Post Pregnancy: 7 Best Postnatal Massage Spas in Singapore

March 6, 2020
best post natal massage spa

Childbirth is beautiful and all but the after-effects aren’t the prettiest. The body somehow manages to swell up even more and feel bloated and engorged from water retention. Postnatal massages can tackle all these issues so that’s one less thing to worry about! With regular sessions and the magic hands of an expert, you can tone your body, get better sleep, improve lactation and promote womb recovery. Not only do all these help with your overall fitness, but there are also slimming benefits to reap!

Give these 7 best postnatal massage spas in Singapore a shot for a smoother recovery after childbirth. Here’s to getting back that pre-pregnancy figure and strength!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Masego The Safari Spa

Image Credit: Masego The Safari Spa

Where else can you find a Safari themed spa in an urban city? Masego The Safari Spa is the first and only exotic mother nature-inspired sanctuary in Singapore! Indulge in their signature spa therapies when you enter this tranquil haven. Their exclusive Postnatal Massage treatment is highly recommended for mothers who are 4-5 days post-delivery. P.S. Mummies who had undergone a cesarean delivery should check in with your gynaecologists first to see fit!

This 60 minutes massage helps in reducing the body weight and realigns the uterus back to its original state. It also focuses on removing excess body fluid and dispelling the wind in overstretched areas of the skin. Reward your body with the countless benefits of the postnatal massage at Masego The Safari Spa.

Contact: +65 6790 1661
Location: 333 Boon Lay Way, Jurong SAFRA, Level 4, Leisure Wing, Singapore 649848
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-9pm

2. Cecilia Westberry

Image Credit: Cecilia Westberry

With decades of beauty experience under her belt, Mrs Cecilia Wesberry started her very own beauty and relaxation centre named after herself. You could even say travelling with the purpose of gaining new knowledge and skills from experts around the world is her hobby. Surrender yourself to her delightful head to toe treatments that utilise newest beauty techniques and trends, and you’ll know why she is loved by many.

There is no length she wouldn’t go to deliver enriching services to you. Her special Post-Natal Massage session is customised to meet your unique needs. After all, every woman’s body responds differently post-childbirth. Some ladies need help with water retention while others suffer from muscular aches. Whatever your post-natal challenges, you know you can place your trust in Cecilia Westberry to bestow you an all-encompassing treatment package!

Contact: +65 6774 0449
Location: 6 Holland Close, #01-20, Singapore 271006
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 8am-8pm 

3. House of Traditional Javanese Massage

Image Credit: House of Traditional Javanese Massage

Priding themselves as being pioneers in both pre and postnatal care, House of Traditional Javanese Massage is a record holder with over 5000 prenatal and 3800 postnatal treatments successfully delivered! As a licensed CASE Trust accredited organisation, be rest assured that their treatments are insurance backed.

The professional therapists are all properly trained in delivering postnatal treatments, and their spa sessions are helmed dedicatedly to maintain impeccable service standards. They are also equipped with a wealth of knowledge to answer any motherhood queries you may have. Be spoiled for choice with the myriad of treatment offerings at House of Traditional Javanese Massage for your comfort and well-being!

Contact: +65 6252 9330
Location: 1 Goldhill Plaza, Singapore 308899
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.30am-10.30pm

4. La Source Spa

Image Credit: La Source Spa

Believing in natural ingredients, La Source Spa delivers you a holistic experience by reinstating the internal balance of your mind, body and soul. Their assortment of luxurious services from top to toe is personalised to suit your unique preferences. The 45-minutes Postnatal Breast Therapy includes breast massage for breastfeeding mothers to relax their muscles. Not only will this lessen their stress hormones and swelling, but it will also encourage a positive flow of blood circulation.

Once the blocked ducts are removed, engorgement is reduced to aid in boosting breast milk supply. One of their treatment’s highlight is a breast mask that will be gently applied to soothe and ease any aches caused by lactation. End your session with La Source Spa’s head and face massage for relaxation and improved sleep quality!

Contact: +65 6732 1318
Location: The Shopping Gallery @ Hilton, #02-17/18, Singapore 238883
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-8pm

5. ALEYDA Mobile Spa

Image Credit: ALEYDA Mobile Spa

With the services of ALEYDA Mobile Spa, you need not step out of your home to indulge in a luxurious spa experience. Founded in 2010, they boast a complete home massage set and a team of the best therapists in the massage industry. As a trusted spa company, they have incorporated healing methods into spa relaxation. Their customised massages are also sure to leave you feeling lighter and more energetic than before!

ALEYDA Mobile Spa’s Postnatal Mommy Care package have been vouched in facilitating recovery to a woman’s prenatal condition. For high-quality massages in the comforts of your own home, look no further than ALEYDA Mobile Spa!

Contact: +65 6604 7567
Location: 81 Avenue 4, UB.ONE, #08-13, Singapore 408830
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-10pm

6. Pure Bliss Spa

Image Credit: Pure Bliss Spa

Pure Bliss Spa makes it a mission to serve top-notch massage services to their valued customers every day. Featuring a cosy and hospitable spa setting, their interior design and service ethos encapsulates that of the traditional Thai spa. Fun fact: As some of their outlets are opened till 4am daily, this means you can soothe your body even late into the night.

The periods directly after birth are usually hit with non-stop fluctuation, and they truly understand it can be a significant stressor for new mums. As such, the Post-Natal Massage works best at restoring your lost vitality from labour. For optimal relaxation of the mind, body and soul – Pure Bliss Spa is the one to trust!

Contact: +65 6222 0308 | +65 6288 0308 | +65 6310 0308
17 Simon Road, #01-01, Singapore 545902
201E Tampines Street 23, #01-112, Singapore 527201
3 West Coast Drive, #01-14/15, Singapore 128021
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-4am

7. Beauty Mums & Babies

Image Credit: Beauty Mums & Babies

With their end goal being pampering and rewarding mums who are fresh out of labour, Beauty Mums & Babies’ Post-Natal Body Massage (TCM + Javanese) is up for grabs! Attention is mostly directed care during pregnancy but they understand that providing postpartum care is equally as important. This period begins right after the baby is born as the mother undergoes endless emotional and physical transitions when she figures out how to care for her infant.

With that in mind, their service philosophy is made simple. To speed up your recovery and accord you a confidence boost in their 75 minutes massage package session. Be the strong, healthy and beautiful mum you aspire to be with the help of the experts at Beauty Mums & Babies.

Contact: +65 6235 0688
Location: 290 Orchard Road, Paragon, #14-11/12, Singapore 238859
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-8pm

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