Over the years, the popularity of infant swimming has soared as research unveils its many cognitive and physical benefits. Early exposure to swimming equips infants with essential skills such as spatial awareness, reflex development, and effective communication. Hence, if you want to nurture your child’s potential in these areas, enrolling them in a reputable infant swim class at an early age is crucial.

By signing up your baby for an infant swim class, you not only minimise the risk of drowning but also provide them with a competitive edge. To guide you in your search for a trusted swimming school for your precious little one, here are seven of the best infant swim lessons in Singapore that are guaranteed to build your kid’s confidence in the water!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Inspire Mum & Baby

Inspire Mum & Baby
Image Credit: Inspire Mum & Baby

Established in 2007, Inspire Mum & Baby is a holistic centre for women and children specialising in prenatal and postpartum care. They serve as a one-stop shop for women, offering the best possible services from prenatal care and parenthood to pain relief and fitness boost. With many years of industry experience, Inspire Mum & Baby has already helped numerous kids acquire different skills and abilities, as they offer comprehensive care and therapy services to children of all ages.

If you specifically want your child to improve their swimming abilities, Inspire Mum & Baby is the expert you need. Among the best swimming programs offered by them are Aqua Therapy and Exercises and Swimming lessons for babies and kids. Here, infants and their parents are given the opportunity to bond and enjoy being in the water together, building wonderful memories, which is necessary for developing water comfort and confidence among kids.

Customer Review

Md Nasir

Enrolled my son when he was 7 months old and still going regularly (he is 5 now). Great instructors – really popular with the kids – nice facilities with indoor heated pool and many different timings which really helps in terms of flexibility. I appreciate the instructors monitoring their progress and providing good feedback. Highly recommended.

Lou M

The team of Inspire Mum & Baby is kind and attentive, making the pool both a fun and reassuring place for our children. Both my 12 months old baby and my 3 y.o. love to come every week! After a year, we have lots of great memories and my eldest who was fearing water at the beginning is now swimming like a little fish.

Website: https://inspiremumbaby.com/
Contact: +65 9234 1866
Location: 188-2 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 436990
Opening Hours: 9AM-6PM Daily

2. GoogleSwim Singapore

GoogleSwim Singapore
Image Credit: GoogleSwim Singapore

Providing the best and most progressive swimming lessons is the main goal of GoogleSwim Singapore. Led by a team of seasoned coaches composed of swimmers, lifesavers, and triathletes, GoogleSwim Singapore provides effective swimming lessons in small groups to ensure the focus of their students and optimise the progress of their classes. Through creativity, enthusiasm, and patience, the coaches at this swim school aim to empower all their students to develop their best qualities as swimmers.

The swimming lessons offered at GoogleSwim Singapore cater to a variety of age groups, from infants and toddlers to children and adults. When it comes to their baby swimming lessons, specifically, the coaches here do not only have adequate training in infant-specific drills but also in the sports sciences prominent in early childhood education. Therefore, you can guarantee that the coaches at GoogleSwim Singapore are highly qualified in teaching infant swimming lessons.

Customer Review


Coach Sarah teaching methods are one my daughter can grasp well, and she enjoys all her lessons with him. Since switching to Coach Sarah, she has gained a lot of water confidence and always looks forward to swim class!


Coach Marc is very dedicated to coaching. His goal was to ensure my son hit the timing for gold by swimming with the correct strokes. My son is encouraged by him using motivational tools that are right for him.

Website: https://googleswim.com.sg/
Contact: +65 8068 2178
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-9PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-6PM

3. AquaDucks

Image Credit: AquaDucks

AquaDucks was founded by Koen Verhoef, a competitive swimmer and teacher from the Netherlands and an advocate of water safety who moved to Singapore to start this swimming school. The curriculum at AquaDucks is an extensive synthesis of the best teaching methods from the United States, Europe, and Australia that has been further tailored to the unique demands and weather of Singapore.

Babies and toddlers can start their swimming lessons at AquaDucks as early as 6 months old. Under their Babies & Toddlers (Duckling) program, they encourage babies and toddlers to feel at ease in the water while also teaching them how to control their breathing and swim back to the wall for safety. This program aims to make every young kid feel content and secure in the water. It is also a parent-accompanied session conducted under the qualified direction of their friendly and knowledgeable swim instructors.

Customer Review

Simone Quach

Our children have had swim lessons at aquaDucks since they were 6 months old and have Coach John and Stephanie teaching them. The coaches strike very good balance in engaging with children, having fun but being firm / disciplined. Coach John especially has stretched our daughter in her swimming abilities in a kind, fun way that she fully engages with! Everyone is always v impressed with our daughters confidence in the water and this is partly down the the commitment of coach John so thank you! One improvement we would ask for us that in the group classes coaches share with parents what the teaching plan / goals are for each student. The children used to receive certificates when they hit certain milestones but is no longer the case – thanks!

Adrian Baris

The best place to bring your kids for attentive swimming lessons where staff give 100% focus on developing your child’s potential.

Website: https://www.aquaducks.com.sg/
Contact: +65 6463 5554
Location: 2 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287988
Opening Hours: 8:30AM-7PM Daily

4. Aqzog Swim School

Aqzog Swim School
Image Credit: Aqzog Swim School

Aqzog Swim School was established by Raymond Tan, an experienced swim coach and assessor, who is certified by the National Registry of Coaches and the Ministry of Education. He has dedicated over two decades of his life into teaching children how to swim. He is renowned for his loving and calm demeanor, which helps kids learn and enjoy the learning process.

If you are looking for some infant swim lessons in Singapore where your little one will feel calm and secure, Aqzog Swim School is a great option you should consider. They take pride in effectively minimising children’s water fear and trauma and helping them develop various skills that will transform them into competent swimmers. With trauma reduction, equal care, and proper education, Aqzog Swim School believes that the swimming abilities of infants will steadily advance.

