Top 5 Best Agents for Seamless HDB to EC Upgrades

August 30, 2023
Best Agents HDB to EC Upgrades

Upgrading from an HDB flat to an Executive Condominium (EC) in Singapore is a significant step, demanding the guidance of the very best in the industry. As the real estate landscape evolves, having a seasoned expert by your side can make all the difference. Our list unveils the top 5 best agents, celebrated for their unmatched skill and vast experience, ensuring homeowners experience effortless transitions. Dive in to find professionals who expertly combine knowledge with hands-on experience.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. NeezaNizam


Image Credit: NeezaNizam

With 22 years of experience, NeezaNizam is a trusted guide for upgrading from HDBs to Executive Condos (EC). They explain why ECs are an intelligent investment and how they can benefit you in future sales. Their approach is client-focused, always aiming for meaningful transactions. In negotiations, NeezaNizam ensures everyone benefits, highlighting their commitment to excellent service.

Customer Reviews

Nadiah Riduan

Kak Neeza and Abg Nizam have been very spot on in their calculations and were extremely patient in all my queries.
Their reassurance and faith in me moving forward has made a great impact in my life…

Syukur Alhamdulillah to have crossed paths with them.
Their advices and suggestions were accurate and i am sooo ever grateful. Couldnt imagine anyone else handling my investment other than Kak Neeza and Abg Nizam..

From the bottom of our heart, Thank You! ❤️

Nadiyah Farhanah

Neeza has been answering my doubts about HDB spontaneously. Her answers have helped me to plan my future.

Contact: +65 9787 6959
Location: 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh #10-01 HDB Hub East Wing, 310480
Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

2. Aizah Ismail

Aizah Ismail

Image Credit: Aizah Ismail

Since 2004, Aizah Ismail has been a go-to expert in Singapore’s property scene. Whether it’s HDB Resale, understanding CPF Housing Grant, or exploring new project launches and especially Executive Condominiums, Aizah is there to assist. Known for her friendly and trustworthy nature, her vast experience ensures you’re in capable hands for all your property needs.

Customer Reviews

Jericho R

Overall, we are satisfied with Aizah’s professionalism throughout the whole home-buying and selling process. She went above and beyond and was on top of each detail, right from the initial home buying to the final closing. It was a long and tedious process of viewing homes and receiving viewers, but Aizah was both patient and accommodating during our discussions. We would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat! Great job! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Siti M

Aizah is efficient and well equipped with property market situation. I feel comfortable with her service just after my first phone call. My husband and I are happy with her service. Everything went smoothly from explanation of the rules and procedure, until the closing of the selling of our unit. She managed to sell our unit in less than a month. I will sure recommend her to anyone if the opportunity comes.

Contact: +65 9873 5402
Location: Great World City West Lobby, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #17-10/12, Singapore 237994
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9:30AM-10:30PM | Wed 12PM-10:30PM

3. Kenny Lee Real Estate

Kenny Lee Real Estate

Image Credit: Kenny Lee Real Estate

With nearly a decade in the real estate sector, Kenny Lee has successfully managed over $50 million in property transactions spanning residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Not just an award-winning realtor with a Platinum accolade to his name, Kenny is known for his vast knowledge, unwavering confidence, and readiness to help. At Kenny Lee Real Estate, clients are welcomed into a state-of-the-art relationship lounge where every HDB flat and EC need is addressed. Choose Kenny for a tailored, expert approach to all your real estate endeavours.

Customer Reviews

Sean Lee

Great insight for the property market and always analysis/number based decision making. Patient agent with good after sales service! Highly recommended.

M&M Escapades

Thumbs up for the excellent service and professionalism that Kenny showed during the sale and purchase of our properties!

Contact: +65 8686 1555
Location: HDB Hub, East Wing, Level 18, 480 lorong 6 toa payoh, Singapore 310480
Opening Hours: Open 24 Hrs

4. Muhammad Ferdi

Muhammad Ferdi

Image Credit: Muhammad Ferdi

With 12 years in the real estate sector, Muhammad Ferdi blends experience with deep knowledge to serve his clients. Known for being trustworthy, helpful, and responsive, Ferdi consistently goes the extra mile. Whether seeking the perfect home or transitioning from HDB to EC, his friendly approach ensures you’re in expert hands throughout your property journey.

Customer Reviews

Mohd Rizal

I’m glad to have Mr Ferdi as my property agent. He goes trough the steps by steps with me for the whole process. Even before we start, he ensure that i have the right budget for the house i’m looking at. Mr Ferdi is very straight forward and honest in his duty. If can, he say can. if cannot, he say cannot. He don’t give u false or empty promises. Another thing that im proud to have him is his always there be it when gong for viewing or people coming to our house for viewing. Mr Ferdi is a calm, honest and hardworking agent. Highly recommended and highly trustworthy. Thank you Mr Ferdi.

Jayanesh K Jay

Ferdi is a knowledgeble, trustworthy and helpful agent. If you are looking to buy or rent a property, he is the right guy you are looking for especially the first-timers. You can expect him to guide you and assist you all the way.

Contact: +65 9062 2444
Location: HDB Hub East Wing, 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, #10-01, Singapore 310480
Opening Hours: Open 24 Hrs

5. David Soh

David Soh

Image Credit: David Soh

David Soh operates under the guiding principle of “People First! Making a Difference in People’s Life!” Whether you’re embarking on your home-buying journey, selling, renting, or leasing, David is committed to guiding you every step. With a rich history in the real estate realm, his expertise guarantees tailored solutions for all, from novices to seasoned investors. For informed decision-making that aligns with your aspirations, opt for a no-obligation consultation with David. Your real estate ambitions are his top priority.

Customer Reviews


David was helpful, attentive and responsive to our needs. Provide support to all our requirements.

Lau Kai Yao

Very wonderful buying experience.

Contact: +65 9066 9589
Location: CPF Building, 3 Bishan Pl, #05-01, Singapore 579838
Opening Hours: Open 24 Hrs


Transitioning from an HDB flat to an Executive Condominium in Singapore is a monumental step, requiring the best guidance and expertise. Our carefully curated list spotlights the top 5 Best Agents for HDB to EC Upgrades in Singapore, each renowned for their vast knowledge, client-centric approaches, and track record of success. These professionals stand out in the dynamic real estate sector, ensuring homeowners are empowered and informed every step of the way. When considering such an upgrade, it’s crucial to partner with the best; these agents undoubtedly fit the bill.

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