Do you want to become the best player of Badminton? Or do you want to learn about Badminton tricks and ways to play? Get ready to smash, drop, and rally your way to success with the best badminton academy in Singapore has to offer! Whether you’re a seasoned player searching to elevate your game to new heights, or a beginner eager to learn the basics, our expert badminton coaches in Singapore are here to direct you constantly.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Optimum Badminton Academy

Optimum Badminton Academy Training Singapore
Image Credit: Optimum Badminton Academy (OBA)

Founded by Jeron Wong, an Ex-Singaporean National Player, Optimum Badminton Academy is dedicated to improving the game of their trainees through their love for the sport. Their methodical full-scaled training of every trainee to lift the round of each and every trainee with their unique tried-and-tested training. Optimum Badminton Academy welcomes players of any age and provides both group and individual training classes. Join the Optimum Badminton Academy community and unlock your potential as a player. Experience the excitement of progress, the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts, and the fulfillment of achieving your badminton goals.

Customer Reviews

Fan Liu
Nice and flexible badminton course. Very flexible and professional training for kids.

Eileen Tang

The coaches handled my kids well and they enjoyed all the classes thus far.

Jowie Jowie
Wonderful lessons for adult. I had a good time learning the basics of different strokes and footwork. The instructors (Hazim especially) was very patient with me and would guide me through the workouts. Would recommend for beginners.

Contact:8683 2334
Location:11 Northshore Dr, Singapore 828670
Opening Hours:8 AM–10 PM Daily

2. Aze Badminton Academy

Aze Badminton Lessons Singapore
Image Credit: Aze Badminton Academy

Aze Badminton Academy provides an elite coaching experience to everyone who is passionate about badminton and ready to improve their skills for current players. With a great learning environment and friendly coaches, Aze Badminton Academy is cherished by their trainees for their passion to help them improve a lot. Whether you’re an experienced player polishing your skills or a beginner honing your fundamentals, they customize their training programs to meet your specific needs and objectives. Join the Aze Badminton Academy community and immerse yourself in a supportive and encouraging environment where passion for the sport thrives and dreams take flight.

Customer Reviews

Hong Yi Li
My child has been coaching with aze for 6 months now. My child Thomas has improved from nothing to now joining competitions. Though he lost, but at least he’s trying. Thank you.

kuowei chang
Fantastic coaching academy. Been training with this academy for 4 months now and I really enjoy them. The combination of drills and games makes for a very enjoyable workout. The coaches are very committed and passionate about their work. They are very responsive to queries, very kind and approachable. I highly recommend training with Coach Shawn and his team.

MengChoon Koh
Very Professional and Friendly coaches especially coach Shawn, who knows how to develop your skills set, good with children to cultivate their interest and improve on their game.

Contact:9469 1717
Location:1008 Toa Payoh N, #05-16, Singapore 318996
Opening Hours:10 AM–10 PM Daily

3. BE a Champ Badminton Academy

BE A Champ Badminton Course Singapore
Image Credit: BE A CHAMP

Started in 2010, Mr Daniel Tan founded BE a Champ with the intention of being a badminton coach in Singapore that focuses on improving sports skills as well as instilling character and values in students. Many athletes have been inspired by the badminton trainers at BE a Champ Badminton Academy Singapore to advance their abilities and broaden their knowledge of the game. Students who receive a lot of discipline, commitment, and determination become not just proficient badminton players but also self-assured, resilient people who can handle any challenge that comes their way.

Customer Reviews

Dro Tan
BE A Champion has provided my boy a sterling and solid platform to pursue his passion in badminton. Coach Erik and his team of solid and patient coaches along with the great support from Hui Ling on the admin front has made it fun, easy and unforgettable. Duke has gone on to captain his school’s team and awarded sportsmanship award at the NSG, topping his table in the games. He has made significant improvement and progress along the way. We sincerely thank BAC and highly recommend those considering an enriching path ahead to embark their journey with the school.

WL Yong
I signed up for 5 coaching sessions with Erik Wu from the Academy and I would highly recommend the academy and Erik. The customer service was excellent and very responsive. I am 53 and Erik helped me upload my potentials, overcome fear of falling, and provide useful tips to improve game play. I always thought I cannot run well, but Erik had a good way to help me recognize that I can indeed run. He helped me with foot work, consistency, and thought process. As I am only visiting Singapore for Chinese New Year to spend time with family. I will certainly continue coaching every time I visit from the States. Thanks Erik!

melanie chen
Many thanks to Huiling and Coach Junwei who have helped my daughter, Kate progress tremendously. She started out eight months ago without any background in badminton and could not serve properly. With weekly private sessions with Coach Junwei, she has made such a remarkable leap in her skills that she has now been selected to be in the first team of her school’s badminton team, which is a traditional powerhouse in the sport. Coach Junwei is patient, passionate and earnest, and strives to help Kate realize her full potential. Thank you once again, Be a Champ for your professionalism!

