Have you been searching for the best Omakase in Singapore? We have just the list for you! Curated below are the top 10 Japanese Omakase in Singapore, offering experienced chef-curated dishes that are sure to satisfy your cravings for fresh Japanese dishes. Join us as we delve into the best Omakase Singapore for your choosing.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. An Omakase

An Omakase Singapore
Image Credit: An Omakase

An Omakase in Singapore stands out as a true gem among the city’s top culinary experiences. Step into a celestial atmosphere at this Keong Saik hideaway, where every detail transports you to another world. The chefs create magic with skilfully handmade courses, each dish bursting with freshness and flavour. From the delicate touches of truffle on hirame to the indulgent toro with caviar and gold dust, every bite is a revelation. The welcoming service adds to the charm, with thoughtful servers ensuring a personalised dining experience. An Omakase isn’t just a meal, it’s an extraordinary journey that leaves a lasting memory.

Customer Reviews

Katey Chng
Had a joyful & good chill experience @AnOmakase their foods is fresh & Chefs is friendly with cater to the amount of rice and range of foods I don’t take. So during my whole month of birthday I went back for at least 4-5times. Thank you for those thoughtful servers too. 🙂

Danial Matin
Transported to another world within Keong Saik, the ambience is celestial yet soothing. The service is also very welcoming and accommodating. And importantly, each course of the omakase was skilfully handmade by the chef with care. The highlights were the nice flourishes with the truffle on the hirame and the toro with caviar and live gold dust.

Ooiyanyi Ooi
It was an extraordinary experience to dine in An omakase. The food was amazing along with the services. On top of all that the atmosphere and the vibe are so chill and amazing for me and my friends. We enjoyed our nights dining at An omakase and to be honest it’s quite memorable. Definitely coming here again with my friends again.

Contact:9053 2226
Location:33 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089140
Opening Hours:12 PM – 2:30 PM & 6 PM – 10:30 PM Daily

2. Ikkoten Omakase

Ikkoten Japanese Omakase Singapore
Image Credit: Ikkoten Omakase

Step into a world of culinary excellence at Ikkoten Omakase in Singapore, where Chef Brandon leads an unforgettable journey through traditional Japanese cuisine. With meticulous attention to detail, Chef Brandon crafts each dish with care, from homemade sauces to seasonal delicacies. The Hana Omakase delights with its Kaiseki style, featuring highlights like uni with negitoro and seaweed soy sauce adorned with gold dust. Every bite is a symphony of flavours, accompanied by Chef Brandon’s warm and welcoming presence. At Ikkoten, it’s not just a meal, but an immersive experience where quality food, exceptional service, and a fantastic team converge to create magic.

Customer Reviews

Quality food, quality service and good team! Chef Brandon is super friendly and detailed about quality traditional Japanese food even to the detail of making the sauces from scratch! We love his Omakase lunch menu. I mentioned tt I have not tried umi before and he immediately scooped 2 pieces for my hubby and I to try.

Esther Loong
We tried the Hana Omakase and it was delicious! It’s a Kaiseki style and my favourite dish was the uni, negitoro and seaweed soy sauce with the gold dust. Oh the plum soy sauce on the sashimi and the soy sauce foam is also so good. There’s a lot of thought put into each dish and it was very flavourful. Brandon is so funny and friendly too. If you want to have a fun, interactive dinner, can try this place out!

Qian Dai
Had such an amazing omakase experience at Ikkoten with my husband for his birthday! Thanks for having us. Chef Brandon and the team were attentive throughout the dinner service, making us feel comfortable and at ease. The space was cosy, and we enjoyed the conversations almost as much as the food. Although we were not familiar with traditional Japanese culture, we did not feel judged. Instead, Chef explained the customs and dining etiquette with us throughout the 3 hours with him. Chef Brandon is passionate and dedicated to his craft, yet he eludes humility and grace. All the dishes were wonderfully and carefully curated with fresh ingredients for the perfect flavour. 🙂 my favourite was the wagyu and my husband’s favourite was the grilled fish! Dishes are seasonal tho so it depends on what is fresh and best at the time – but trust the Chef! Honestly I feel like words will not fully describe the experience – visit and see for yourself and you will see why there are so many good reviews.

