5 Best Bespoke Tailors In SG To Get That Perfect Fit

July 5, 2023
Best Bespoke Tailors Singapore

Looking for the perfect fit? You’re in the right place! We present a curated list of the best bespoke tailors in Singapore. Here, we celebrate the exceptional craftsmanship, distinct style, and personalised fittings that make these tailors stand out. These master tailors blend tradition and modernity, crafting garments that celebrate individual style and fit. Read on to uncover the artisans behind some of the city’s most stylish, custom-tailored suits.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Made Suits

Made Suits

Image Credit: Made Suits

Made Suits is a distinctive tailor in Singapore, blending modern design with traditional sartorial practices and a dash of Neapolitan tailoring. Inspired by Italian tailoring traditions, their unique style delivers a perfect balance between contemporary and classic, demonstrating Florentine neatness and Neapolitan precision in each piece.

Located conveniently in Singapore’s business district, Made Suits is committed to guiding clients in crafting custom-tailored garments that add a unique touch to their wardrobe. They uphold the highest standards in their products and emphasise customer education, helping clients understand contemporary suit styles and enabling them to achieve their aspiration of becoming a “Made Man.”

Customer Reviews

Saphira LeFae

Ben came down to my place for fitting. Great service, super detailed, put up patiently with my lateness and indecisiveness. Made 2 suits – only broadly knew what I wanted but his taste in the details (which I left up to him) was spot on.

Sanjay Sekaran

A tailor of uncommon skill and meticulous attention to detail: I stumbled upon Made Suits after browsing through google looking for some custom chinos, and now I have a growing collection of shirts, polos, chinos and bespoke suits of exceptional finishing and handwork. If you are a sartorial connoisseur and appreciate the finer details of bespoke, I cannot recommend Made Suits enough.

Contact: +65 9828 6746
Location: Oxley Tower, 138 Robinson Road, #02-09, Singapore 068906
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30AM-8PM | Sat 11:30AM-4:30PM | Closed on Sun | Appointment Only

2. Picadilly Tailors

Picadilly Tailors

Image Credit: Picadilly Tailors

Boasting nearly a century of tailoring heritage, Picadilly Tailors is one of Singapore’s best bespoke and custom tailoring services. With their expert fashion consultants at the helm, including business owners Mr Suresh Mulchand and Mr Dave Manoo, they specialise in crafting the perfect suit for any occasion – business, wedding, prom, or party. Since 1986, their mission has been to provide everything a man needs in his wardrobe.

Picadilly Tailors continues to make strides in the fashion industry, currently in collaboration with one of Singapore’s homegrown singers and radio personalities, John Klass. This collaboration, their extensive tailoring heritage, and their dedicated service underscore their position as a leading choice for bespoke tailoring in Singapore. Their commitment to quality, fit, and customer satisfaction remains unparalleled, maintaining their status as a trusted name in the industry.

Customer Reviews


Tailored a suit for a wedding. Suresh is very knowledgeable and is an expert in the craft. Highly recommended and a great experience.

Pete Cummins

Expert and knowledgeable service.
Dave Vaswani was very friendly and guided me through the process for a 3 piece suit for all occasions.
Would highly recommend.

Contact: +65 6734 9990
Location: Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road, #02-85, Singapore 228213
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-8PM | PH & Sun 12PM-6PM

3. Roy’s Master Tailoring

Roy's Master Tailoring

Image Credit: Roy’s Master Tailoring

Established in 1987, Roy’s Master Tailoring carries over 33 years of tailoring expertise backed by a lineage of fine artists. Specialising in hand-made, meticulously fitted clothing, they are trusted by customers globally for their beautifully tailored suits, skirts, shirts, and tuxedos. Combining modern design with classic tailoring techniques, their tailor-made attire ensures a standout look at boutique firms or work parties.

Their commitment to quality is unwavering, with a proud heritage of crafting over 30,000 garments, including suits, dresses, shirts, pants, and tuxedos. They are dedicated to serving clients of all ages, genders, and physiques who seek well-fitted clothes that elevate their confidence and comfort. Roy’s Master Tailoring’s distinguished reputation is a testament to its uncompromised standards and unparalleled service.

