Explore the exciting world of dance in Singapore with the help of our list of six exceptional dance studios in Singapore that provide a wide variety of classes and experiences. These dance studios in Singapore offer the ideal setting for you to fully immerse yourself in the craft, culture, and joy of dance in the vibrant city of Singapore, regardless of your experience level or number of dance floor experiences. Come discover the vibrant programmes offered by these six dance studios, each ready to stoke your love for expression through movement.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. En Motion Dance School

En Motion Dance School Singapore
Image Credit: En Motion Dance School

En Motion Dance School offers an exceptional environment for beginners to explore the vibrant world of dance. With dedicated instructors like Jax, classes are both instructive and enjoyable. Each session is thoughtfully structured, introducing new moves while providing individual attention for skill refinement. Beyond the studio, weekly socials foster a supportive community where dancers of all levels can connect and learn from one another. Additional weekend classes offer opportunities for further growth. Emphasising inclusivity and personalised feedback, En Motion stands out as a nurturing space where students feel empowered to learn, grow, and express themselves through the art of dance.

Customer Reviews

Brandon C
Excellent classes, great instructors and wonderful social company! 

Tan Yong Quan
This is my first time dancing, and I was able to have a great time learning Salsa with Jax @ En Motion. 🙂

This is my second month dancing with EM and it has been a great experience so far. I have attended several classes by different instructors and they ensured that everyone feels included. Quality of instructors is also quite consistent which ensured that quality is maintained across all classes. Instructors are also dedicated in teaching, as seen from how they go beyond the mile to respond to students’ queries after class. Classes are well planned, whereby new moves are introduced every lesson. During class, instructors go around correcting students’ moves which is of great help esp for beginners. They create a safe platform to lesrn as they wun “scold” us for not doing a move right or asking questions. We are also allowed to film a dance review video at the end of each lesson which we can use to practise at home. This is very useful to catchup. Group chats are created to share such videos. Feedback provided by students is also taken seriously by the sch. Socials (a platform for students across all levels ti dance together) held wkly are fun even for beginner students as many advanced dancers (leads) are willing to dance with us and we can learn more from them. Socials also serve as a good platform to apply what we learn in class and hone our dance skills. Also, the sch holds wkend open classes at an additional fee where we can learn new moves and improve further. Overall, this dance sch stands out for being nurturing and conducive to beginners. Also, the sch has a strong dance community where most people are open to getting to know each other and most are understanding of each other’s dance proficiency, which makes it comfortable to learn dance here.

Contact:9159 7811
Location:8 Grange Rd, #03-05/05A Cineleisure, Singapore 239695
Opening Hours:9 AM – 10 PM Daily

2. The Dance Place

The Dance Place Studios Singapore
Image Credit: The Dance Place

For people of all ages and experience levels, The Dance Place offers a variety of exciting dance classes. Every lesson is enhanced and supported by the passion and knowledge of their committed instructors, like Emi and Estelle. They have a range of dance lessons in Singapore to suit all needs, whether you are an adult novice trying to get more flexible and fit or a parent wishing to give your kid an enjoyable and informative experience. Via the art of dance, The Dance Place’s team promotes development, self-assurance, and joy via gentle guiding and dynamic tuition. Discover the wonder of movement at The Dance Place.

Customer Reviews

Gab Drean
Love Adult beginner class with Emi, and new barre stretch & tone class with Estelle!!! She’s gentle and firm at the same time, keeping us going with a big smile! I’ve definitely improved my flexibility and general condition. I love it!

Elise FM
My three year old daughter attend the dance with me class. She learnt so many skills like balance, jumping, throwing and catching. The class was a dance class aimed at young children learning skills that would support them with dance. She also was able to learn a routine. I would highly recommend this dance class to young children.

