Looking to shed some calories while having a blast? Zumba classes might be your ticket to fitness and fun! This popular dance workout has taken Singapore by storm, and there’s no shortage of studios where you can join the party. We’ve curated a list of Singapore’s 6 Best Zumba Classes, perfect for ladies looking to add rhythm to their fitness routine.

These top-notch studios offer engaging Zumba classes led by passionate instructors, ensuring you get the most out of each heart-pumping session. Whether you’re a seasoned Zumba enthusiast or a beginner looking to shake things up, our guide to the best Zumba classes in Singapore will help you find the perfect fit. Get ready to dance, sweat, and feel the burn!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Ben Lau Dance

Image Credit: Ben Lau Dance

Ben Lau Dance Studio, a renowned institution in Singapore, is lauded for its vibrant Zumba classes. These sessions are creatively designed to incorporate diverse dance styles, offering a fantastic, high-energy workout for fitness and mood enhancement. Each class is engaging and enjoyable, perfect for beginners or experienced dancers.

The studio’s success is attributed to its highly skilled trainers, who provide personalised guidance, helping participants of all levels reach their goals. More than just professionals, they foster a friendly, inclusive environment, making every Zumba class exciting and comfortable. Their dedication to nurturing talent and promoting wellness ensures that each Ben Lau Dance Studio session is memorable.

Customer Reviews

Monica Lim

I enjoyed my Wed Zumba class with Ben. He is a very enthusiastic teacher, very professional in his field. With a small class size, he is also able to give good attention to his students. It is very comfortable dancing in his cozy studio with full-length mirrors.

Adrian Arsenal

Ben choreographed our wedding dance and it was great working with him. We’re not dancers but we learned the dance steps quickly because of his patience and attention to details. Highly recommended!

Website: http://www.benlaudance.com/
Contact: +65 900 56704
Location: Historical Tiong Bahru, 80 Chay Yan Street, #01-06, Singapore 160080
Opening Hours:
Depends on class schedule

2. JR Fitness Singapore

Image Credit: JR Fitness Singapore

JR Fitness is a premier fitness centre in Singapore that is renowned for invigorating Zumba classes. These lively sessions present an excellent opportunity for fitness enthusiasts of all levels to enjoy a fun-filled, high-energy workout that combines various dance styles. JR Fitness’ Zumba classes are designed to be engaging and unique, providing an enjoyable way to stay active, boost mood, and achieve fitness goals.

At the heart of JR Fitness’ success are its exceptional trainers. Equipped with vast experience and a passion for fitness, they offer personalised guidance and motivation to all participants. Their professional yet approachable demeanour fosters a supportive and inclusive environment, ensuring every Zumba class is a comfortable and exciting experience. With their commitment to promoting health and wellness, the trainers at JR Fitness make each Zumba session an unforgettable journey.

Customer Reviews

Mercedes Ontañon

Amazing zumba place! Love it here!
The environment is friendly, teachers are good, prices are fair and the staff is always willing to help you and make exceptions with your dates/passes (they dont do that in other places in SG)


Amazing studio for Zumba / les Mills and other classes. Classes are so fun that you won’t realize they’re such a a good workout as well! I’ve been to many zumba studios and thus is definitely the best one – they have the top instructors in Singapore and the owner is very nice and goes above and beyond so that each student has sn amazing experience. 100% recommend!

Website: https://www.jrfitness.com.sg/
Contact: +65 6909 5382
The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street, #B1-19, Singapore 179803
Tan Quee Lan Suites, 9 Tan Quee Lan Street, #02-02, Singapore 188098
55 Newton Road, 05-02, Singapore 307987
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 9AM-9PM | Closed on PH and eve of PH

3. Studio La Vie

Image Credit: Studio La Vie

Studio La Vie is a notable fitness hub in Singapore and they are highly acclaimed for their exhilarating Zumba classes. These sessions offer an appealing fusion of dance and fitness, ensuring participants enjoy a dynamic, high-energy workout. Each Zumba class at Studio La Vie is designed to be unique, incorporating various dance styles and rhythms that keep every session fresh, engaging, and fun. Their Zumba classes provide an excellent avenue to boost fitness and mood and create an exciting atmosphere that participants look forward to.

Their commitment to making fitness an enjoyable journey sets Studio La Vie’s Zumba classes apart. They strongly emphasise creating a lively, upbeat environment that promotes fun and inclusivity. Combined with their professional and enthusiastic trainers, this makes every Zumba class at Studio La Vie an exciting experience that leaves participants eager for more.