Customer Review

Ivy Ng-Lim

Extremely proud of you, Martin. Contact Raymond at Aqzog Swim School, best and most patient coach.

Website: https://aqzog.com/
Contact: +65 9137 5141
Location: 277 Toh Guan Road, Singapore 600277
Opening Hours: Sat-Wed 8AM-6PM | Thurs 9AM-6PM | Fri 9:30AM-6PM

5. Swish Swimming

Swish Swimming
Image Credit: Swish Swimming

Swish Swimming is a well-known swim school in Singapore with a fantastic group of loyal patrons and premium pool places located at Dempsey Hill, Orchard Road, and Holland Village. Through a fun and motivating swim program, Swish Swimming has already helped many hesitant individuals overcome their fear of the water and gain confidence as a swimmer.

Teaching kids how to swim and helping them develop a love of the water is the main objective of Swish Swimming’s lesson in swimming for parents and infants as early as 4 months old. Their coaches work with the children’s parents and other adults to make sure that learning to swim is an encouraging and fun experience for the babies. They focus on building a solid foundation for infants so that they can feel at ease whenever water is on their faces and can stay calm when swimming underwater.

Customer Review

Jingle Chua

I’m glad that I found Swish Swimming for my LO! Coach Raj has been attentive and guided my baby girl really well. Thank you! My girl enjoys the lesson very much, she becomes so confident in water now. She is always looking forward to seeing Coach Raj. Lessons are well-planned, step by step, unlocking new skill each time. Admin staff have been friendly and helpful, always prompt in responding to my enquiries. Thank you Mitch, thank you Liza! See you guys soon!


My favourite swim school! I highly recommend this school as the teachers are dedicated and my kids look forward to attend their swim classes. They coaches are very knowledgeable and work well with my kids. The staff are also super friendly. I highly recommend this school.

Website: https://www.swishswimming.com/
Contact: +65 9832 2522
Location: 72 Loewen Road, #01-08, Singapore 2488848
Opening Hours: 9AM-6PM Daily

6. Oyougu Aquatics

Oyougu Aquatics
Image Credit: Oyougu Aquatics

Oyougu Aquatics was founded in 2020 and is now considered one of the most reputable aquatics centres in Singapore that offer effective and reasonably priced swimming lessons. For a secure and enjoyable learning environment, their swimming lessons are taught by certified teachers who are properly trained and who possess lifesaving skills. These qualified trainers are well-trained to address every learner’s swimming needs, regardless of their experience.

Babies as young as 6 months old are welcome to enrol in the Parent & Baby swim sessions at Oyougu Aquatics. These programs help parents guide their kids as they learn to explore, feel secure, and at ease in the water. The sessions focus on teaching infants the basics of swimming, including floating, kicking, and blowing bubbles. The classes also conduct activities that teach parents and babies how to enjoy being in the water, including singing and playing in the water.

Customer Review

Wendy Yao Wai Yen

My children have been attending swimming classes at Oyougu for 2 months now. We love the class sizes and how students are grouped according to ability. The program has given my children great confidence and great survival skills. Coaches are wonderful, approachable and encouraging. I particularly love the way they make swimming fun without the need to compromise on techniques. We have already made wonderful friends from the swimming classes.

Jason Lee

I want to express my thanks to Oyougu. My two boys aged 8 and 14 joined one month ago with zero swimming experience. Nowadays, my oldest boy is beginning freestyle and my youngest is going underwater. They have gained great skills and life lessons. We really love all staff members and coaches. They were very helpful in determining the best class schedule for my boys. The size of the pool makes them feel confident and comfortable.

Website: https://www.oyougu.com/
Contact: +65 8901 2893
Location: 203A Compassvale Road, Singapore 541203
Opening Hours: 9AM-9PM Daily

7. OtterSwim

Image Credit: OtterSwim

OtterSwim is one of Singapore’s top swimming schools with extensive swimming classes appropriate for all age groups—infants, toddlers, and older children. They are committed to providing Singaporeans with the best swimming instruction and cutting-edge facilities, including their indoor heated pool located at Yishun. With professional coaching and emphasis on comfort, both the young and elderly can enjoy their swimming learning experience at OtterSwim.

Through OtterSwim’s Baby Otter Lesson for Infants and Toddlers, children aged 3 to 36 months old are introduced to the water for the first time in a gradual and secure manner, which lessens their fear and the likelihood of crying. The program is composed of three levels that focus on physical, social, and emotional water development; confidence in motor skills; and mobility in the basics of swimming. Throughout the program, skilled and caring instructors will be with the infants and their parents to ensure their safety.

Customer Review

Veronica Chen

My boy loves swimming ever since he came to Otterswim. Coaches here are very patient and teaches in small groups. The pool is heated and indoors so I do not need to worry about the weather and my kid catching a cold. Love the holiday ninja challenge especially!

Vivian Lwa

Both my daughters were enrolled in Otterswim At Yishun wisteria mall! They loved every swimming lessons. The coaches there were all very nice and has helped my eldest overcome her fear with water! Now she loves swimming! I would definitely recommend sending your child there!

Website: https://www.otterswim.com.sg/
Contact: +65 9380 7955
Location: Wisteria Mall, 598 Yishun Ring Road, #B1-06/21, Singapore 768698
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12PM-9PM | Sat-Sun 8AM-9PM


Your little one deserves the best, and that means finding a reliable swim school that will supercharge their water skills. These top infant swim lessons in Singapore will undoubtedly boost their confidence, reduce their risk of drowning, and transform them into competent swimmers as they grow up.