Calling all makeup enthusiasts and beauty fans! Prepare to embrace your inner creative and glam up with the top 6 makeup classes in Singapore. Uplift your cosmetics game with tactics, techniques, and advice. What are you waiting for? Let’s dive into these top 6 makeup classes in Singapore where creativity has no limitations, regardless of experience level. Let us take it one brushstroke at a time and look absolutely gorgeous together! Bring your girlfriends for the ultimate girls’ hangout.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. The School of Make Up

The School Of Make Up Classes Singapore
Image Credit: The School Of Make Up

Of course, The School of Make-Up in Singapore has to make it to the list of makeup classes in Singapore for their immersive teachings in mastering the art of makeup application. Under the guidance of their compassionate and knowledgeable instructors, participants set off on an adventure where they acquire a variety of makeup skills you cannot find elsewhere. Attendees receive important knowledge about how to choose and apply makeup that accentuates their own qualities through practical experience. The School of Make-Up offers a friendly environment where education meets creativity that you can enjoy with your girlfriends.

Customer Reviews

Many thanks to Yvonne for her patience and guidance. It was literally an eye-opener for a novice like me.

Veers Peh
Had a lot of fun during my 2 days course. my trainer, Yvonne very experienced trainer and helpful. Learned a lot of useful skills and knowledges.

I had a great time at The School of Make-Up! Yvonne was our instructor, she is very knowledgeable and friendly. Different techniques were taught. The hands-on practice gives better understanding of how to put the make-up that suits ourselves specially for first timers. My heartfelt gratitude to Yvonne for her patience and her support. 🙏

Contact:6737 0208 | 9668 8428
Location:​19 Keppel Road, Jit Poh Building #01-02 Singapore 089058
Opening Hours:Monday – Friday: 10 AM – 7 PM | Saturday: 10 AM – 5 PM | Closed on Sundays

2. Bloom by Roseanne Personal Make-up School

Bloom By Roseanne Personal Make Up School In Singapore
Image Credit: Bloom By Roseanne Personal Make Up School

Bloom by Roseanne offers top-notch makeup class in Singapore dedicated to empowering everyday women through personalised instruction. Bloom was established with the goal of being the best personal makeup school in Asia by renowned makeup artist Roseanne Tang. With its extensive course offerings, which include a revolutionary 17-hour programme, Bloom guarantees that each student becomes an expert in applying makeup. 

The goal of the school is to use makeup to improve women’s self-expression and confidence. Additionally, Bloom offers the beginner-friendly BloomKIT brand of makeup and brushes, which are used and sold during workshops – perfect for you and your girlfriends to walk away with matching makeup kits!

Customer Reviews

Claudia Amanda
Roseanne is such a great teacher and her 17-hour course covers everything that you can think of! It allows me to try all the different methods and find one that I like best. After going through the materials, we chose different whole makeup looks to try and it was a really fun experience!

Eileen L
A newbie who decided to go for a 1 to 1 make up lesson. Enjoy the lesson and manage to learn how to apply basic make up. Thanks roseanne for the wonderful experience.

Sharon Ho
I’m truly grateful for Roseanne for her passion towards make up. I’ve decided to sign up for a 1 to 1 lesson with her. From a totally newbie in make up, now I learned the basic skill that I can continue to enjoy exploring more on different make up products, building up my own self confident. I thank her for telling me which make up products that suits my sensitive skin and get to try on different colour and find the right make up for me. One thing that can proof the different after attending her lesson was when the people around me sense a huge different in my make up and compliment me. I can only say sign up for 1 to 1 lesson and surely your make up skills will improved. Thanks so much Roseanne. Not only you are my teacher, but we are friends now.

Contact:9631 7081
Location:450 North Bridge Road, #05 01, Singapore 188732
Opening Hours:Monday – Saturday: 9 AM – 9 PM | Closed on Sundays

3. Bloom Pro Academy

Bloom Pro Academy Makeup Class In Singapore
Image Credit: Bloom Pro Academy

Another makeup class in Singapore offering top-notch professional make-up and hair styling education is Bloom Pro Academy – also related to Bloom by Roseanne. Students go through an extensive and well-organised curriculum that covers everything from basic skincare to sophisticated makeup skills, all under the knowledgeable direction of their kind instructors. The school places a strong emphasis on practical experience with genuine models so that students can build confidence and experience. 

Bloom Pro Academy offers all the required equipment and supplies, emphasising hygiene and the most recent business trends, ensuring a smooth learning process. Bloom Pro Academy is a cutting-edge beauty school facility that is perfect for individuals looking to launch a profession or advance their skills.

