If you want to learn martial arts or enhance your skills, Singapore offers a range of top-tier classes. We have handpicked the best martial arts classes for their high-quality instruction, comprehensive training programs, and excellent facilities. These classes cater to all age groups and skill levels, from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Taekwondo. So, ready to embark on an empowering journey towards self-improvement and physical fitness? Let’s dive in and explore Singapore’s finest in martial arts training.

Note: The list is strictly not in order.

1. FaMA – Fitness and Martial Arts

Image Credit: FaMA

Discover the vibrant world of martial arts with FaMA – Fitness and Martial Arts, a premier martial arts school in Singapore’s heart. At FaMA, they are passionate about empowering individuals of all ages and skill levels through the discipline, fitness, and community spirit inherent in martial arts. Offering a comprehensive range of classes, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Kids’ Martial Arts, FaMA seeks to provide a fun, safe, and inclusive environment where students can learn and grow physically and mentally.

FaMA’s curriculum is guided by a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors dedicated to fostering a positive and encouraging training atmosphere. The instructors’ commitment to teaching extends beyond the physical techniques, emphasising the development of discipline, self-confidence, and resilience. Additionally, FaMA’s modern, clean, and fully-equipped facilities are designed to cater to the needs of every student, ensuring an optimal training experience. Whether you want to learn martial arts for self-defence, fitness, or as a competitive sport, FaMA welcomes you to join its growing community.

Customer Reviews

Germaine Ong

My daughter has grown immeasurably in confidence and resilience since she started kids’ jiu jitsu classes here.

Yvonne Lee

My child has been training BJJ and muay thai with FaMA for 2 years now. We love the friendly and caring envrionment. Coaches/Professors are so experienced and patient with the kids. Great facilities and location. Highly recommend!

Website: https://www.famafit.com/
Contact: +65 6352 0992
Location: 30 Prinsep Street, #03-01, Singapore 188647
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30AM-10:30PM | Sat-Sun 8:30AM-5PM

2. Trifecta Martial Arts

trifecta martial arts
Image Credit: Trifecta Martial Arts

Awards as Best in Singapore by FunEmpire, unleash your potential at Trifecta Martial Arts, an established martial arts school in Singapore. Trifecta distinguishes itself through professional training, community spirit, and an unwavering commitment to personal growth. Their diverse classes include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Taekwondo, designed to accommodate students of all ages and fitness levels. They also offer Krav Maga classes. Trifecta aims to provide an engaging and positive experience for every participant by encouraging discipline, respect, and resilience.

Trifecta’s qualified and seasoned instructors are passionate about guiding students through the physical and mental aspects of martial arts training. Their approach ensures that each student’s progress is personalised and they are driven to achieve their potential. The welcoming atmosphere, modern facilities, and keen focus on safety further emphasise Trifecta’s dedication to providing an exceptional martial arts experience. Whether you’re embarking on your martial arts journey solely for self-defence, or competitive sport, Trifecta Martial Arts are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Customer Reviews

Nicholas Chan

I went for their Krav Maga trial programme! Instructor Marco is clearly a passionate and committed coach and overall it was a nice environment to train in 🙂 thanks for the experience!

Ming Hai Lim

Great BJJ and Krav Maga instructors! Friendly and knowledgeable. You’ll enjoy the classes here. Conveniently close to the MRT station.

Website: https://www.trifecta.com.sg/
Contact: +65 8111 7019
HomeTeamNS Bedok, 900 Bedok North Rd, Singapore 479994
5 Tank Rd, #02-03, Singapore 238061
The Coast @ Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098451
370A Telok Blangah Road (Level 2), Singapore 098835
Opening Hours: Differs from class to class

3. Singapore Taekwondo Academy

singapore taekwondo academy
Image Credit: Singapore Taekwondo Academy

Embark on a martial arts journey with Singapore Taekwondo Academy, a premier destination for dedicated Taekwondo training. Offering a comprehensive curriculum that ranges from adult-only, ladies-only, teens-only, and kids-only classes to private 1-to-1 training, Singapore Taekwondo Academy ensures that every student receives the attention and guidance suited to their personal growth and development. They also provide pre-grading training and advanced black belt classes for those seeking to hone their skills to a higher level.