Customer Reviews

Jean-Baptiste Vautrot

I was referred to Roy by one of my colleagues who has all his suits and shirts made by him.
Roy is providing an excellent service (he came to our place for the measurements and came again for the delivery), has an extensive choice of high quality fabrics (I used Italian cotton to renew all my long sleeves shirts that I use for work or high end dates with my wife) and the price is very competitive.
I definitely recommend Roy!

Diana Tan

We are very happy to have reconnected with Roy after a few years. His service is excellent and reasonably priced. Every step was so convenient as he brought his expertise to our home. He provided a large selection of good quality fabrics, which we knew would last for many years. He completed our orders faster than expected. There was no need for any alterations. Thank you, Roy!

Contact: +65 9677 6140
Location: Mandarin Gardens, 1 Siglap Rd, #0309, Singapore 448906
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9AM-8PM | Sun 9AM-5PM

4. A Gentleman’s Tale

A Gentleman's Tale

Image Credit: A Gentleman’s Tale

Founded in 2015 by Kenneth and Lyn, A Gentleman’s Tale is a testament to their shared passion for fashion, tailoring knowledge, and valuable experiences in the field. Combining these attributes, they have created a brand that listens attentively to clients’ needs, continually improves its services, and, most importantly, finds joy in the process. Offering an array of services, including mobile tailoring, personal tailoring, and corporate tailoring, they strive to meet the varied requirements of their clientele.

At the heart of A Gentleman’s Tale is their mission, which hinges on the transformative power of well-fitted clothing. They firmly believe in the mantra ‘Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good’ and see each tailored shirt as an opportunity to positively influence an individual’s confidence and overall demeanour. Their commitment to this mission makes A Gentleman’s Tale not just a brand but a catalyst for enhancing self-confidence and promoting positivity in society.

Customer Reviews

Arunsankar R

Excellent service and very knowledgeable and friendly tailor… Great experience in buying a new suit.

Indriani A

Very nice suits for groom, the father & father-in-law, with very good service in assisting us to select the nice materials & all other details 👍👍👍

Contact: +65 8742 1282
Location: Phoenix Park, 306 Tanglin Road, #01-02, Singapore 247973
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 11AM-8PM | Closed on ​Mon & Sun

5. Ron & Rich

Ron & Rich

Image Credit: Ron & Rich

Bringing a contemporary edge to traditional tailoring, Ron & Rich has been serving clients for over 50 years. They prioritise understanding individual style preferences and forming enduring relationships to deliver tailored garments that inspire confidence and comfort. Whether it’s a bespoke suit, shirt, or trousers, every piece is designed with a timeless fit and a touch of modern suaveness.

Passionate about creating unique, occasion-specific pieces, Ron & Rich guide clients through the intricacies of fabric selection and garment design. Their dedication to customer education simplifies the bespoke process, making it an enjoyable experience. With their client-focused approach and commitment to quality, Ron & Rich is a choice destination for bespoke tailoring in Singapore.

Customer Reviews

Lyndy Lim

Great workmanship. Highly recommended 👍🏻

Christopher Goh

Made a couple of shirts and trousers at Ron & Rich. Aaron is very creative and knows how to perfect a fit. Highly recommended as they provide high quality tailoring and service is excellent. In a fast paced city with many uncertain tailoring services, it is great to find a place where one can shop with confidence.

Contact: +65 9182 2069
Location: International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, #01-30, Singapore 079903
Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 11AM-7PM | Sun 10AM-3PM | Closed on ​Mon & PH


The art of bespoke tailoring is alive and well in Singapore. Whether it’s a sharp business suit, an elegant wedding ensemble, or a casual yet chic outfit, they have you covered. Every detail, from the choice of fabric to the final stitch, is meticulously handled to ensure your satisfaction. For the perfect balance of style, fit and comfort, look no further than these exceptional Singapore tailors. Let them guide you on your journey to a wardrobe that’s uniquely you.

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