Looking for the best yoga classes in Singapore for you and your girlfriends? Explore the 10 best yoga classes in Singapore offering a meaningful workout session that you and your ladies can enjoy together. Don’t fret about the experience level that you and your girls have! These classes provide an ideal balance between relaxation and empowerment for everyone. Let’s dive into it!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Jal Yoga Singapore

Jal Yoga Studio Singapore
Image Credit: Jal Yoga Singapore

Discover Jal Yoga Singapore, offering one of the best yoga classes in Singapore that  nurtures your body and mind. Named after the Hindi word for water, Jal embodies adaptability and growth, catering to individuals of all ages and fitness levels. With a diverse community spanning Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Jal Yoga offers a welcoming environment where personalised instruction meets group camaraderie. From therapeutic sessions addressing specific health concerns to dynamic classes incorporating cardio, every practice is guided by knowledgeable instructors committed to your well-being. Join Jal Yoga Singapore so that you and your girlfriends can embark on a transformative journey towards holistic health and vitality.

Customer Reviews

Evelyn Tan
I joined Jal Yoga Woodlands recently after attending a trial class of PT. I had back and knee issues affecting mobility and was hoping to improve my body condition with yoga. Overall experience has been good thus far, and my positive experience stems from my trainer Eddy and also the support from their branch manager Kent. Having PT allows customisation of the training to suit my current body condition, and not as stressful as having to keep up with the moves in a group class. Overall highly recommended and I am hoping to be able to continue for the long term and have this as part of my routine exercise to improve my mobility as part of aging well.

Signed up for a membership for Jal Yoga and it’s been awhile now. Instructors are mostly knowledgeable and passionate! They do explain which stretches are good for pain areas. Some teachers do remind and give alternatives for any kind of injuries that restricted your motion/range. There’s some classes that has cardio elements in them. Really challenging :’) Great thanks to Eugene too, he has been really helpful! Unlike from what I heard how admins are like at other places, he does his best to assist whenever possible.

Amelia Lee
Recently just signed up for class packages at Jal Yoga and I’m very grateful for the professional yet caring instructors. The studio has all the props available and staff are always helpful and friendly. A big shout out to Wallo the Alexandra studio manager for making extra effort in sharing about the different types of classes that are more suitable for beginners like me. Appreciate the advice so much! Thanks Jal Yoga! 🙂🙏

Contact:Alexandra: 6251 0028
Katong: 6241 3758
Kovan: 6517 9679
Upper Bukit Timah: 6732 1483
Upper Thomson: 6258 9621
Woodlands: 6909 9829
Location:Alexandra: 456 Alexandra Road, #02-03, Singapore 119962

Katong: 131 East Coast Road, #03-01, Singapore 428816

Kovan: 1F Yio Chu Kang Rd, Singapore 545512

Upper Bukit Timah: 816 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678149

Upper Thomson: 213 Upper Thomson Road, #01-01, Singapore 574348

Woodlands: 8 Woodlands Square, #04-12/13 Wood Square, Solo 2, Singapore 737713
Opening Hours:Alexandra: Monday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 9 PM | Saturday & Sunday: 9:30 AM – 6 PM

Katong: Monday – Friday: 7 AM – 9 PM | Saturday & Sunday: 8:30 AM – 5 PM 

Kovan: Monday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 9 PM | Saturday & Sunday: 9:30 AM – 6 PM

Upper Bukit Timah: Monday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 9 PM | Saturday & Sunday: 9:30 AM – 6 PM

Upper Thomson: Monday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 9 PM | Saturday & Sunday: 9:30 AM – 6 PM

Woodlands: Monday – Friday: 7:30 AM – 9 PM | Saturday & Sunday: 9:30 AM – 6 PM

2. Ziva Yoga

Ziva Yoga Singapore
Image Credit: Ziva Yoga

Discover the transformative journey at Ziva Yoga, where each session transcends the ordinary. Boasting meaningful yoga classes in Singapore, Ziva Yoga offers a holistic experience that rejuvenates both body and mind. With a focus on building strong foundations and deepening practices safely, Ziva fosters meaningful connections within oneself and with your girlfriends. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, Ziva Yoga promises a path to greater health and happiness through the profound practice of yoga.