Under the guidance of experienced and certified instructors, Singapore Taekwondo Academy integrates the principles of respect, perseverance, self-discipline, and sportsmanship into its teachings. The dynamic, safe, and nurturing environment allows students of all ages and abilities to thrive, enhancing their physical agility and mental strength. The facility has modern amenities and safety measures to ensure an optimal training experience. Whether you are a beginner seeking to learn the fundamentals of Taekwondo or an experienced practitioner aiming to refine your skills, Singapore Taekwondo Academy welcomes you to its inclusive community.

Customer Reviews

Christopher Le

Very friendly and knowledgeable instructors. Good quality studio and convenient location. Had a great experience training here!

Siddharth Rawal

High quality and professional Taekwondo instructors. Great facility for learning Taekwondo. Very spacious with lot of natural light.

Website: https://tkd.sg/index.html
Contact: +65 8818 8010 | +65 8877 2210 | +65 9855 5446
Location: Nationwide Locations
Opening Hours: Always Open

4. Kali Majapahit Martial Arts

kali majapahit martial arts
Image Credit: Kali Majapahit Martial Arts

Introducing Kali Majapahit Martial Arts, the leading academy for individuals seeking an effective martial arts training program that shapes the body and sharpens the mind. Established in 1998 by founders Guro Fred and Lila Evrard, this esteemed academy specialises in various disciplines, including stick fighting, empty hands self-defence, kickboxing, and knife defence. This fusion of diverse techniques provides a comprehensive martial arts education that develops physical prowess and mental resilience.

The academy takes pride in its roots, offering an enriched experience of traditional Asian martial arts that teaches combat techniques and instils values such as respect and discipline. With a curriculum designed to cater to all levels of experience, beginners are guided step-by-step, from the basic self-defence techniques to the advanced skills required to become an efficient martial artist. The seasoned team of professional instructors supports each student’s journey, fostering an environment that promotes growth, confidence, and mastery in martial arts.

Customer Reviews

Akash Tyagi

Best place to be in. Don’t think, just join.

Laurent Rossier

Kali Majapahit is an outstanding Martial Art school.
Highly recommended for anyone looking to learn and improve on the Arts, ranging from beginners to very advanced levels.
The philosophy is amazing, the camaraderie second to none and the overall spirit wonderfully uplifting and encouraging.

Website: https://www.kali-majapahit.com/
Contact: +65 6534 5254
405 River Valley Rd, Singapore 248303
767 Upper Serangoon Road #01-05, Singapore 534635
31 Ocean Way #02-01, Singapore 098375
183 East Coast Rd (2nd Floor), Singapore 428889
Opening Hours: Differs from locations and classes

5. KTMA Taekwondo Academy

KTMA taekwondo academy
Image Credit: KTMA Taekwondo Academy

Welcome to KTMA Singapore Taekwondo Academy, a leading Taekwondo school committed to nurturing every student to their fullest potential. Founded on the belief that Taekwondo lessons should strike a perfect blend of profound learning, fun, and engagement, KTMA goes beyond the traditional art of kicking and punching. Instead, the academy integrates a range of Taekwondo techniques, from self-defence to sparring/Poomsae and demonstration techniques, making it a versatile and comprehensive martial arts school.

KTMA’s mission is to cultivate self-defence skills and instil core values in its students, such as hard work, perseverance, patience, and respect. This commitment to holistic development is reflected in the numerous awards its students have garnered locally and internationally. With a team of friendly, caring, and professionally trained instructors, KTMA accommodates students of all ages and skill levels, ensuring a comfortable and welcoming training environment. Ready to kick-start your Taekwondo journey? Let KTMA provide you with the tools and guidance to soar.

Customer Reviews


Very good teachers and admin!! super friendly and funny 😄 i am a student there and i learnt a lot 😀😀


The most wonderful Taekwondo studio with the most dedicated/attentive staff and teachers – Top Service! My son so enjoyed attending classes here, where they would motivate and work with him at his level. The reception staff would even provide pokemon cards and play with the children before the start of the class, timely and polite responses where always received as well. Truly sad to be discontinuing his lessons here due to relocation and would highly recommend them to other parents looking for top quality Taekwondo lessons for their children. Thank you guys so much for your support to my son on his Taekwondo journey, you are very much appreciated!