Contact:8666 9924
Location:86 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 048469
Opening Hours:Monday: 7 AM – 10:30 PM | Tuesday – Saturday: 12 PM – 12:30 PM, 7 PM – 10:30 PM | Closed on Sundays

3. Jisho Omakase

Jisho Good Omakase Singapore
Image Credit: Jisho Omakase

Jisho Omakase is one of the best Omakase in Singapore for their unparalleled dining experience. Every meal is expertly made with premium ingredients and creative flare, showcasing Chef Jack’s experience. Many patrons commend the dining experience, citing Chef Jack’s friendly and affable demeanour which adds a special appeal to the encounter. 

From the stunning Uni to the perfectly curated Omakase menu, each bite is a testament to Chef Jack’s over two decades of culinary mastery. The cosy atmosphere complements the vibrant Singaporean hospitality, making every visit to Jisho Omakase a memorable occasion.

Customer Reviews

Kelly Wong
My husband and I had such a wonderful time with Chef Jack. Extremely knowledgeable, friendly and attentive, Chef Jack made the experience so personal and inviting. I loved learning more about his craft and also his family life. For the quality and quantity of the dishes, the price is very reasonable. We chanced upon Jisho Omakase by chance and it was our first time eating here but it definitely won’t be our last!! We can’t wait to visit again. Thank you Chef Jack and also not forgetting the attentive waitress too.

Sherlyn Lee
Chef Jack’s Uni was absolutely stunning, and left me wanting more. With his boyish looks, you’d be fooled into thinking he’s a lot younger – initially having me doubt the two over decades of experience under his belt. It was a joy interacting with Chef Jack, understanding his logic on food choices, sharing his experiences and things to look out for. There is thoughtfulness behind the ingredients chosen, while staying true to his values. Atmosphere wise there was a slightly more raw feel to it especially with its location, but matches up to the warm Singaporean vibes of Chef Jack, and still a wonderful experience overall.

Allen Smith
My wife and I had an incredible experience here. Very friendly service from floor staff and chef and owner ‘Jack’ that taught us more tips to eat the sashimi and tbh I thought I knew them all. You can tell Jack really cares about his craft and customers to ensure they have a great experience with his flavour profile. We had the Joshi Omakase for dinner. We will definitely be back the next time we come back to Singapore. Best Omakase in Singapore so far and I’ve been eating Omakase here for many many years.

Contact:6980 8030
Location:35 Robinson Road, Hotel Telegraph, #01-03/04, 068876
Opening Hours:Monday – Friday: 12 PM – 12:30 PM, 6 PM – 10:30 PM | Saturday:  6 PM – 10:30 PM | Closed on Sundays

4. Takemitsu Omakase

Takemitsu Omakase In SG
Image Credit: Takemitsu Omakase

Takemitsu Omakase is a hidden gem amongst the Omakase restaurants in Singapore. Takemitsu Omakase offers an exceptional dining experience with a pleasant setting, flawless service, and a perfect balance of delicious flavours. Savour the freshest ingredients possible, where each piece of sushi melts in your tongue. The talented staff, which includes experienced chefs like Chefs Peter and Eric, guarantees that every dish—from the ample servings of uni to the carefully chosen aged sushi—is a work of art. Their dedication to hospitality shines as they delight guests with personalised explanations of each dish. Takemitsu Omakase promises a five-star experience every visit.

Customer Reviews

Five stars for the whole experience.. food, service and atmosphere. Ingredients were fresh and sushi just melts into our mouth. Portion of uni were generous. Staffs were very friendly and take effort to explain every dishes, even showing pictures of the fish that we are having.

Glen Goh
Second time back and Chef Eric doesn’t disappoint. Premium produce with great service from the team. Will definitely recommend all to try this omakase. Well priced for the quality of cuts offered.