Customer Reviews

Ina Chiriliuc
I have been practising yoga for 15 yrs now and have never met a teacher like Faiz! He is magical at transforming how my body feels and most importantly – how my mind reacts. A therapy, massage, body and mind restoration session all in one! Was very reluctant to share as sessions get booked up quickly, but it’s only kind to share.

KC Heng
Comfortable space to practice! Instructor was very encouraging and at the same time pushing you to do better. Pretty zen feels.

Simon woell
Highly recommend this studio. Faiz is an amazing teacher, and the class fluid and challenging. Bring cash but it will be worth it for sure.

Contact:8163 4827
Location:59B Duxton Rd, Singapore 089523
Opening Hours:Dependant on Class Timings

3. The Yoga Mandala

The Yoga Mandala Singapore
Image Credit: The Yoga Mandala

Discover The Yoga Mandala where you and your girls can experience tranquillity and transformation at its finest. Nestled at a hidden corner, The Yoga Mandala offers holistic yoga classes in Singapore for all. Led by skilled instructors, their programs blend theory with practical application, emphasising Sanskrit teachings into their everyday lessons. No matter the level of experience you and your girlfriends have, their classes strike the perfect balance between clear, precise guidance and enjoyable sequences. Experience the essence of yoga at The Yoga Mandala today.

Customer Reviews

Victoria Yong
Completed YTT with them and it was the best experience!

Adillah Noorazha
One of the best thing to have happened for me — taking the YTT with Jess. She pays attention to each individual body needs & has a gentle approach to teaching which I dearly appreciated. It helped me change my body & mindset which I think is the most valuable takeaway I can gather from this program (would take this twice if I could) I would definitely recommend this to advanced practitioners and beginners alike!! 🙂

K s
I attend the classes at TYM and did the teacher training course here too. I feel that the teachers at TYM strike a great balance with their style of clear, straightforward cueing and thoughtful sequences, all while making sure students have a good time. I also really appreciate that the teacher training was really well-rounded with the theory (I liked the focus on using Sanskrit terms) and practical (challenging but fun drills).

Contact:6221 6683
Location:134B Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068600
Opening Hours:Monday – Thursday: 11 AM – 3 PM, 7 PM – 9 PM | Friday: 11 AM – 3 PM, 6:30 PM – 8 PM | Saturday & Sunday: 10 AM – 12 PM

4. avoyoga

Avoyoga Yoga Classes Singapore
Image Credit: avoyoga

Among the yoga classes in Singapore, Avoyoga stands out as the premier boutique studio for beginner aerial yoga enthusiasts. Conveniently located between Outram and Tanjong Pagar, this picturesque and easily accessible studio offers a cosy environment for you and your girlfriends to experience yoga with encouraging and attentive instructors. Avoyoga’s structured courses, complete with videos and handbooks, guide students through a systematic progression, making it ideal for self-practice. The warm and friendly community, combined with excellent facilities such as a washroom and water station, makes every session enjoyable and safe. Whether you’re using ClassPass or a member, booking is a breeze. Elevate your aerial yoga journey with Avoyoga!

Customer Reviews

Ruth Loke
There are many aerial studios out there, but I would consider Avoyoga my ‘home’ studio. I feel the most comfortable and supported here, especially as class sizes are kept small. Instructors are nothing short of encouraging and attentive. The studio is easily accessible and very picturesque too! I would recommend this studio for your self-practice sessions. It’s well-ventilated and there’s a washroom & water station available too. Booking is done easily whether you’re using ClassPass or a member. What drew me to this studio is the availability of structured courses intended to help you progress in a systematic manner. The lessons come with videos and a handbook as well, which I found very helpful in my learning journey. Fellow attendees have also been nothing short of warm and friendly, which makes lessons and classes something to look forward to. I certainly foresee myself practicing here for a long time.

