Singapore’s tennis scene has seen remarkable growth in recent years, and this can be attributed, in part, to the exceptional coaching provided by passionate and skilled professionals. A talented tennis coach can make all the difference in a player’s development, helping them improve their skills, strategy, and mental resilience on the court. In this article, we will explore some of the best tennis coaches in Singapore, known for their expertise, dedication, and ability to bring out the best in their students.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. SimplyTennis

Simply Tennis
Image Credit: Simply Tennis

Simply Tennis is a globally recognised tennis coaching organisation with a presence in local Singapore. SimplyTennis coaches are renowned for their professionalism and extensive experience, having worked with players of all levels, from beginners to elite athletes. Their coaching philosophy emphasises personalised attention, sound technique, and a strong focus on mental conditioning. With its proven track record, SimplyTennis Tennis stands out as one of the best choices for aspiring players seeking comprehensive and top-notch coaching.

Customer Review

Grace Goh

I really enjoyed my lessons with Janice, she gives me a good workout and I like her energy and enthusiasm!

Sonica Singh

Janice is a very encouraging and good coach. She has built on my confidence and her feedback makes me a better player

Contact: +65 9007 9226
Location: 57 Grange Rd, Singapore 249569
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 7AM-10PM

2. Savitar Tennis Centre

Savitar Tennis Centre
Image Credit: Savitar Tennis Centre

The famous Savitar Tennis Centre provides tennis instruction for players of all ages and skill levels. The school offers well-structured training programs customised to meet individual needs, with a staff of knowledgeable trainers, many of whom were former professional players. Savitar Tennis Centre all areas of tennis development, from fundamentals for beginners to advanced stroke techniques for competitive players.

Customer Reviews

Ye Ji

Had a productive and fun drill session on the clay courts here. Very surprised to learn the clay courts here are made of artificial clay.


I have had an amazing learning experience with coach Wena at Savitar. She’s skilful, funny and most importantly patient. Everyone learns at a different pace.

Contact: +65 6431 5201
Location: 80 Bras Basah Rd, Singapore 189560
Opening Hours: Mon–Sun 9AM–10PM

3. B Tennis

B Tennis
Image Credit: B Tennis

B Tennis is a well-regarded tennis coaching organisation that caters to players of all ages and skill levels. Their team of certified coaches delivers a dynamic and engaging coaching experience, focusing on improving players’ technical proficiency and tactical awareness. With a strong emphasis on fun and enjoyment, Absolute Tennis fosters a positive learning environment that encourages continuous improvement and a love for the sport.

Customer Reviews

Ivan Ng

I am proud to say I picked up tennis with Coach Matthieu about 2 years ago during Covid. He makes tennis fun, and simplifies difficult techniques / drills with easy-to-understand instructions. He has guided me on the transferrable techniques from softball too.


Coach Matthieu is one of the best coaches you can get to learn tennis. He is truly invested in ensuring that you learn the right technique and enjoy the game along the way.

Contact: +65 9425 5647
Location: 3 St Michael’s Rd, #17-06, Singapore 328007
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 7AM–10PM

4. Shazam Tennis Academy

Shazam Tennis Academy
Image Credit: Shazam Tennis Academy

Shazam Tennis Academy prides itself on nurturing young talent and developing well-rounded players. Led by a team of dedicated and experienced coaches, the academy offers comprehensive training programs that cover technical skills, physical fitness, and match strategy. Their focus on building a solid foundation from an early age has resulted in numerous successful junior players who have excelled in local and international competitions.

Customer Reviews

Melissa Sim

You will definitely pick up skills with these class sizes, and won’t feel pressured or burnt out during the drills. I would definitely carry on with my lessons until i become proficient in the game!

Jethro Tong

Coaches are all friendly and patient with the students from all difference levels and backgrounds. Definitely worth giving a shot.

Contact: +65 9005 4536
Location: 8 Stadium Blvd, Singapore 397804
Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 7AM–10PM

5. Ignite Tennis Academy

Ignite Tennis Academy
Image Credit: Ignite Tennis Academy

Ignite Tennis Academy is a well-established tennis coaching institution that provides group and private lessons for players of all ages and levels. The academy’s experienced coaches adopt a holistic approach to coaching, focusing on technical proficiency, physical fitness, and mental resilience. Their commitment to creating a supportive and encouraging environment ensures that players can achieve their full potential while enjoying the sport.

Customer Reviews


Go for lessons… Fun lessons, great coaches, awesome games

Yock Song Law

Situated within a very green area in the salvation army. Quite a nice oasis to play tennis

Contact: +65 9820 1000
Location: The Salvation Army Family Hub, 356 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247674
Opening Hours: Mon–Fri 7AM–10PM | Closed on Sun


Singapore boasts an array of outstanding tennis coaches dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering a love for the sport. With its local recognition, from Shazam Tennis Academy to the esteemed Ignite Tennis Academy and the reputable SimplyTennis, players have access to top-notch coaching and mentorship. Each tennis coaching institution stands out for its commitment to excellence, personalised training programs, and focus on fostering a growth mindset in players. Whether aspiring to compete at a professional level or simply seeking to improve one’s skills and passion for tennis, the best tennis coaches in Singapore offer unparalleled guidance and expertise for players of all ages and abilities.