Vivienne Ng
Left the place with a big smile and a happy tummy. Was hosted by head chef Peter and Yong Jie, their hospitality and service far exceeded my expectations. Was mind blown by the first course in our Mutsukari Menu, and the surprise continues throughout the course. The generous amount of uni – you can taste its freshness and sweetness. Chef Peter specialises in curating aged sushi! It’s my first time experiencing it and I’m loving it, especially their engawa (a must order! INSTANTLY MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH) and their famous uni hand roll! Another plus point is that, they put in the effort to explain every dish before serving it to you, very generous in sharing their knowledge and making small talks. Overall, we enjoyed the dining experience and we’ll be back for more. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Contact:Telephone: 6929 1260 | WhatsApp: 9698 1795
Location:140 Robinson Rd, #01-02, Singapore 068907
Opening Hours:Monday – Saturday: 12 PM – 1:30 PM, 1:45 PM – 3:15 PM, 6 PM – 8 PM, 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM | Closed on Sundays

5. Tomidou

Tomidou Omakase SG
Image Credit: Tomidou

Tomidou offers an extraordinary Omakase experience in Singapore, setting a new standard for excellence. From the moment you enter, the staff’s warm welcome sets the tone, making you feel like a valued guest. Chef Akira’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in each skilfully prepared dish, presented right before you. The staff’s thoroughness in addressing food allergies ensures a worry-free dining experience. Whether you’re at the bar seat or table, they go above and beyond to accommodate your needs, even for parents with young children. With dishes like the charcoal grilled mackerel and the unforgettable unagi, Tomidou promises an unforgettable culinary journey.

Customer Reviews

Jenny Chen
Dining at Tomidou was an amazing experience! The service is top notch and both the service staff and the chef were very welcoming. The staff made sure to clarify all our food allergies before starting the meal. Each dish was skilfully prepared by the chef directly in front of us and a quick introduction to each dish was given to us by the service staff which better helped us understand the different elements put together to present that one dish. Chef Akira also personally explained to us different combination of consuming a single dish to get a variety of flavours. Personally loved the charcoal grilled mackerel as I was blown away by the combination of flavours between the grilled mackerel and the vinegar soaked kelp. Overall an amazing experience and will definitely be back again to try more of chef Akira’s creations!

Elena Soh
I went to Tomidou with my 2 month old baby and felt very welcomed by the staff. Great service, helped me to move the plates /dishes closer so I could reach it while I was carrying my baby. Food was great and tasty! You could taste the freshness. Chef also made small talk with us while we were at the bar seat.

Ko Hui Tan
Got the tsuki omakase and was continuously wow-ed by each course! the last course (unagi) was especially breathtaking, best i’ve ever had. tomidou had excellent service and ambience, and i definitely think they deserve to be one of the top omakase restaurants in sg, even though they’re new to the scene. excellent food!!!

Contact:9135 1010
Location:1 Nassim Rd, #01-01, Singapore 258458
Opening Hours:Monday – Saturday: 12 PM – 3 PM, 6 PM – 10 PM | Closed on Sundays

6. Ki Su Shoujin Omakase

Ki Su Shoujin Tasty Omakase Singapore
Image Credit: Ki Su Shoujin Omakase

Discover a culinary revelation at Ki Su Shoujin Omakase, where plant-based dining meets Omakase in Singapore. This unique Omakase restaurant reshapes traditional omakase with inventive flair, using seasonal ingredients to create a feast for the senses. Indulge in playful creations like Beetroot Cigars and Avocado Taco, then prepare to be amazed by their plant-based “sushi” that rivals its seafood counterparts. Each dish is a symphony of flavours, textures, and colours, from charcoal-grilled skewers to sumptuous mushroom roulades. With meticulous service and a commitment to sustainability, Ki Su offers a dining experience that’s not just memorable but also environmentally conscious.

Customer Reviews

My wife took me for my birthday and I can honestly say we are very impressed with the food, the atmosphere and the people. The creativity and skill it takes to pull together the sequence of dishes is not easy but they execute it perfectly. The vibe is good and the service is meticulous and with a smile, the staff genuinely cares and it shows. For those of you who are apprehensive and feel like they would miss out on real fish I would say try, you won’t regret it.

Alfone Sim
Very good and unique plant-based omakase in town. In particular, it was very surprising to discover how Ki Su could creatively use plant-based ingredients to produce premium quality dining experience. Based on our interactions with the staff, it was clear how dedicated they are in their food preps – just to deliver for the customers. On this note, I also have to highlight the good and friendly service rendered by the team – really made us feel welcome! Overall, I highly recommend Ki Su for a unique dining experience (that is also a ‘greener’ choice for a more sustainable world. ☺️)

Forget everything you thought you knew about plant-based dining! Ki Su Omakase is a game-changer, using seasonal ingredients to craft an omakase experience unlike any others. Tease your taste buds with playful bites like Beetroot Cigars and Avocado Taco, before being treated to a unique “sushi” course that reimagines seafood but with a plant-based twists. Every dish is a vibrant explosion of colours, textures, and tastes. From charcoal-grilled skewers glazed in a homemade sauce to a juicy king oyster mushroom roulade drizzled with truffle, Ki Su elevates plant-based cuisine to new heights.