Contact:9640 4603
Location:139 Lor Ah Soo, Singapore 530139
Opening Hours:Monday-Friday 8 AM–9 PM I Saturday-Sunday 9 AM–6 AM

4. T Badminton Academy

T Badminton Academy Classes Singapore
Image Credit: T Badminton Academy

T Badminton Academy provides a space for badminton players to congregate and play the game. The club offers a variety of activities, such as training programs, coaching, competitions, and leisure play. They also make sure that all members have access to, and that the facilities are kept up and secure. Every element of the academy, from individualized training plans to group workshops, is designed to enable people to succeed both on and off the court. Become a champion in life and sport by enrolling in BE a Champ Badminton Academy. It will change your life.

Customer Reviews

Happy Bonnie
Two of my kids in primary school have been taking TBA badminton lessons for more than half a year. The Coach is attentive, talented and accommodating to the students different level of experience. I like the mixed aged class because my kids can see how older kids can play well with the Coach and they aspire to become like them 🙂 My kids look forward to the classes every weekend despite it’s an early morning class and a serious workout for them! According to my daughter: I like it, it’s fun and I can now play badminton much better! 🙂 thanks again to the school and coach!

Gladys Lim
My boys tried many badminton coaching classes until we found TBA Academy. In a short period of training, my boys improved remarkably under the coaches’ guidance. I like how the coaches separate the players according to their skills and train dedicatedly. Thank you coach!

Flora Chow
Coach TS is detailed and revert fast in any of my enquiries. He is very understanding and a good coach to my child who had been with him for almost a year.

Contact:8607 7230
Location:3 Woodlands Drive 72, #10-05 Woodsvale Condo, Singapore 738090
Opening Hours:8 AM–11 PM Daily

5. Skyline Badminton Academy

Skyline Badminton Academy Coaching Singapore
Image Credit: Skyline Badminton Academy

Coach Opu established Skyline Badminton Academy in Singapore in November 2020. The goal of Skyline Badminton Academy is to offer entertaining, interesting, and reasonably priced badminton instruction. They think that perseverance, the proper methods, and encouragement are the ingredients for making a champion.  Their goal is to promote both mental and physical development by offering excellent badminton instruction at a reasonable cost. Encouragement, proper technique, expert instruction, endurance, muscle memory, and game tactics are our secret to producing champions. Become a champion in life and sport by enrolling in Skyline Badminton Academy.

Customer Reviews

yuanyuan su
A great coach who has been of great help to me. Simultaneously patiently teaching my daughter!

Andy Veilski
Good professional teacher with a very positive attitude!

Nurhuda Amat
Badminton is a challenging sports both physically and mentally. Thanks to coach Opu and Callum, my daughter is stronger and very confident now. Coaches are strict but very nice, kind, understanding and compassionate at the same time, which is very important to get children interested. Our overall experience was a very pleasant one.

Contact:9102 1295
Location:7 Temasek Blvd, #12 Suntec Tower One, Singapore 038987
Opening Hours:7 AM–10 PM Daily

6. Dynamic Badminton Academy

Dynamic Badminton Academy Best Coach Singapore
Image Credit: Dynamic Badminton Academy

Dynamic Badminton Academy is one of Singapore’s top badminton academies. They constantly work to provide all of their students with the best badminton coaching possible from the team of professional badminton players. Their badminton classes guarantee individualised coaching sessions based on the demands and requirements of each student to the personalised learning lesson plans they create for each student. Enroll in Dynamic Badminton Academy and set out on an exciting journey to fulfill your goals, be it winning championships or just having the most fun possible playing badminton. The opportunities are infinite if you have a passion for badminton and a dedication to greatness.

Customer Reviews

Vie Obiña
Very fun and engaging drills.

Patrick Keane
Love the coaches here!

Previously was afraid to learn badminton after my adolescent years but thanks to their pair lessons, I can find friends to learn the sport together!

Contact:9684 2263
Location:33 Ubi Ave 3, Vertex, Singapore 408868
Opening Hours:8 AM–10 PM Daily


Invest into your passion for badminton and embark on a journey of skill refinement and enjoyment with our unparalleled badminton classes in Singapore. Join our dynamic local area of players, unlock your potential on the court, and create lasting memories as you strive to progress toward greatness in this thrilling game. With our dedication to quality instruction and personalised direction, you’re not simply learning badminton – you’re embracing a way of life of physicality, brotherhood, and ceaseless improvement. Experience the difference with the best badminton lessons in Singapore and let your affection for the game soar!