Liyana Jamal
I’ve attended 4 courses with avoyoga so far and have no regrets! The structured course helps us to remain consistent and progress gradually. Love the cozy environment, supportive classmates and small classes. It makes it less daunting for a beginner like me. Genuinely enjoy my time at avoyoga and hope to continue my learning here.💛

Dani C
I am so glad I found this place for aerial yoga flow! Really love the cozy studio and small students:teacher ratio which makes learning aerial tricks feel so much more reassuring and safer. <3 <3

Contact:8022 6943
Location:23 Kampong Bahru Rd, #04-01/3, Singapore 169349
Opening Hours:6 AM – 11 PM Daily

5. Healthy Yoga & Therapy Singapore

Healthy Yoga & Therapy Singapore
Image Credit: Healthy Yoga & Therapy Singapore

Among the best yoga classes in Singapore, Healthy Yoga & Therapy Singapore offers a holistic and nurturing environment where both mental and physical well-being are prioritised. Led by experienced and compassionate instructors Dawn and John, each class is designed to promote self-healing and stress relief. Their traditional approach to yoga ensures that practices are safe, accessible, and deeply impactful. Whether dealing with physical strain or looking to improve overall health, the simple yet effective techniques taught can be easily incorporated into daily life. Bring your girlfriends to Healthy Yoga & Therapy Singapore and work towards a healthier and happier body.

Customer Reviews

Shereen Kaul
Very good sessions with Dawn and John. They are both very helpful, kind, have a lot of knowledge and experience. They have helped me to feel healthier and happier after my sessions. The practices they have suggested are simple and I can continue these at home easily. Thank you.

Attentive teacher who genuinely cares. I enjoyed my time here!

Strained my back recently and went for a session with Dawn and John. Both of them were attentive and genuinely concerned with helping me feel better. Seeing both of them helped to relieve both my built up mental stress and physical strain. Really happy to walk out of the studio pain free. 😊

Contact:9784 4058
Location:31B Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore 088998
Opening Hours:Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 10:30 AM – 8:45 PM | Wednesday: 4 PM – 7:45 PM | Friday: 10:30 AM – 6 PM | Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM | Sunday: 10:15 AM – 5 PM

6. Warrior Studios

Warrior Studios Yoga Places In Singapore
Image Credit: Warrior Studios

Warrior Studios offers a tranquil escape with a welcoming atmosphere reminiscent of its previous outlets. Renowned for its skilled and friendly instructors, such as Jacqueline and Ashley, the studio offers holistic yoga classes in Singapore for all. Classes are thoughtfully designed, balancing patience with strength. The cosy studio, complete with essential amenities and ample mirrors, enhances the yoga experience. Embracing the Bodhi-Sattva Warrior philosophy, Warrior Studios encourages selfless compassion, helping practitioners find fulfilment through the act of helping others. Discover inner peace and empowerment at Warrior Studios, a perfect sanctuary for you and your ladies to bond and get fit.

Customer Reviews

Mitchell SY
Love the vibes of this studio & enjoyed the back to basics class. instructor Jacqueline is friendly & approachable.

Yeoh Yuxian
Very good instructors. Especially Ashley’s classes! Super patient, thoughtful and super strong as well. 10/10.

KC Heng
First time at this outlet, somehow it gives me the same feeling as the previous outlet – a comfortable and welcoming feeling. Studio was cosy and had everything it should have. I like the mirrors! Instructor was clear in her instructions and the class was fun and encouraging. Tried out quite a few arm balance poses and inversion. Overall a great class.