Customer Reviews

Ivah Sugiarti
I recently completed my Professional Make-Up and Hair Styling course with Bloom Pro Academy. I must say that it was an enlightening experience from start to finish. Held at a centralised location, Bugis, this course has definitely enhanced my makeup and hair styling skills. The curriculum was well structured and comprehensive; covering everything from skincare basics to intricate eye makeup techniques. Under the guidance of Roseanne, I learned the art of flawless foundation application, contouring, different types of lashes and how to apply them comfortably, various eye shadow combinations for different types of looks, etc. What impressed me most was the attention to detail in each lesson, ensuring we grasped both theory and practice. What truly set this class apart was the emphasis on hands-on practice! Not only did Roseanne provide me with all the makeups, brushes, hairstyling tools, etc, she also engaged models with different looks for every lesson! That has allowed me to put into practice real life makeup and hair styling on real people. I wasn’t just a passive observer. Instead, I honed my skills through guided exercises and one-on-one feedback. By the end of the class, I felt more confident in my ability to recreate the looks we had learned. Lastly, I liked the fact that Roseanne is very particular about hygiene – she sanitized/washed all makeups and tools after every use and encouraged us to use separate applicators when it comes to the likes of mascara and lipsticks. All in all, I would definitely recommend Bloom Pro Academy for those who are looking for a course that improves your makeup and hair styling skills!

Charlene Pwo
Roseanne is a talented, skillful and patient teacher! Her fee is just a couple of hundreds more than other schools but it’s very much worth it as she shares and gives you more than what you are expecting! She teaches many other courses other than professional bridal makeup and hairstyling and I will definitely join her class again! Highly recommend to join her classes! Reach out to her for more details! She is very responsive. 👍

Isabela Clarissa
I had great learning sessions of pro hair and makeup at Bloom and I’m not sure if I could have got a better experience elsewhere.
– curriculum is well structured, we know exactly what we will do on a weekly basis
– steps are laid out in details, instructions are clear
– makeup, tools and models are provided, literally just need to bring yourself (and the tools set that you received in advance)
– studio is centrally located, cozy and intimate
– introduction to the latest products and trends (i.e. spatula makeup)
– guidance on how to kickstart your career
– then of course Roseanne is always available to guide and give us feedback even when we practice at home.

This is such a well rounded programme. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole sessions and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to start a career as MUA or even to learn makeup/hair from A to Z! (I started with a bare minimum skill of hairstyling and now I love it!)

Contact:9631 7081
Location:450 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188732
Opening Hours:Monday – Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM | Closed on Sundays

4. AutelierPro Singapore

Autelier Pro Face Makeup Classes Singapore
Image Credit: AutelierPro Singapore

Now if you want more than just a makeup class in Singapore, AutelierPro Singapore offers an exceptional makeup and hairstyling course designed to transform beginners into professional artists. The course is well-known for its  curriculum that is relevant to the industry. It includes one-on-one coaching, in-depth teaching, and practical experience. 

Learning in small groups helps students since it provides them with individualised attention and thorough feedback. With teachers who are working professionals in the field, AutelierPro offers priceless insights and useful advice. They offer a structured online learning component that makes preparation and review flexible. So, head down to AutelierPro if you or your ladies aspire to be professional makeup artists or hairstylists!

Customer Reviews

Tabby Koh
Loved the experience taking up a course with AutelierPro! Was taught modern makeup and hair techniques that are very relevant to current market. Structure of the course was good, it pushes students to practice and hone their craft. Classes were very informative, interesting and fun! Trainers were friendly and patient, had plentiful time for 1-1 coaching even though the classes were conducted in groups.

Jean Woo
Starting my journey as a makeup artist with AutelierPro was a decision I never regretted! The trainers not only imparted their skills and shared tips and advices they have gained through their experiences, but were all very patient. Lessons often overrun but never once did they complained or showed their displeasure. Every single trainer taught us with transparency and a willing heart. It was for sure a safe space for us to learn the skills required and raise questions whenever in doubt. Comments on our homework were always very detailed and helpful, allowing us to analyze where and what we could have done better. The past two months were undeniably challenging, having to juggle work, lessons and homework. However, it is gratifying and not impossible. I would definitely still recommend this to any working adult who is keen in exploring this field. Thank you AutelierPro!!

Prathima Singh
The supportive learning environment fostered has been instrumental in my growth as an artist. The camaraderie among fellow students and the encouragement received from faculty members have created a conducive atmosphere for learning and self-discovery.

