Juggling household chores, careers, and other responsibilities can be a lot to handle for most people. It is during these times that the need for an extra pair of hands to help you keep your home as clean, safe, and inviting as possible arises. Hiring a professional maid is the most effective way to help save you time and energy, which are best spent bonding with your loved ones.

We’ve come up with a list of the best maid agencies in Singapore that can help you maintain your home. 

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. JForce Employment Service

Image Credit: JForce Employment Service

JForce Employment Service consists of domestic helpers from all over Asia and has served in Singapore for over six years. The company received two awards for its reliable service: the Top 25 Singapore Prestige Award in 2014 and Singapore Enterprise Awards in 2016. JForce Service features a severe screening and training process, where domestic helpers undergo comprehensive training about general housekeeping.

To ensure excellent responsiveness for the customers, JForce Employment Service has several branches in the country. Besides, they also provide a range of packages and competitive rates to offer you a perfect deal.

Customer Review

Shirley Tan

I liked the professional and sincere service from JForce. Special thanks to Alia!

Alice Ngin

JForce is ranked among the top 5 best agencies in Singapore. The owner is a strict but rather lovely guy. I was there to pick up my mom’s helper and observed that he had the helpers lined up, and he ran through his agency’s rules and regulations.

Website: https://www.jforce.com.sg/
Contact: +65 6635 2506
Location:  23 Bendemeer Rd, #01-515, Singapore 330023
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-8PM | Sat & Sun 10AM-5.30PM

2. Inter Great Employment

Image Credit: Inter Great Employment

The word Inter from the company’s name stands for: Integrity, novelty, teamwork, empathy, and resilience. Inter Great provides a sincere, honest, and professional workforce that cares about its clients and helpers living up to its name. Even though the maids already went through extensive training overseas, the agency conducts orientation and training to prepare their workers mentally and psychologically.

Licensed by Indonesia and the Philippines embassy, Inter recruits foreign domestic helpers mainly from Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines to undergo their screening and training. The maid agency specializes in special care involving infants, the elderly, or special children.

Customer Review

Michelle Tan

Mr. Chew has been beneficial and professional throughout the process and found a speedy transfer helper for my family.

Shane Loh

Last month I went to Katong shopping center in search of a helper to take care of my old-aged parents. Soon En attended me patiently and tried to understand my requirement. Now, the helper is with us, and my parents are happy with her.

Website: http://enquiry.intergreat.sg/ 
Contact: +65 8809 6846
Location: Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Road, #01-12, Singapore, 437844
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat, 10.30AM-8PM | Sun 10.30AM-6.30PM

3. Maid Avenue

Image Credit: Maid Avenue

Maid Avenue is among the list of the most reviewed maid agencies in the country. Despite being a newly-established company in the industry, Maid Avenue has a 4.9 Google rating and is backed by 501 reviews. One reason for this rating is the company offers excellent maid hiring services at highly affordable rates.

Maid Avenue is a 2-year old company that has already served over 2,569 customers. They offer affordable rates to lessen the financial burden of customers and a 2 to 5-month installment plan for clients who need it.

Customer Review

Michelle Lee

I want to compliment Yvette for her very warm, pleasant, and non-judgemental service. She took the time to explain the fees in detail even though it was stated on the website, and she answers all my questions with confidence and patience. I would highly recommend Maid Avenue to anyone who needs a helper. Two-thumbs up!

Janice Kuek

I appreciate Ina’s help to arrange a transfer maid for me efficiently. She always replies and takes action immediately on my request. Many thanks!

Website: https://maidavenue.com.sg/
Contact: +65 8611 1252
Location: Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Rd, #8-30, Singapore, 199588
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12PM-9PM | Sun 1PM-6PM | Closed on Sat

4. 1 Assist Agency

Image Credit: 1 Assist Agency

1 Assist Agency specializes in the recruitment of domestic helpers from Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines. The agency’s hiring process includes one-on-one interviews and a basic practical household test. When the candidate passes, they will undergo additional communication and skill training to prepare them and enhance their practical skills.

1 Assist Agency patterns with the Agency of Integrated Care (AIC), facilitating hiring helpers for the elderlies in Singapore. The agency is also in a partnership with a local company to train their infant and child care helpers.

Customer Review

Gina Xie

I dealt with Huishin, who is simply the most patient and helpful person one could wish for if you’re looking for a suitable helper. Very happy with her service, and they have a good variety of resumes proceeded with video interviews. 

Furness Huang

I had an excellent experience with Hui Shin. She is very resourceful, patient, and considers our needs first. She helped me filtered lots of maid profiles in different countries for many days, not like other agencies after a few recommendations. If no success, then stop. Huishin followed up with all her requests, lucky to have her helping us! Highly recommend!

Website: https://1assist.com.sg/
Contact: +65 6463 0419
Location: 63K Shopping Centre, 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, #03, Singapore, 588179
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat & Sun 10.30AM-6.30PM

5. 121 Personnel Services

Image Credit: 121 Personnel Services

In the list, 121 Personnel Services has the amplest experience in the maid industry. Since 2002, the company has the highest retention rate of 6 Incorporated, and they have over 18 years of experience with maid hiring. What makes the agency gain popularity among customers is because they provide a well-trusted maid hiring service and a complimentary 365 days guarantee with two maid replacements.

121 Personnel Services packages and offers are among the most reasonable industry prices. Plus, they have an innovative matchmaking system to provide you with the perfect helper you need by looking at their experiences and skillset.

Customer Review

Angel Mora

Friendly agents! Can accessible rely on, very passionate to help you! Thank you so much; I found a good employer.

Ghem Baclig

I’ve been working for my employer for almost 11 years, and I am grateful to 121 agency for getting me such a great family! Highly recommend 121.

Website: http://www.121personnel.com/
Contact: +65 6733 8121
Location: Far East Shopping Centre, 545 Orchard Road, #12-07, Singapore, 238882
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM | Sun 10AM-3PM | Closed on Sat


Having a full-time job and taking care of your kids and entire household plenty can be challenging, especially for working parents. Plenty of chores seem to line-up, and you have little to no time to accomplish it, and that’s where hiring a maid is the solution. Check out the best maid agencies in Singapore to help you with your household chores!