About Us

Who is TheGirl.co

TheGirl.co is the one-stop channel for all your girl needs. We are the best friend you can trust and rely on for top secrets on beauty and lifestyle tips! This is the place to be at for the latest female lifestyle trends, where female empowerment is recharged, and where women can make informed decisions for themselves. We bring the best of beauty buys and recommendations that matter the most to today’s women.

Our Promise

Tired of reading through multitudes of articles to find the best products/treatments/services for you? TheGirl.co aims to bring you only exclusively researched information so you can find just what you’re looking for without the unnecessary fluff.

Think of us as the solution to all your unanswered questions!

Our Difference

Here at TheGirl.co, we understand the struggle everyone faces in the pursuit of beauty. Although we don’t believe in succumbing to the pressure of social beauty standards or changing oneself to please others, we are in complete support of finding and achieving a standard of beauty that is unique to yourself.

Self-growth and acceptance is the only standard that matters and with that, we are here to help! TheGirl.co covers not only conventional beauty content like beauty and lifestyle, but we also discuss topics that are more controversial like plastic surgery, hair transplants and slimming. The team at TheGirl.co believe that these are important and real issues many women are struggling with are not commonly catered to in the online beauty community.

We exist to create a safe place for everyone who is in search of beauty without any judgements or discriminations.