it is superb, bartender usually don’t speak to us, not this one. They talk to you, they make you comfortable, and they can still make good espresso cocktail, make sure you order them, if you are sensitive to caffeine, order other stuffs. ☺️will highly recommend anyone to make reservations, unless you are hitting the bar at 8pm. 😝

As you may know this is Top 50 World’s best bar, I love this place. There are a wide variety of menu here especially cocktails. My most favorite menu is Champagne Ramos Fizz. The bartenders are expert. I really like the atmosphere here. It’s located inside the hotel. It’s another good place to hang out with your friends. 👍🏻

Avery Tallman
Top 3 bars I’ve ever been to. Very creative yet delicious drinks, fun interior, great cups (underrated!!), and the most amazing bartender, Gabriel. He was incredibly knowledgeable and shared small samples of ingredients we were unfamiliar with. I’ll recommend this to anyone going to Singapore and can’t wait to go back!

Contact:9621 1074
Location:165 Tg Pagar Rd, Amara Hotel, Singapore 088539
Opening Hours:Monday, Tuesday & Sunday: 6 PM – 12 AM | Wednesday & Thursday: 6 PM – 1 AM | Friday & Saturday: 6 PM – 2 AM

7. Cat Bite Club

Cat Bite Club Nice Bars In Singapore
Image Credit: Cat Bite Club

Step into the enchanting world of Cat Bite Club, a cosy bar in Singapore that seamlessly blends playful charm with sophisticated allure. This hidden gem, well-known for its unusual bases like Agave and Rice Soju, creates consistently tasty and surprising cocktails. Every visit is a pleasure because of the lively atmosphere created by the amiable and interesting staff. Try some of the house specialties, such as the cat bite margarita and espresso martini. Cat Bite Club has an excellent beer menu and surprisingly delicious food, such as quesadillas, making it the ideal place for a fun night out with the girls. Keep an eye out for the cat symbol over the door!

Customer Reviews

Cat Bite Club is an exceptional speakeasy bar with fancy drinks and fantastic customer interaction. They offer unique bases like Agave and Rice Soju, along with other variations, making each drink a delightful experience. The vibes and atmosphere are amazing. I would definitely visit again!

Zen Quah
Great place to spend your nights at. Cocktails are consistently delicious, and there’s always something for everyone. The espresso martini and the cat bite margarita are my favourites. Food was surprisingly awesome (get the quesadillas), and will leave you wanting more. The staff are all friendly & lovely, and are always up for shots. My kind of people. You won’t have a bad time here.

Sarah Ho
Cosy speakeasy bar that can be easy to miss from the outside. Look for the cat sign above the door! Nice and interesting place specialising in agave and rice. Friendly and engaging staff too. Think they serve food as well but I was there just for the drinks.

Contact:8190 6597
Location:75 Duxton Road, Singapore 089534
Opening Hours:5 PM – 12 AM Daily | Closed on Tuesdays


The top 7 Singapore bars offer the perfect ambiance for your girl’s night out, from inventive drinks to stunning views of the city. Also explore the best night clubs in Singapore for more memorable experiences, connection, and fun with your gal pals. These locations will guarantee that your evening is nothing short of extraordinary, whether you’re celebrating a big event or just need a fun night out with friends. Cheers!