Muay Thai enthusiasts may find plenty of classes in Singapore that accommodate varying skill levels and training objectives. Best Muay Thai gyms in Singapore offer top-notch training facilities with qualified teaching, perfect for both novices seeking to master the fundamentals and seasoned fighters eager to hone their craft. These Muay Thai classes In Singapore have a different style of instruction and provide a demanding yet encouraging atmosphere for all their patrons that will suit Girls’ needs and preference.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Tiger Muay Thai Singapore

Image Credit: Tiger Muay Thai Singapore

Tiger Muay Thai was founded with the goal of providing individuals of all skill levels with genuine, high-quality muay thai training in Thailand. Today, visitors from all over the world who come for a variety of reasons find the camp to be a home away from home for hobbyists and professional athletes. Tiger Muay Thai in Singapore has earned a well-earned reputation as the best place in Thailand to train in Muay Thai, MMA, and fitness because to its many appearances in documentaries, travel shows, and other mass media. They work hard to maintain the authenticity of the Muay Thai instruction they provide. They have a profound regard for Thai heritage, which is evident in both their Muay Thai classes and the surroundings of their camp. Get trained and learn with Tiger Muay Thai today!

Customer Reviews

Judith Ho
Nice environment and good staff !!

Cain Ng
Fantastic BJJ professor and Muay Thai coaches. Friendly, helpful, pretty staff!Elodie G. It was a nice experience to train at Tiger Singapore. I did two muay thai group sessions. The coaches are competent and funny. The Staff is really nice! I would definitely train train there again.

Elodie G.
It was a nice experience to train at Tiger Singapore. I did two muay thai group sessions. The coaches are competent and funny. The Staff is really nice! I would definitely train train there again.

Contact:9328 6002
Location:73/75 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058705
Opening Hours:Monday-Friday 7:30 AM-9 PM I Saturday 8:30 AM-3 PM I Sunday 11 AM-2 PM

2. System Muay Thai

System Muay Thai Gym Singapore
Image Credit: System Muay Thai

A small team with enormous aspirations manages System Muay Thai and Fitness.  Sammy Phua, the founder of System Muay Thai, is dedicated to offer 1.5-hour courses of real Thai-style Muay Thai, despite the fact that many Singapore Muay Thai gyms now offer fitness-style Muay Thai. Their one-hour GRIT courses are designed to get you as fit as possible. They really believe in grit and hard effort here at their gym. Come experience the difference!

Customer Reviews

William and Rosanna Chong
We visited Sammy to try the Active Release Technique and found it very effective in releasing the tight muscles. I had some back pain and my husband has Parkinson’s. The tremors he experienced caused muscle stress and aches. Sammy helped him release the stress and immediately he felt pain free. My back also felt better. As an added ‘bonus’, Sammy also taught us some exercises. Thank you Sammy. We will certainly be back if we need more sessions.

Ash .T
I’ve been Sammy’s client for many years now, and have had the privilege of watching him grow from the time when he was working out of other studios, to opening his first gym! He has helped me through injuries, vastly improved my technical skills in all aspects of fitness – from muay Thai to olympic lifting, resistance and strength training as well as rehabilitation. What can I say, this man is talented! Sammy was also very generous with his time in training me for my first boxing fight, making sure that I was at the top of my game for my debut. I cannot thank him enough. Not only is he an extremely skilled coach, I am also proud to call him my friend (board games and drinks, anyone?? 😆) Having a first class coach like Arjan is there cherry on top of a very delicious cake and I always look forward to the laughs and the hard work (and knocks) whenever I’m there. I recommend System Muay Thai 3000. 😁😁

Elisa M.
Their Active Release Technique (ART) session is a must-try for those experiencing tightness/chronic pains/mobility issues. Coach Sammy is incredibly meticulous and knowledgeable! I’ve been having heel pain for months and Sammy’s thorough assessment quickly pinpointed the root cause of my discomfort. His targeted treatment provided immediate relief, and he also offered helpful instructions for long-term management. Very insightful. The gym itself is very comfortable and clean, complemented by the genuine warmth of the staff. Highly recommend!