Website: https://www.ktma.sg/
Novena – +65 9001 5830
West Coast – +65 8727 7712
171A/B Thomson Road, Singapore 307622
1 West Coast Drive, #01-08/09, Singapore 128020
Opening Hours:
Novena Branch – Mon-Fri 3PM-8PM | Sat-Sun 9AM-6PM
West Coast Branch – Mon-Fri 4PM-9PM | Sat-Sun 9AM-6PM

6. Fortitude Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Fitness

fortitude brazilian jiu jitsu fitness
Image Credit: Fortitude Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Fitness

Fortitude Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy offers diverse classes, each designed to cater to different age groups and skill levels. Their children’s program is a playful, engaging introduction to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) that imparts martial arts skills and fosters essential life qualities such as humility, respect, self-control, and perseverance. The classes, divided into Kids (5-9 years old) and Juniors (10-13 years old), provide a platform for positive social interaction, bully-proofing, and teamwork, equipping children with an ethical foundation that can be applied in all aspects of life.

For adults, Fortitude’s curriculum concentrates on the fundamentals of BJJ, providing detailed instruction on self-defence, submissions, escapes, positioning, takedowns, and counterattacks. The academy ensures the content remains varied and constantly evolves to align with the latest developments in BJJ. In addition to BJJ, Fortitude offers Judo classes, providing a takedown-focused training experience using the gi (kimono). Judo at Fortitude is seen as a self-defence system, leveraging opponents’ strength for their downfall. Through these classes, Fortitude Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy ensures that every student benefits from a well-rounded martial arts education.

Customer Reviews

Jayden Jiang

I was trying to find a gym for my drop in training. I decided to give a go at Fortitude and it was definately a right decision. Coach Vinc and Kacie welcomed me and I had a wonderful class. I chose Fortitude because their structure of class is exactly what I want – techniques and rolling on the mat. They also charge very reasonable school fees and you will enjoy the training there. I will be back next time!

Taiyoiok Saitoo

Have been with this gym for few years now. Very passionate profs and coaches who are fully supporting you and enjoying sharing their knowledges. I recommend for all types of people, from serious competitors to those who just want to discover the sport and have fun.

Website: https://fortitudebjj.com/classes/
Contact: +65 8775 0270
Location: King George’s Building (Level 3), 320c King George’s Ave, Singapore 208564
Opening Hours: Differs from class to class

7. Evolve MMA

evolve mma
Image Credit: Evolve MMA

Evolve Far East Square is the flagship location for Evolve Mixed Martial Arts, the leading brand in martial arts training and one of Asia’s largest martial arts academies. Spanning over 20,000 square feet, the academy is equipped with state-of-the-art training spaces and premium equipment, setting a high standard for martial arts facilities across the region. As the headquarters for Evolve MMA, this academy showcases the best that Evolve offers, including World Champion Instructors, cutting-edge facilities, and an expansive array of martial arts classes.

The comprehensive selection of martial arts disciplines at Evolve MMA Far East Square ranges from Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Boxing and more, designed to cater to varying skill levels and interests. The academy takes pride in its supportive, fun, and safe environment, which fosters the growth and development of its students. Evolve MMA encourages students to unlock their potential and reach new heights in their martial arts journey by upholding respect, humility, discipline, and continuous self-improvement.

Customer Reviews

Daniel Liew

Really good for fitness! Gerald from Evolve MMA introduced me here. At first, I was a bit scared that the training is tough, but over time, my strength and stamina improved. It is really effective!

Xin Ting

Friendly staffs, professional instructors and good facilities!

Website: https://evolve-mma.com/locations/evolve-fes/
Far East Square – +65 6536 4525
Orchard Central – +65 6536 4556
KINEX – +65 6288 2293
Clarke Quay Central – +65 6226 2150
Star Vista – +65 6539 9590
Far East Square, 26 China Street, #01-01, Singapore 049568
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #06-01, Singapore 238896
KINEX, 11 Tanjong Katong Road, #02-52, Singapore 437157
Clarke Quay Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #04-18, Singapore 059817
Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-26A, Singapore 138617
Opening Hours: Differs from location


The best martial arts classes in Singapore offer an array of options for every individual, regardless of age, skill level, or preference in a martial arts discipline. Each provides unique and comprehensive training programs led by seasoned professionals in state-of-the-art facilities. Whether you are taking up martial arts for fitness, self-defence, profession, or to take on a new hobby, these classes present the perfect blend of rigorous training, personal development, and fun. The journey towards mastering martial arts is empowering, and these classes are your stepping stone to achieving your potential. Explore, and choose the best fit for you from Singapore’s finest in martial arts training.