Contact:WhatsApp Only: 9071 3202
Location:37b Hong Kong Street, Level 3, Singapore 059676
Opening Hours:Monday – Wednesday & Friday: 8 AM – 9 PM | Thursday: 7 AM – 9 PM | Saturday & Sunday: 9 AM – 6 PM

7. Nithya Priyan School of Yoga

Nithya Priyan School Of Yoga Class SG
Image Credit: Nithya Priyan School of Yoga

Nithya Priyan School of Yoga offers a welcoming and structured environment for practitioners of all levels. Among the yoga classes in Singapore, Nithya Priyan offers classes following a systematic approach to learning in-depth through a 27-week curriculum. Each week, a common theme guides the classes, focusing on building strength, flexibility, and understanding through peak pose sequencing. The school’s methodical syllabus fosters both physical proficiency and inner freedom, encouraging consistent and mindful practice. This integrative approach makes it an ideal place for you and your girlfriends seeking to deepen your yoga practice and finding peace within a supportive community.

Customer Reviews

Juliana Teow
Yuko San is the best. Her positive vibes, passion for teaching and desire to inspire others and her ability to connect with her students also shows authenticity in her personality. Her classes are always so enjoyable.

Cindy kwee Yoga
Very fun and relaxing yoga class. The explanations are very detailed, the teacher is very responsive and attentive. Thanks Galton!

Rebecca Le
Beautiful yoga studio. Galton’s guidance is unmatched and made me feel very comfortable throughout the class with experimenting with difficult poses! Thank you from Australia.

Contact:9487 1783
Location:235A South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058784
Opening Hours:Monday – Friday: 7 AM – 2 PM, 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM | Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM – 6 PM

8. Yoga in Common

Yoga In Common Classes Singapore
Image Credit: Yoga in Common

Yoga in Common (YIC) offers a blend of group and private yoga classes in Singapore that cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Nestled in a charming shophouse, the ground-floor studio provides a unique and grounding atmosphere. YIC’s philosophy, “Yoga is for Every Body,” fosters an inclusive and supportive community. Led by skilled instructors like Angie, who emphasise technique and safety, YIC ensures a strong foundation for sustainable practice. The studio’s variety of classes, including restorative yoga, helps students achieve deep relaxation and reconnect with their natural selves, making it a top choice for holistic wellness in Singapore.

Customer Reviews

Janice Tan
I had the pleasure to attend the Spring Jeju Retreat earlier in May 2024 and had an absolutely lovely time with Angie and the rest of the attendees! The places we went were less touristy and all the meals were hearty and wholesome! Will want to go again! I enjoy the 2 times a day yoga practice and visiting museums, going for hikes and eating all the local food! It’s a short but relaxing and recharging trip. 🙂

Jenny Chung
Great big kudos to Hary and Angie for their unrelenting support to help me fully unwind and 100% (or as near as it gets) relax during the 1hr+ RESTORATIVE YOGA session. Before this class and another one like it a few weeks back, I had not known that what I thought was relaxing was only mere halfway relaxing and that through REAL relaxation, one is able to be in their natural state.. kind of like way back then.. as close as possible to their original selves.. by letting go. It seems, in this current city life, one cannot let go and fully rest with their guards down and that we are so used to this that we don’t really know what resting actually is. 😅😅😅😅😅 Anyway, so now I know and intend to take up more of this restorative yoga class if any planned in the future, on top of my usual Friday group lessons and weekly private lessons with YIC.

Jocelyn Phua
Most yoga centres are inside buildings, i like that this studio is on the ground floor on a stretch of beautiful shophouses, it somehow makes me feel grounded while practising. I’m a beginner, so i enjoy attending Angie’s classes. She brings a deep focus on technique, which has really helped me to develop my practice in a physically safe and sustainable way by ensuring I have a solid base of fundamentals from which to build.