Contact:8882 1076
Location:464 Crawford Ln, Singapore 190464
Opening Hours:8 AM-10 PM Daily

3. LFMT Fight Club (Muay Thai)

LeFit Muay Thai In Singapore
Image Credit: LeFit Muay Thai

A local company called LeFit Muay Thai is dedicated to being the top Muay Thai gym in Singapore and offering the best Muay Thai instruction in the country. All skill levels of practitioners are accepted, ranging from basic to advanced fighting training. To accommodate any hectic schedule, they provide morning and evening lessons. They also give personal instruction to assist you reach your fitness objectives and improve your Muay Thai technique if you want to take your fitness to the next level. Visit their distinctive outdoor facility, complete with a full-sized Muay Thai boxing ring, to practise with the greatest Muay Thai teachers in Singapore. Step forward to a more physically fit, resilient, and contented version of yourself.

Customer Reviews

Taeri Kim
It has been one year and half since my very first lesson with coach Maarkus! Do not worry if you are a complete beginner like myself last time – you can learn from the very basic. If you are experienced fighter, you can train with peers at your level. LFMT even has a class for kids. Most importantly i love that you can do both private and group classes and even home visit class. The new gym has a welcoming atmosphere with a wide range of equipments and gears. Full air conditioning are coming together. Muay Thai brings back the energy both mentally and physically to your life, fun & joy to bright up your day, and fulfillment to motivate your goal. For all of that, LFMT is the best place and coach Maarkus is the best mentor you can ask for.

Shaun Gozali
Coach Maarkus is very detailed in teaching the right techniques and dedicated to provide a tough and fun training environment for students. We have been training for more than a year and definitely recommend for those looking to keep fit and learn Muay Thai!

isa xxx
There is no doubt Lefit Muay Thai is the best Muay Thai gym in Singapore. My son loves to go, he comes back from the classes with a bright smile and full of happiness and satisfaction. With Maarkus he has the best coach he could have found. Maarkus teaches extremely well, explaining how to focus and what is crucial in a fight. He is a master in motivating people and teaches discipline which is essential for this sport but also in general in life. One of the reasons why my son loves to go, besides the coach is the great community which is like a second family for him. The atmosphere is extraordinary with a lot of fun and love. Lefit Muay Thai has a nice selection of memberships and offers classes from Monday to Saturday… which gives us a lot of flexibility during the week.

Contact:9276 2829
Location:69 Lor 14 Geylang, Singapore 398957
Opening Hours:Monday-Friday 8 AM-9 PM I Saturday-Sunday 8 AM-2 PM

4. JR Muay Thai

JR Muay Thai Singapore
Image Credit: JR Muay Thai

JR Muay Thai was established to provide top-notch Singapore’s Muay Thai training courses to anyone wishing to acquire martial arts abilities. Muay Thai provide trainers and services to improve your lifestyle, well-being, and capacity for self-defence. They are aware of the significance of locations. For this reason, JR Muay Thai works with some of Singapore’s best gyms to provide you with many training sites. Whether you make your reservation via them or directly with the gym, the rates and packages remain the same. You may try both Traditional and Fitness Muay Thai at the different gyms.

Customer Reviews

Jia Qi Law
Enjoyed my first session and the techniques taught were easy to understand! Highly recommended. 👍

Thank You JR Muay Thai for the amazing & eventful workshop! It was very well-coordinated & we had loads of fun, thank you to the team & coaches!

Izra Farhana
Booked an introductory class for team bonding, really couldn’t have asked for more! The booking process was smooth, and the trainers were accommodating to everyone’s different capabilities. Special thanks to our lead trainer, Kru Chong! He was so engaging and hilarious, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed being trained by him. Highly recommended!!