Afsana Verma
Lovely place, fun and energetic and love Emma she is kind and understanding and a super dancer. 💕

Contact:Studio: 6970 5262 | Mobile: 8339 9664
Location:583 Orchard Rd 08-02/03, Forum Office Tower, Singapore 238884
Opening Hours:Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 9:30 AM – 8:30 PM | Wednesday: 9 AM – 9 PM | Friday & Saturday: 9 AM – 8 PM | Sunday: 10 AM – 6 PM

3. Caliente Dance Studio

Caliente Dance Studio Singapore
Image Credit: Caliente Dance Studio

Anyone wishing to explore the world of Latin dancing will find Caliente Dance Studio to be a welcoming and energetic space. This dance studio in Singapore welcomes all dancers, no matter their experience in dancing. With sessions ranging from hip hop, dance fitness, and yoga to salsa and bachata, there’s something for everyone. The knowledgeable teachers offer thorough direction, guaranteeing a secure and pleasurable educational environment. You do not even need a partner, as classes involve rotating dance partners. Clean, bright facilities create a positive atmosphere where students of all ages, including mature dancers, feel like part of a big dance family. Join Caliente Dance Studio for a fun-filled journey into the rhythm of Latin dance!

Customer Reviews

Hud Syafiq
Caliente is a great place to get started or try out latin dancing – you don’t need a partner as you rotate dancing with other people in the class and there are classes of different difficulty levels. The instructors are friendly too and make the experience really enjoyable.

Jiamin Lim
I used to dance salsa in university and recently pick up salsa solo dance in caliente and it was a brand new experience for me. It’s super fun and a great way for exercise. They not only have salsa, bachata but also yoga, dance fitness and hip hop. The price packages are a great deal and sometimes you get awesome discounts and rebates. The teachers are awesome and very detailed in their explanations and calient provides a safe environment for learning.

Ong Ong
Caliente is a very Nice dance school. Clean, bright and positive environment and friends. Teachers there are friendly, and clear in giving out lessons. Male and female teacher. My husband and I are attending lessons here and we always look forward for dancing class day. Btw we are alr 50+, hahaha… Come, do and learn :), join us…, n meet the young people generations. We are like big family here, :). ….

Contact:9189 8607 / 9005 3482
Location:#05-01 Cecil Building, 137 Cecil St, Singapore 069537
Opening Hours:Monday – Friday: 10 AM – 12 AM | Saturday: 11 AM – 12 AM | Sunday: 11 AM – 8 PM

4. Galaxy Dance Academy

Galaxy Dance Academy Workshop Singapore
Image Credit: Galaxy Dance Academy

Visit Galaxy Dance Academy to experience the thrill of dance that transforms. This dance studio in Singapore has wonderful teachers that foster a friendly environment where dancers of all skill levels flourish. Their range of classes meets the needs of every desire, whether you are a novice rediscovering your passion or an experienced dancer looking for refining. Their wide variety of styles—from ballet to contemporary—guarantees growth and exploration. Beyond technique, Galaxy Dance Academy’s studio cultivates a community of support where deep relationships arise. Join their classes to explore the enchantment of movement, where every stride is a celebration of artistic expression and artistry. At Galaxy Dancing Academy, let your spirit fly and embrace the beat of your heart.

Customer Reviews

Olga Romanova
Exceptional instructors and a welcoming atmosphere make this dance studio truly stand out. From beginners to seasoned dancers, there’s something for everyone here. The variety of classes offered ensures that you can explore different styles and techniques. Whether you’re looking to refine your technique or simply enjoy the joy of movement, this dance studio is an absolute gem. Last but not least, the community of fellow dancers is very friendly and supportive which adds to the overall positive experience, making it a place where you not only improve your skills but also build meaningful connections.

Ekaterina Nushtaeva
This is an excellent studio Galaxy Dance Academy! All coaches are kind, friendly, and passionate about dance. I am so pleased that my two daughters has found a place where they feel all of their strengths are challenged and artistic nature is openly expressed. I would recommend this studio to all of our friends and family members ! You have got to check them out for yourself!

Athina Boardman
Fabulous charismatic teacher that made my first lesson very enjoyable. I had not danced for 30 years since learning ballet as a teenager.

Contact:Downtown: 9424 2785

City Hall: 9424 2785
Location:Downtown: 141 Cecil Street, #02-01/02/03, Singapore 069541

City Hall: 9 Purvis St, #02-02/03, Singapore 188588
Opening Hours:10 AM – 10 PM Daily

5. The Movement Studio

The Movement Studio Dance Lessons Singapore
Image Credit: The Movement Studio

Experience the exhilaration of personalised K-pop dance lessons at The Movement Studio. Led by the talented Grace Yew, these sessions offer an intimate one on one setting, ensuring focused attention and rapid progress. With Grace’s infectious energy and patient instruction, every step feels like a dance hangout with a close friend. Her keen eye for detail homes in on individual challenges, refining techniques until they’re mastered. 