Contact:9698 5771
Location:22 Petain Road, Singapore 208095
Opening Hours:Monday: 5 PM – 9:15 PM | Tuesday – Thursday: 7 AM – 9:15 PM | Friday: 7:30 AM – 9:15 PM | Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM – 8:30 PM

9. Masters’ Yoga Sadhan

Masters Yoga Sadhan Singapore
Image Credit: Masters’ Yoga Sadhan

Among the yoga classes in Singapore, Masters’ Yoga Sadhan (MYS) offers an exceptional yoga experience for all levels, from pre-beginner to advanced. Led by the highly knowledgeable Master Shree, the studio is renowned for its personalised classes that address individual needs, especially in alleviating chronic back pain and enhancing flexibility. Popular classes include Health Back, Yoga Wheel, Wall Rope Yoga, and a variety of hot yoga sessions such as Hot Stretch, Hot Flow, and Hot Vinyasa. MYS provides a warm and friendly environment where members leave each session feeling relaxed, happy, and rejuvenated.

Customer Reviews

Julie Akhbari
By far, the BEST yoga classes I’ve ever attended. (And I have tried many, on 3 different continents 😅). Master Shree has solved all the back pains I was carrying for the past decade! It is truly incredible ! Master’s knowledge of the body structure, muscles and nerves, has allowed him to create classes that will make you more flexible, release tensions and he will adjust your yoga poses to adapt to your body and own flexibility. You’ll leave those classes happy and relaxed !

I highly recommend:
– Health Back and Yoga Wheel classes for a happy back (I find those 2 classes the most relaxing ones)
– Wall Rope Yoga class for strength and flexibility (it seems easy to push ropes, so you’ll be surprised 😅)
– Hot Stretch, Hot Flow & Hot Vinyasa for your cardio/stretch/flexibility classes. You’ll leave those classes completely drenched, & all of your worries and tensions of the day will be gone ! Magical ! I can’t praise enough the quality of the classes, they’ve changed my life in many ways, Please go try it for yourself !

Jo Ooi
Master Shree knows how to push you to your limits, great for those who really want to push themselves and get better at yoga. Great variety of classes too. I especially love the hot yoga classes conducted by Master Shree.

Wafiqah Basrai
MYS is an amazing yoga studio. Shree is super knowledgeable and helps with all the poses. I’ve been going here for years and cannot recommend highly enough!

Contact:9774 8494
Location:157A Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068612
Opening Hours:Monday – Thursday: 7 AM – 9 PM | Friday: 7 AM – 8 PM | Saturday: 9 AM – 12:30 PM | Sunday: 9 AM – 5:30 PM

10. On Good Ground

On Good Ground Yoga Classes SG
Image Credit: On Good Ground

On Good Ground is a charming and inclusive yoga and barre studio that offers a variety of yoga classes in Singapore tailored to different needs and schedules. The skilled instructors emphasise proper technique and offer variations to accommodate everyone, including those with unique health considerations. Known for their passion, patience, and exceptional teaching, the instructors create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages growth and wellness. On Good Ground is a perfect spot for you and your girlfriends to strengthen the body and find inner peace.

Customer Reviews

Neha Rai
Bumped into this quaint and cozy studio, sharing my feedback after completing 50 classes! I have an autoimmune condition with multiple surgeries done. The classes at common ground have helped me strengthen my skeletal muscles, making me feel healthier! The instructors are very skilled; they focus on using the right technique as much as they focus on listening to your body (offering variations). They have different instructors who train on varied formats. You can choose a style that suits you or just base it on a convenient time. Definitely recommend signing up!

Naomi Lee
A beautiful place that’s welcoming to everyone. Instructors are passionate, patient, and great at conducting their classes.

Yeoh Yuxian
Great yoga studio and teachers are good and patient.

Location:458B Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427671
Opening Hours:Monday – Friday: 9:30 AM – 2 PM, 6 PM – 9 PM | Saturday & Sunday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


Elevate your yoga experience in Singapore with our curated list of the top 10 yoga classes in Singapore. Whether you prefer gentle flows or intense sessions, every yoga class in Singapore promises to enhance your well-being and bond with your girlfriends. You can also go to the best women’s gym in Singapore for another day’s workout. What better way to become closer with your girls than working out alongside one another, right?