Location:45 Jln Pemimpin, Admin Office, Singapore 577197
Opening Hours:Monday-Friday 11 AM-9 PM I Saturday-Sunday 10 AM-6 PM

5. Rebel Muay Thai Boxing Gym

Rebel Muay Thai Boxing Singapore
Image Credit: Rebel Muay Thai Boxing Gym

Boxing, Strength, Conditioning, and Muay Thai in Singapore. Originally founded as a private gym in 2012, Rebel’s ambidextrous and unconventional strategy has been effective in several events. Coach Mel has always prioritised developing a sense of community over improving skill sets and character. They provide Muay Thai, Boxing, and Strength & Conditioning programs for all age groups, making sure that each person pushes himself to the utmost. You can enrol in their beginning lessons if you’re an enthusiast who wants to practise light sparring, stay in shape, and learn the basics. The intermediate and advanced sessions are for individuals who want to compete, perform more sparring, and go further into their curriculum.

Customer Reviews

Krystal T
A great gym where all the other members are super friendly and the coaches are very attentive in every single class. I started out with zero knowledge and experience in boxing and muay thai, and was able to pick up the fundamentals of both sports under the watchful eyes of the coaches. The community at Rebel is also very welcoming, the more senior members are always willing to help the less experienced guys out with their fundamentals or with new techniques, which I am very grateful for, especially when I first joined. I also tried out a few of their boxing and muay thai sparring classes. I liked that the sparring is always light and technical. Coaches are always watching to make sure no one is going too hard or fast. Appreciate that there is a safe avenue for members to explore this aspect of boxing/muay thai in a controlled environment, where they can have fun without fear of injury. I really look forward to attending classes multiple times a week! Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for boxing or muay thai classes as the training is very technical and you still get a good sweat out of it.

sarah n
I’ve been in Rebel Muay Thai Boxing Gym for a few months now, and attending the training sessions is something I always look forward to every week. The gym exudes a lively atmosphere, with small, tight-knit community that welcomes individuals of all levels, be it beginners or advance fighters. The vibe here is all about inclusivity – it’s super welcoming & supportive! It makes working out really fun and enjoyable, a delightful way to unwind at the end of each day/week.

Marcus Wong
I have been learning Muay Thai and Boxing at Rebel for the past 6 months. As a complete beginner with no experience in any combat sport, it was daunting to find a Muay Thai gym to join. But the friendly and accommodating culture at Rebel has made it a positive experience. Members who have more experience are always happy to help those who are new out during partner drills and pad work. The coaches will ensure the training is tailored to your experience level as you learn and improve your technique. They pay close attention to detail, thus allowing me to build solid fundamentals in both Muay Thai and boxing. Rebel has built a community of like-minded individuals with the a common goal of bettering oneself through Muay Thai and Boxing. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to try out Muay thai or boxing, an experienced practitioner looking for more technical training or if you’re looking to improve your fitness and have fun at the same time, I highly recommend Rebel!

Contact:8499 5168
Location:40A Lor Mambong, Singapore 277695
Opening Hours:(Kindly visit their page for schedule updates)

6. Nine Blades Muay Thai

Nine Blades Muay Thai Training Singapore
Image Credit: Nine Blades Muay Thai

Nine Blades Muay Thai provides authentic Muay Thai in Singapore, a dedicated gym situated at 14 Robinson Road in the Far East Finance Building in Singapore. Recognised for its commitment to traditional Muay Thai, the gym offers a concentrated and demanding training program akin to what one may encounter in Thailand. The gym has a warm, supportive environment that is sometimes compared to that of a family or community where members help one another grow and develop. The unique approach that Nine Blades Muay Thai Singapore takes sets it apart from the competition. It fosters a lively, community-oriented atmosphere that draws aficionados seeking real and rigorous training.

Customer Reviews

Elijah Yeo
Very homely, technical gym. 10/5 rating for how attentive and nice the trainers are.

qianye wang
Felt intimidated initially, but as soon as my first training started all the coaches and people there were so welcoming and friendly. Very patient people, and you can legit feel that they want to teach you. Highly recommend you to come here and train, dont need think twice. 🤛🏻

Elysia Hua
9blades is a very welcoming and friendly place, have been training here for awhile and it has been the best experience. location of the gym is very good as it is at the CBD area which is very convenient. Prices here are not expensive either. All the coaches are experienced and are able to coach very well.👍🏻