Contact:Course Enquiry: 8944 5423 | Brand Partnership: 9488 8112
Location:160 Paya Lebar Road, #08-05, Singapore 409022
Opening Hours:9 AM – 5 PM Daily

5. The Style Atelier

The Style Atelier Makeup Class Singapore
Image Credit: The Style Atelier

Among the makeup classes in Singapore, The Style Atelier is the go-to destination for an immersive and personalised learning experience. The Style Atelier is well-known for its dynamic workshops with knowledgeable instructors like Joy and Violet. It offers extensive instruction on colour analysis, makeup, hair style, and wardrobe styling. Participants walk away from their workshops with a better understanding of their own qualities and the confidence to try out bold colours and looks. 

The Style Atelier is perfect for achieving personal goals like pre-wedding photo shoots because of its meticulous, hands-on approach, which guarantees the development of practical skills. At The Style Atelier, embrace lifelong learning and self-discovery in a welcoming atmosphere.

Customer Reviews

Hanna maryam
I attended the Style workshop with Joy and it was such an amazing experience. First off, she has a fun and bubbly personality, which makes the workshop so much more engaging. At the same time, she is also very knowledgeable and experienced, and since every aspect of the workshop is personalised, you will come away from it knowing a lot more about yourself. A lot was done in 7 hours: colour analysis, makeup, hairstyling and wardrobe. I also loved the freebies that were given! Thank you, Joy, for teaching me how to be more adventurous with colour, and for all your tips!

Jasmine Tan
I enrolled in this course after reading the Google reviews so here I am sharing my thoughts after attending the class. My trainer was Violet and she is very reassuring and inspiring. She is also very patient, guiding us through every step of the way. She is also very knowledgeable and approachable, and answers all your doubts and questions. She is very honest and forthcoming in giving you feedback to improve yourself – which is what I truly needed as people always only say things that are easy on the ears. This course has been transformational to me – I learnt about my body shape, face shape, eye shape and colors that work best for me. I learnt how to dress effectively to bring out the best in me. Before this, my entire wardrobe consists only of black and dark colors. But I am surprised to learn pastel hues work best for me. Now I am ready to take on the world starting by doing my makeup and changing the way I dress and thus increasing my confidence. I am ready to put in what I’ve learnt into my daily life. This course is super detailed, personalized and Violet ensures at the end of the course we all gain practical skills and new perspectives in making up, dressing and styling.

C c
I was looking for a course to help me improve my makeup skills for my private prewedding photo shoot and ROM. Happy to find this gem in singapore that can teach me full make up, hair do and fashion sense. Violet is a very professional and fun coach. Very patient and motivational. It’s the first time I successfully put on double eye lid sticker and faux lash. And during the demo, Violet did a smoky eye makeup which I’ve never tried in my life. I really enjoyed the day and I can’t wait to practice the skills learnt for the wedding day!

Contact:8399 0678
Location:93B Amoy St, Singapore 069913
Opening Hours:Depends On Class Timings

6. TangYong Makeup & Hair

TangYong Makeup & Hair Class Singapore
Image Credit: TangYong Makeup & Hair

If you and your girls’ prefer a private makeup class in Singapore, TangYong Makeup & Hair is the perfect place to go to. Every participant will feel empowered and confident thanks to TangYong’s individualised approach, regardless of skill level. The courses offer practical experience using high-quality goods and are intended to be enjoyable and engaging. From fundamental methods to sophisticated craftsmanship, TangYong’s makeup instructor – Valerie – will give you professional advice customised to your own taste and preferences. Along with looking amazing, you’ll leave the session with useful skills and advice for your daily makeup regimen thanks to their approachable and experienced instructors.

Customer Reviews

Qixian Ong
Attended Valerie’s personal makeup class today and really enjoyed my time during the session. She’s very friendly and detailed with her explanation for the whole process of applying makeup 🙂 For a person who has minimal basic knowledge about makeup, it was easy to understand and follow! Overall, it was an awesome experience! Thank you Valerie!

I highly recommend the personal makeup class by Valerie! Even though I was clueless about the steps, she broke it down for me. She was also very patient and it was customised to my needs. Really like the end result!

Cheryl Ng
I attended the personal makeup class with Val and enjoyed myself greatly! Val was so patient throughout the whole session, so willing to share her knowledge. Learnt so much about the products I was using too! Highly recommended!

Contact:9061 7518
Location:17B Circuit Road, Singapore 372017
Opening Hours:Depends on Class Timings


Our list of the best 6 makeup classes in Singapore offers more than just beauty tips—they provide a vibrant space for bonding and learning for you and your girlfriends. From perfecting the contouring technique to trying out daring new styles, these sessions help each student develop their creativity and confidence. These best 6 makeup classes in Singapore guarantee a thrilling voyage of self-discovery and companionship, regardless of experience level. So grab your gal pals and join a make-up class!