Contact:8522 6824
Location:60 Tras St, #01-01, Singapore 078999
Opening Hours:Monday – Saturday: 12 PM – 3 PM, 6 PM – 10 PM | Closed on Sundays

7. Ikigai Omakase

Ikigai Affordable Omakase Singapore
Image Credit: Ikigai Omakase

Ikigai Omakase in Singapore provides a warm and welcoming eating experience that’s ideal for commemorating special events or getting together with friends. It’s the perfect place for a night out with your loved ones after work because, despite its modest size, the atmosphere is cosy and laid back. Their sushi Omakase surprises with its filling portions and exceptional quality, leaving patrons satisfied. Pairing their 10-course sushi lunch with a refreshing Kirin beer adds to the enjoyment. While the menu boasts delights like Kyoto bean curd, they also cater to personal preferences, ensuring a memorable dining affair.

Customer Reviews

AQ Liew
Very affordable given the quality. The place is small – very cosy and not too crowded on a weekday night, so it’s good to catch up with friends. I had the sushi Omakase, which I thought wouldn’t be filling but turned out to be just right in the end.

Alaric Seah
We had the 10 course sushi lunch omakase paired with a glass of Kirin beer. The atmosphere was relax. The quantity was just right to feel satisfied. It was an enjoyable afternoon. The birthday mochi dessert was a nice touch. Thank you chefs and service crew.

Wain Lam
Dined last Dec. Had their omakase lunch. food was amazing and service excellent. My favourite was the kyoto beancurd! The only dish I didn’t quite enjoy was the desert – it was quite heavy to end off the meal. Would have preferred something light and fruity but that’s just personal preference.

Contact:9083 3131
Location:3 Pickering St, #01-31 Nankin row, Singapore 048660
Opening Hours:Monday – Saturday: 12 PM – 2:30 PM, 6 PM – 10:30 PM | Closed on Sundays

8. Mizuya @ Orchid Hotel

Mizuya Orchid Hotel Best Omakase In Singapore
Image Credit: Mizuya @ Orchid Hotel

Mizuya, an Omakase in Singapore nestled in Orchid Hotel, crafts an unforgettable omakase experience, leaving guests enchanted with culinary brilliance. With Chef Kennie at the helm, every dish is a masterpiece, meticulously prepared to perfection. Patrons praise the freshness of their seafood, sourced directly from Japan weekly, ensuring an authentic taste. The cosy ambiance adds to the charm, making it ideal for intimate gatherings or celebratory moments. Accommodating special requests, Mizuya ensures each visit is tailored to delight. Whether indulging with a loved one or sharing the experience with friends, Mizuya promises an evening of gastronomic delight and warm hospitality that beckons return visits.

Customer Reviews

Jonathan Kong
Celebrated my partner’s birthday at this establishment, and it was one of, if not the best, Omakase experiences we’ve had in Singapore. Every dish was perfectly executed. A huge thank you to Kennie and his two assistants. We’ll be back soon!

Shirling Ang
Come here for omakase dinner with my buddy from Brunei and Chef Kenni took such great care of us and fed us until we are too full to walk. Prices are reasonable and they get their seafood fresh fro Japan every Thurs and if you have special request they will accommodate. 2 thumbs up!

Karolyn Chua
Was here with my mum for their omakase dinner. This is definitely a cosy space with amazing omakase. The ingredients were seasonal, very fresh and the service here is super friendly.

Contact:6980 8099
Location:1 Tras Link, #01-12 Orchid Hotel Singapore, Singapore 078867
Opening Hours:Monday – Saturday: 12 PM – 2:30 PM, 6:30 PM – 10:30 PM | Closed on Sundays

9. Mizume Japanese Dining

Mizume Japanese Dining Omakase In Singapore
Image Credit: Mizume Japanese Dining

Searching for an unparalleled omakase experience in Singapore? Mizume Japanese Dining is the go-to Omakase in Singapore that blends top-tier quality with affordability. Head chef Lawrence and sous chef Daniel create culinary masterpieces that redefine taste and texture. From handcrafted sushi bursting with freshness to wagyu beef that melts in your mouth, each dish is a revelation. The warm hospitality of the chefs, who know guests by name enhance the dining experience. As an added touch, Lawrence’s Cantonese and Chinese hits playlist creates a vibrant atmosphere. Mizume is where impeccable service meets innovative flavours, making it a must-visit for discerning diners.