Contact:8884 0135
Location:14 Robinson Rd, #13-00 Far East Finance Building, Singapore 048545
Opening Hours:Monday, Wednesday & Friday 12-9:30 PM I Tuesday & Thursday 8 AM-9:30 PM I Saturday 10 AM-3:30 PM I Closed on Sundays

7. Jai Muay Thai

Jai Muay Thai Classes Singapore
Image Credit: Jai Muay Thai

Jai Muay Thai Singapore offers authentic Muay Thai training. They provide group classes, as well as personal training, for adults, children, and teenagers. Train under knowledgeable instructors with years of professional fighting experience. The Thai word for “Heart,” jai (븈), is highly regarded by the creator, Jeremy Jude, a former professional Muay Thai fighter. Over the course of his more than ten-year amateur and professional career, Jeremy fought extensively across North Thailand, earning notoriety and even going up for regional stadium titles. Fighting Thais with far more experience did not guarantee a victory every time, but he was always praised by the Thais for his “strong heart,” or jai dee in Thai, and for his unwavering fighting style and never-say-die mentality. Join his training now to learn authentic Thai boxing in Singapore.

Customer Reviews

Cassandra Anna Goh
Amazing! Jeremy and team is dedicated and passionate about muaythai. Always a joy to train there. 😁👊

Clark Tran
A member for few months. Sufficient space for practice, clean, and specially all coaches are friendly, open and supportive.

agnes wong
Been here for about 2 months with my friends.. The place is clean and equipments good.. Coaches are friendly, knowledgeable and professional.. They focused on both techniques and training, even if there was a full class, they are able to still look out for each student and correct their posture, techniques etc.. Not only am i learning and working out, im having fun too! 🙂

Contact:9105 2025
Location:3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #03-17, Singapore 569139
Opening Hours:Monday-Friday 7 AM-10 PM I Saturday-Sunday 7 AM-7 PM

8. Yod Muay Fitness

YOD Muay Fitness Thai Gym Singapore
Image Credit: YOD Muay Fitness

The foundation of YMF Muay Fitness is a single, straightforward idea: using the art of Muay Thai, they can help you improve both your physical and emotional health. Authentic, traditional Muay Thai techniques will always be taught at YMF Muay Fitness in an innovative and enjoyable manner. They picture a society in which the physical and mental well-being of its individuals advances and grows. You’re guaranteed to get a grin on your face and improvements in your physical and emotional well-being, all driven by their love of teaching and desire to build a joyful and compassionate community. They want to stand out among the innumerable Muay Thai in Singapore that have appeared, so whether you are a seasoned participant or a total novice, be sure to have their committed patience.

Customer Reviews

Wei Ping Tan
Came here for an all-level lesson with Kru Nick and Luna. They shared and explained the workout and techniques well enough for me to understand. Good part to me was taking the time to adjust my form. Will likely come back for basic lessons here to improve!

Kru Nik is very good coach he is friendly he will focus about your movement , posture to make sure you will do it correct way. Really fun and happy to join Muay Thai at Yod Muay Fitness. 🥊🥊

S. Joe
I’ve been gym hopping a lot the last few months and bought a one week trial pass here. of all the gyms i tried, this one ranks top across the board in terms of friendliness, technique level and homely vibes. from the get go nik treated me like a friend and pushed me to be better. very rare you find a coach that will tell it is like it is, with heart. he will not go easy on u which makes it a super rewarding training and overall 10/10 experience for me. this review not sponsored! genuinely good place to train. thank u YMF!
Contact:8836 9384
Location:526a Geylang Rd, Atrium Residence, Singapore 389482
Opening Hours:Monday-Thursday 12-1 PM, 5-9 PM I Friday 12-1 PM, 5-9:30 PM I Saturday-Sunday 12-3 PM


In conclusion, these gyms provide a wide variety of Muay Thai classes in Singapore for all skill levels, from novices to experts that suitable for girls who want to learn self-defense. All together, these gyms provide some of Singapore’s best Muay Thai training; each has its own special atmosphere and strong points. Any of these well-regarded institutions may help you achieve your goals, whether they want to become more physically active, study self-defence, or become an expert Muay Thai practitioner.