Accomplishments are meant to be celebrated and what’s a better way than holding intimate picnics with your loved ones? Be it your sister’s graduation or best friend’s engagement party, nothing beats chilling by the beach or the gardens on a mat surrounded by gorgeous fairy lights and plush cushions.

Singaporeans love good old outdoor picnics and with event planners, life is made a whole lot easier. Here’s why.

All you have to do is turn up and have a ball of a time with your favourite people in the world! Bask in the great outdoor air and munch on tons of snacks and party food as you spill the tea with each other. Here are 5 best event planners you should add to your contact list for your next picnic cum celebration!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Pie In The Sky Picnics

Image Credit: Pie In The Sky

In Singapore, Pinterest-worthy picnic set-ups are a pie in the sky. But with the help of the team from Pie In The Sky Picnics, even your wildest picnic dreams can come true!

Be it for birthdays, anniversary date nights, get-togethers, hen’s night or just a chill day, they have picnic set-ups for all. Roping in their help would mean bringing together an impeccable affair from start to finish. They will help set the table, design the menu for the picnic, plump up the cushions and keep your beverages chilled.

Insta-worthy set-ups include:
  • Pastel Picnic Party
  • Bohemian Picnic Party


2. Plan B

Image Credit: Plan B

If you are all about the fairy lights, garden flowers, wooden accents and white drapes, you’d be drooling all over Plan B’s gorgeous set-ups for sure. They are amazing at blending in their signature elegant chic image into any picnic theme too – making every corner a great photo spot.

Ladyboss Sara believes that the set-ups have to look visually appealing in both photos and real-life for genuine lifetime moments to be captured. The team also understands that food plays an important role in picnics. As such, Plan B has up to 3 set menus to choose from – Persian Patisserie, Pizza & Chill and Italian Cafe.

Insta-worthy set-ups include:
  • Girls’ Day Out
  • Mediterranean Coast


3. The Duo Planner

Image Credit: The Duo Planner

Styling at The Duo Planner plays on the aesthetic appeal topped with the belief that a celebration encompasses love and new brilliant memories. Since August 2018, this bespoke events company has gone from setting up picnics and dates to storming up venue designs for proposals, dessert tables and ROMs.

Here, you’ll be able to choose from four packages – Basic, Teepee, Premium and Proposal – which comes with different set-ups!

Insta-worthy set-ups include:
  • Swan Lake

Contact: +65 8784 4932

4. Every Sixth

Image Credit: Every Sixth

Every Sixth is a special day for the masterminds of this amazing party planning company owners, Daniel & Xannelle. With backgrounds in events planning and execution in school, they decided to pursue their passion professionally and stepped foot into the event styling industry together to lead a meaningful life filled with splendid memories alongside Every Sixth.

Every event is meticulously planned just like how they would with their own. Their immense love for styling is also the key factor behind how every setup looks pleasing to the eyes with a touch of luxury. Watching the glee on their clients’ faces upon arriving at the venue is what motivates them to do better each time too!

Insta-worthy set-ups include:
  • Blush Pink
  • Botanical Bohemian


5. Packdd

Image Credit: Packdd

Packdd was brought to life by a team of people who dreams of making special occasions extraordinary. They had first kicked to a start with handcrafted door gifts before moving towards event services.

Here, they strive to create and offer a variety of services so its safe to say that 100% sincerity goes into all their set-ups!

Insta-worthy set-ups include:
  • Floral
  • Classy

Contact: +65 6909 9754