Explore our comprehensive guide that lists the top IP Chemistry tuition providers in Singapore. This guide will assist you in finding high-quality educators that specialize in IP Chemistry. With their help, students can gain a deeper understanding of chemistry concepts and effectively improve their performance in exams. Our guide is intended to streamline your search, saving you time while ensuring that you have access to the best tuition services for IP Chemistry in Singapore.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Twig Learning Center

Twig Learning Center
Image Credit: Twig Learning Center

Twig Learning Centre, a premier Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore, has earned a reputation for helping students master the subject and secure places in their preferred university faculties. Renowned for its proprietary TwigMethod®, Twig has guided thousands of students since its establishment in 2008 to excel in their Chemistry exams. The centre’s key focus is on A Level, O Level, IB, and IP (Integrated Programme) Chemistry tuition, and it is well-known for its innovative teaching approach and dedication to providing high-quality education.

The foundation of Twig’s success lies in its founder, Mr. Donnell Koh, a former lecturer at Raffles Junior College and Meridian Junior College. Known for his exceptional track record and extensive lecturing experience, Mr. Koh has nurtured and guided countless students to high marks in Chemistry. He utilises effective learning methods with a singular goal in mind – to provide the best Chemistry tuition in Singapore. Under Mr. Koh’s guidance, students gain a profound understanding of key Chemistry concepts, which he elucidates by weaving relevant connections into discussions. He also devises potent strategies and techniques to enable students to swiftly excel in Chemistry. His comprehensive notes provide detailed solutions to even the most complex questions, and as the syllabus evolves, he ensures the study materials are updated promptly. As the go-to destination for Chemistry tuition in Singapore, Twig Learning Centre invites interested students to check for vacancies and get in touch for further information.

Customer Reviews

Wilfred Ong

Mr Koh is a warm and friendly mentor who goes out of his way to explain Chemistry concepts in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. His many years of experience allows his students to learn important exam tips and specific techniques to ace the subject!

Luke Yap

Received help during my J2 year in 2021 and even though lessons were conducted online (cuz of covid) Mr Koh was extremely efficient and thorough with their teaching methods and he was also willing to stay back every lesson just to help out with any of my misconceptions online. Would definitely recommend this tuition to anyone out there taking H2 chem it was my pleasure to learn here tysm for the experience.

Website: https://twig.sg/ib-ip-chemistry-tuition/
Contact Number: +65 8338 7476
Balmoral Plaza, 271 Bukit Timah Road, #B1-01 Singapore 259708
381 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, Singapore 319758
Blk 503, Bishan Street 11, #01-456, Singapore 570503
Opening Hours: Thurs-Fri 4PM-9PM | Sat 9AM-6PM | Sun 9AM-2PM

2. Uptas Learning Hub

Uptas Learning Hub
Image Credit: Uptas Learning Hub

Uptas Learning Hub, a leading IP Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore, stands out for its practical teaching approach, providing hands-on lab experiences led by scientifically trained scientists. This method enhances student comprehension of exam concepts while reducing lab anxieties. Uptas’s Adaptive Smart Learning System, ChemAnywhere, further personalizes learning to match each student’s abilities, promoting progressive improvement in Chemistry grades.

The centre’s distinguished tutors include Dr. Aw Junxin, a top 1% tutor from Nanyang Technological University, and Miss Jesslyn Tham, who has an impressive 11-year track record with high distinction rates in both GCE A and O Levels. With a legacy of 15 years and over 5000 students, Uptas Learning Hub has maintained a high distinction rate of 94.1%, establishing itself as a top choice for IP Chemistry tuition in Singapore.

Customer Reviews

Raymond Jr

I am incredibly satisfied with Uptas Chemistry Tuition. Despite my son starting just two to three months before his exams, Dr. Aw managed to help him in his revision and drilling of questions. Dr. Aw is not only professional and responsible but also takes great effort in his lessons. Communication with him was also easy, and my son was able to make significant progress, ultimately achieving an A1 for his O’ Level exam.

Jarrett S

Dr. Aw teaches very sincerely and will do his best to help his students to achieve their real goals. He sufficiently prepares notes and materials for his students to practice. He also makes sure his students are able to follow the class well and able to do the practices/quizzes given in the class. Furthermore, he also teaches additional content that school teachers often neglect in order for his students to better understand the concepts. By doing so, he had help me remove misconceptions and gain a better understanding for my H2 Chemistry and I improved from a U to an A for my A’ Level Exam.

Website: https://uptas.sg/
Contact Number: +65 9170 5114 | +65 8609 2249
Thomson V Two, 11 Sin Ming Rd, B2-09 Unit 4, S575629
209 New Upper Changi Road #03-647, S460209
Opening Hours: Differs for each class

3. Chemistry Domus

Chemistry Domus
Image Credit: Chemistry Domus

Chemistry Domus is a unique centre that aims to help students excel in A Level Chemistry while making the learning process enjoyable. This centre, led by Mr. Chung since 2012, guides students in a subject that requires an integrated and practical approach. Mr. Chung, with his dual Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Nutritional Science, adds a practical perspective to the theoretical rigours of chemistry.

