Cat grooming is one of the activities that not all cat owners in Singapore find enjoyable. We all know that not all cats are easy to groom so if your cat is able to sit still while your run a comb through their fur, then you are one of the lucky ones. However, some owners opt to visit cat grooming salons or hire a professional cat groomer for an easier and safer alternative. Professional groomers know how to handle your cat and freshen them up in the most comfortable way, so if you are one of the owners struggling to groom your pet, seek help now!

Wait a minute! If you’re confused about where to find a reliable and experienced cat groomer, we’ve got you covered! We came up with a list of the best grooming salons where you can take your cat for a day out!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Bites and Scratches

Image Credit: Bites and Scratches

Bites and Scratches is set up by a group of pet owners and lovers who would like to share their experiences and resources with other pet owners around the world. The team knows how much love you have for your furkids and that sometimes it can be challenging so they hope you will find their collective experience useful and welcome you to join their events and activities.

Bites and Scratches is a community page set up by animal lovers for animal lovers. The community consists of posts about how to take care and groom your pets as well as videos about the quirkiness of each one’s pets.

Location: 8 Commonwealth Ln, #03-02, Singapore, 149555
Opening Hours: 24 hours

2. Furkids Home

Image Credit: Furkids Home

Furkids Home provides quality and affordable professional pet grooming services. The shop consists of professional pet groomers that love what they do and also carries a wide range of quality pet foods, accessories, treats, shampoos, and supplements. They also ensure disinfecting their grooming equipment between each service to offer your beloved furkids the sanitary grooming environment that they deserve. Plus, the staff personally hand-dry your pets using their forced warm air drying system.

Furkids Home founder, Wayne Chang, is a certified All Breed Professional Groomer and holds a professional diploma certified by The California Academy of Animal Aesthetics (CAAA).

Customer Review

Melissa Ng

I’ve brought my border collie several times to Furkids Home and they always do a thorough job and she looks great after each session!

Shi Xi

Been sending my pet to Furkid for years now with their seamless pickup and return trip arrangement. They are flexible when I make last-minute changes too!

Contact: +65 6243 1008
Location: Bedok Central #1-136, Block 219, Singapore, 460219
Opening Hours: Daily, 11AM-8PM | Closed on Wed

3. Pets Eden

Image Credit: Pets Eden

Pets Eden was established by Charlene & Ryan in 2013 and consists of fun-loving, driven individuals from different backgrounds that work together through their love of animals. The shop started out as a home-based online store selling pet food and eventually grew to an 8-person team at their site. The shop offers services for cats such as grooming and spa, plaque and tartar removal, and cat vacation. The team undergo positive reinforcement training courses that were conducted by various trainers in Singapore.

Pets Eden’s lead stylist, Michael Farro, is a professional Singapore Kennel Club certified groomer whose expertise and passion for bringing out the best in every pet has landed him with numerous awards and prizes in grooming and show competitions.

Customer Review

Mohammad Shafari Ali

We would like to recommend these awesome pets groomers to all cat lovers. They did a great job for our little princess. She loves it so much and has good fun with groomer Maurice. 

Aetheric Seafarer

A big thanks to Pet Eden! Their grooming services are A+! They even sent me pictures of my cat after the grooming session!

Contact: +65 6258 3201
Location: 29 Everitt Rd, Singapore, 428576
Opening Hours: Daily, 10AM-7PM | Closed on Tue

4. The Grooming Table

Image Credit: The Grooming Table

The Grooming Table consists of groomers with 10 years of experience in the grooming industry. The shop offers cat basic and full grooming services; basic grooming includes nail cutting, ear cleaning, shaving the paw pads, bathing, conditioning, drying, brushing, and removing the undercoat. Full grooming includes basic grooming services plus styling according to the owner’s instructions. The shop has limited appointments per day for quality control and has its own sterilized table and equipment.

The Grooming Table does not accept pets with fleas or ticks to prevent them from exposing it to other dogs.

Customer Review

Pixie Low

Ladyboss is very friendly and knowledgeable in pet styling. I used to think that there is only a way to groom my Schnauzer. Turn out there’s a lot of way of doing it and they photo for me to see. Thumbs up and please keep up the good work.

YekSoon Lok

We have been having Sonny and Huiwen from The Grooming Table and they helped me manage our pet’s grooming for more than 6 years. They are wonderful groomers with great patience and gentle touch. 

Contact: +65 6250 2938
Location: 55 Lengkok Bahru, #01-391, Singapore, 151055
Opening Hours: Daily, 10AM-7PM | Closed on Mon

5. Nekomori Cat Grooming Salon

Image Credit: Nekomori Cat Grooming Salon

Nekomori Cat Grooming Salon is Singapore’s first cat grooming establishment, which aims to provide both comprehensive and relaxing grooming service to cats through its spa treatments. The team consists of cat lover groomers who aims to elevate the standards of professional pet care through excellent technical grooming technique. Plus, the salon has a nature-inspired grooming design that helps the cat feel refreshed relaxed, and at ease.

Nekomori Cat Grooming Salon has a rating of 5 stars by cat owners since it prides itself in providing a cat-exclusive environment that allows low=stress grooming.

Customer Review

Noor Artika

First time there and I’m happy with the services. I even received a picture of my kitty. Thank you so much.

Nur Shafeeqah

First-time visit, nice and friendly staff. My kitten being calm while doing the grooming when in fact she hates people touching her and intends to bite. Thank you! Will definitely book a grooming session again.

Contact: +65 6996 7908
Location: 59A Kampong Bahru Rd, #02-02, Singapore, 169367
Opening Hours: Daily, 11AM-7PM


When you send your feline friend to be professionally groomed, you would surely want your pet to be treated with the utmost care and respect. You need to ensure that your cats have been put into the hands of qualified groomers. So if your cat needs grooming, check out the cat grooming salons and book an appointment!