Whether you are practising complex routines or synchronising to K-pop tunes, every session is customised to meet your specific goals. A world of rhythm and pleasure awaits you, where every dance lesson at The Movement Studio transforms into a memorable experience.

Customer Reviews

Jason Fonseca
Had a K-pop dance class with Grace Yew at Movement Studio, and it turned out to be a super personalised 1:1 session! The class was at 12:15 PM on a Monday, which was just perfect for getting some one-on-one attention. Just a heads up – finding the place is a bit of a hassle, so definitely plan to get there early. I was late and trust me, you don’t want to miss any minute of this session. Now, about Grace – she’s amazing. She’s super patient and just has this way of explaining things that makes everything click, especially when trying to get in sync with K-pop beats or perfecting a dance move. She’s quick to spot where you’re struggling, like with timing or a specific step, and then it’s all about practicing that bit until you nail it. Sometimes, all I needed was to tune in more to the beat. The best part? The class being just for me meant Grace could really tailor everything to what I needed most. It felt more like a fun, intense dance hangout than a regular class. Actually, it felt like dancing it out with a friend who really knows her stuff. If you’re into K-pop and want a class that really caters to you, definitely check out Grace’s session at Movement Studio on a Monday. Just remember, give yourself that extra time to find the place so you’re all set to dance right on time!

P Xuan
Love to have Grace in the class!

Tan Yee Hao
It’s fun to attend Grace’s class! She is so energetic and joyful.

Contact:Contact: 8776 1445 | WhatsApp: 8898 2676
Location:334 Kreta Ayer Road, #02-08, Singapore 080334
Opening Hours:Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 9:30 AM | Saturday: 8:30 AM – 7 PM | Sunday: 8:30 AM – 6 PM

6. Dance Movement Inc.

Dance Movement Inc Dancing Class SG
Image Credit: Dance Movement Inc.

Dance Movement Inc. will help you discover the joy of dancing! This dance studio in Singapore offers classes that focus on embracing the beat, discovering your groove, and allowing your spirit to fly, not only on teaching steps. No matter how experienced you are or how little dance experience you have, their kind and knowledgeable teachers will help you every step of the way. Experience the delight of learning each step and the exhilaration of trying new moves, from salsa to bachata and beyond. Come be a part of Dance Movement Inc.’s lively community, where fun and encouragement are always in order. Prepare to dance to the fullest and advance your abilities with Dance Movement Inc!

Customer Reviews

Ricky John Martinez
It was really fun, I had a good time and the teachers were very kind and very encouraging towards me!!😁😁

Lisa Sam
I saw on social media and decided to give it a try. The class is so fun . The instructors made it easy to learn and follow . I started with 2 left feet but the instructors are accommodating and I can relax into fun and more relaxed moves . Yaay , moving into next level of classes.

Mabel Nguyen
Took the trial bachata/salsa class and so captivated by the fun and exciting movements! Instructors are very friendly, professional and really know how to bring out the dancing spirit in you – decided to sign up for classes afterwards.

Contact:9630 5890
Location:1 Tras Link, #02-08 Orchid Hotel Singapore, Singapore 078867
Opening Hours:Monday, Thursday & Friday: 5 PM – 10 PM | Tuesday & Wednesday: 5 PM – 11:30 PM | Saturday: 2 PM – 12:30 AM | Sunday: 12:30 PM – 8 PM


Dynamic dance classes are available for all skill levels at six of the best dance studios in Singapore. They offer a lively environment where experienced dancers may hone their craft and newcomers can feel comfortable learning styles ranging from salsa to bachata. These studios accommodate a wide range of interests and skill levels with their expert instructors, welcoming settings, and emphasis on enjoyment. Embrace the thrill of movement, pick up new techniques, and reach new heights in your dancing by joining their groups. Prepare to groove at these top dance studios in Singapore!