Customer Reviews

Sng sl
Impressed by the impeccable service. The quality of the ingredients and the creativity of the dishes truly showcased the skill and artistry of the chef. Each course was a delightful journey of flavours and textures, and I particularly enjoyed and feeling thoroughly satisfied.

Quality Omakase at very friendly prices! The chefs were warm and hospitable as well. They also have a no-limit free corkage policy here for all diners which is very thoughtful!

Susie Pua
The food prepared by the head chef Lawrence with his sou chef was excellent. Life changjnge experience. The hand crafted sushi was so sweet and fresh and taste nothing like what I have tasted before. The wagyu beef pan fried by the other chef Daniel literally melt in the mouth and was crusty outside. The mushroom that came with it was really out of the world . Words can not describe it . Tender, soft and full of umami. Lawrence and Daniel were good hosts. They chatted with the guests and knew everyone by their 1st names. They are all regulars but he did not make me a 1st time customer felt neglected at any time. He even offered me a complimentary glass of choya umeshu to celebrate my birthday ! The atmosphere was fantastic when mid- way Lawrence started playing his Playlist of Cantonese and Chinese hits. A very, very wonderful and memorable experience. The price for omakase was not cheap, but it s worth every cents.

Contact:9106 2881
Location:41 Hongkong St, #01-01, Singapore 059680
Opening Hours:Monday: 12 PM -12:30 PM | Tuesday – Saturday: 12 PM – 2:30 PM, 6:30 PM – 10 PM | Closed on Sundays

10. Hashida Singapore

Hashida Omakase Singapore
Image Credit: Hashida Singapore

Indulge in the one of the best Omakase in Singapore with Hashida, where each dish is a testament to tradition and innovation. Led by the masterful hands of Chef Kazu-san, this intimate dining haven redefines Omakase excellence in Singapore. Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavours curated from Hashida-san’s timeless recipes, showcasing the freshest seafood flown in from Japan. Experience the meticulous preparation techniques and exquisite sauce pairings that elevate each bite to perfection. With only eight coveted seats, guests are treated to an unparalleled front-row spectacle of culinary mastery. From engaging conversations to thoughtful touches, Hashida ensures an exceptional journey beyond expectations, leaving an unforgettable mark on every palate.

Customer Reviews

Chee Kiang Heng
The Omakase Lunch prepared by Kazu-san [our chef] (I hope I got his name correctly) using Hashida-san recipes was marvelous. We felt the total experience unique. The seafood is fresh and his method of preparation and the application of the sauce enhanced the freshness and taste of the seafood. The chefs were also engaging and continue to engage us in conversation which was something unique among the Omakase restaurants we went to. All the all, it was a great experience.

Ada K
This was one of the best food experiences in my life. The chefs here are extremely talented, transporting me back to Japan. They fly in fresh fish from Japan & you can really taste the difference. They have a great selection of sake too. Very intimate dining experience with only room for 8 guests, where you get front row to watching the chefs create each dish. The staff are very attentive too. Thank you for taking me on an incredible food journey.

It was very delicious. I was able to have a good time thanks to your careful consideration. I was so happy that they even gave me decorations. I especially like the scent of sake.

Contact:8129 5336
Location:77 Amoy St, Singapore 069896
Opening Hours:Tuesday: 7 PM – 10:30 PM | Wednesday – Sunday: 12 PM – 3 PM, 7 PM – 10:30 PM | Closed on Mondays


The Omakase scene in Singapore is a mouthwatering culinary adventure that captivates the senses and makes a lasting impression. These top 10 Omakase in Singapore provide its customers with a distinctive eating experience, from the traditional sushi to the cosy setting. Indulge in the best Japanese food found in these 10 Best Omakase in Singapore, be it as a seasoned sushi fan or just interested about food. So, take in the culinary creativity of these talented chefs and savour the mouth-watering aromas that exemplify Singapore’s dynamic dining scene.