At Chemistry Domus, the IP Chemistry program is designed to foster deep understanding and develop exam skills. Lessons are crafted to include brief lectures and active problem-solving sessions, benefiting from small group classes for personalised guidance. The goal is to ensure students not only pass their exams but also gain a deep grasp of Chemistry concepts and their relevance, ultimately preparing them for their A Level exams. Consider Chemistry Domus as your companion in mastering IP Chemistry.

Customer Reviews


Mr Chung was a great Chemistry tutor, who really helped to solidify my foundations and ensured that my concepts were clear. With his help, I managed to score an A for Chemistry in the A Levels, a huge jump from the C I was scoring. I highly recommend others to join Mr Chung! 🙂

Isabelle Chong

Mr Chung is a very passionate and meticulous teacher in a way that he makes sure that his students are aware of the small things so that they will do well as well as fully understand the subject. I initially found chemistry very hard to understand but after undergoing Mr Chung’s teaching, I truly understood the subject very well! Thank you Mr Chung:)

Website: https://www.chemistrydomus.com/
Contact Number: +65 9623 2645
Centropod near Eunos-Paya Lebar, 80 Changi Road, Singapore 419715
Parkway Centre, 1 Marine Parade Central, Singapore 449408
Bedok Town Centre, Block 209 New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore 460209
Opening Hours: Tues-Fri 2PM-10PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-6PM

4. The Chemistry Practice

The Chemistry Practice
Image Credit: The Chemistry Practice

The Chemistry Practice is an award-winning tuition centre in Singapore specialising in A Level and O Level Chemistry. Their high-quality tuition classes are offered both physically and online and are designed to guide students towards mastery of the subject. As Singapore’s best tuition centre for H2 Chemistry and Pure Chemistry, The Chemistry Practice is known for their tailored approach to student learning, ensuring each individual’s needs are catered to effectively.

At the helm of The Chemistry Practice are Mr. Kelvin and his team of seasoned tutors, each bringing over a decade of experience with MOE and tuition. All tutors at The Chemistry Practice are highly qualified H2 Chemistry and O Level Chemistry tutors, guaranteeing a high level of expertise. Coupled with their engaging lesson plans and affordable rates, The Chemistry Practice offers some of the best chemistry tuition in Singapore, making them a prime choice for students aiming to excel in their chemistry exams.

Customer Reviews


THANKYOU MR KELVIN!!!! omg incredibly patient and caring teacher who also provides really good notes and practice!! was recommended by my senior and now as a senior i recommend to anybody who is looking for chem tutor for jc 🙂

Leticia Tan

Mr kelvin is very patient and explains chem concepts so well that you won’t cry over organic chem anymore (or just shed a few less tears hopefully!) he also gives crucial tips and tricks for exams and is overall very dedicated in helping his students, so i would 10/10 recommend!!

Website: https://thechemistrypractice.sg/
Contact Number: +65 8875 8789
North Bridge Centre, 420 North Bridge Road #05-09, Singapore 188727
Spazio@Kovan, 767 Upper Serangoon Road #02-12, Singapore 534635
Opening Hours: 24 Hrs Daily

5. Power Chemistry

Power Chemistry
Image Credit: Power Chemistry

Power Chemistry, a leading IP Chemistry tuition centre in Singapore, helps students master chemistry with an experienced team and over 10,000 hours of lessons conducted. Known for its flexible and thorough teaching style, it tackles common hurdles in learning chemistry, from intricate notes to formula application and problem-solving.

The centre is spearheaded by Ms. Alice, an ‘A’ Level Chemistry specialist with over 12 years of experience. Her unique teaching methods, including the use of clear notes, mind maps, and key questions, are aimed at making learning easier. Her dedication extends to extra time spent with each student, nurturing their unique abilities and potential. Moreover, recognising the role of personal issues in academic performance, Ms. Alice offers one-on-one sessions to help students manage such challenges. By choosing Power Chemistry, students not only receive quality education but also a supportive environment for holistic growth.

Customer Reviews


Ms Zhao explains the chemistry concepts clearly and she ensures to explain in detail which makes understanding concepts much easier! Her notes are also very concise with ample examples and problems for practice. She’s also able to clear my doubts I had for chem!

Wildon Tan

Ms Zhao is an excellent Chemistry tutor. One with great passion and superb dedication. I attended one of her crash course for chemistry and it was just amazing. She was methodical and detailed in her crash course and allows her students to fully understand the questions that she goes through. The notes were also very comprehensive and allowed students to understand the topics with great detail. Highly recommended tutor!

Website: https://www.powerchemistry.com.sg/
Contact Number: +65 9687 6023
Location: Spring College International, 512 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 570512
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9AM-9PM


Choosing the right IP Chemistry tuition in Singapore can be a decisive factor in a student’s academic success. The centres featured in this guide offer a diverse range of teaching styles, resources, and support, all aimed at enhancing understanding and improving exam performance. From practical lab experiences to one-on-one consultations, these top tuition providers in Singapore are committed to helping students overcome their academic challenges and reach their full potential in IP Chemistry. Consider your individual needs and preferences when choosing the right centre, and remember that the journey to mastering Chemistry can be enjoyable and rewarding.