Customer Reviews

Eunice Toh

Love the Zumba class, music very well mix, instructors are very professional & energetic. Most impt the class members are all very nice & friendly.

Doris Ang

Thank you for the wonderful Zumba sessions for our pupils. They have truly enjoyed themselves. Thank you for your dedication in going beyond our expectation. Thumbs up for putting lots of effort to engage, entertain and educate our pupils. In a nutshell, they had great fun!

Website: https://www.studiolavie.com.sg/class-type/zumba-fitness/
Contact: +65 9172 0992
1 Marine Parade Central, #07-07, Singapore 449408
yoHA Commercial, 6 Tampines St 92 #02-02 Singapore 528839 (Tampines West MRT Exit B)
Opening Hours: 
Mon-Sun 9:15AM-9:30PM

4.  Beatfactory Fitness Pte. Ltd.

Image Credit: Beatfactory Fitness Pte. Ltd.

Beat Factory Fitness is a top fitness centre in Singapore known for its thrilling Zumba classes. These classes blend dance and fitness, giving participants an invigorating and dynamic workout. The Zumba classes at Beat Factory are creative, weaving in various dance styles and rhythms to make every session new, engaging, and vibrant. They centre their classes on fitness with a fun twist, crafting an atmosphere that keeps participants looking forward to the next lesson.

What distinguishes Beat Factory Fitness’s Zumba classes is the commitment to making fitness a captivating and enjoyable journey. The trainers cultivate a dynamic, high-spirited atmosphere that fosters inclusivity and enjoyment. Coupled with their professional and charismatic trainers, every Zumba session at Beat Factory Fitness becomes an electrifying experience that keeps participants motivated and excited for the next class.

Customer Reviews

Janet WU

Great instructors!
love their Zumba, K pop fitness.

Sabrina Yak

Definitely the vibe! Fun, energetic and friendly instructors to keep your spirit up up up💃💃💃

Website: https://beatfactoryfitness.com/classes-offered/
Contact: +65 6909 2204
Location: Far East Shopping Centre, 545 Orchard Road #10-11, Singapore 238882
Opening Hours:
Mon 9:50AM-1:30 PM, 6:20PM-8:45PM | Tues 10:20AM-11:30AM, 6:20PM-8:45PM | Wed 9:15AM-12:45PM, 6:30PM-9:15PM | Thurs 10:20AM-11:30AM, 6:50PM-9:10PM | Fri 9:50AM-11:00AM, 6:20PM-8:45PM | Sat 8:50AM-7:30PM | Sun 10:50AM-3:00PM

5. 1Fiesta Waterloo (Zumba Fitness)

Image Credit: 1Fiesta Fitness

1Fiesta Fitness is an esteemed fitness studio in Singapore, celebrated for its dynamic and stimulating Zumba classes. The classes at 1Fiesta are designed to deliver an immersive, dance-inspired fitness experience that keeps participants on their toes. Their Zumba classes, known for their diversity in dance styles and upbeat rhythms, guarantee a workout that is as engaging as it is effective. The focus at 1Fiesta is on creating a fun, energetic environment where fitness becomes enjoyable.

What sets 1Fiesta apart is the vibrant energy they infuse into every Zumba class. Their trainers are professionals with a flair for creating an exciting, inclusive atmosphere. With their captivating choreography and infectious enthusiasm, the trainers at 1Fiesta transform each Zumba session into a thrilling dance party. Their commitment to making fitness fun and accessible makes 1Fiesta’s Zumba classes an outstanding choice for a lively, fulfilling workout.

Customer Reviews

Vassantha Samirr

Noora AL gives a rocking zumba workout every time!! Great music and moves…you wont even mind how your muscles ache after the workout challenge…thanks babe! 😘😘

Indriani A

First day going back doing zumba at the studio and it’s really great 😍😍

Website: https://1fiesta.com.sg/about-us/zumba-corporate-program/
Contact: E-mail/message the company to book for classes
261 Waterloo Street, #03-29, Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261
6 Tampines Street 92, Block 3 #01-15, Yo:HA Commercial @ Tampines, Singapore 528893
Blk 131 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-257, Singapore 600131
AMK HUB, #03-22 (The Ballet School)
930 Yishun Ave 2, North Point City #03-38, North Wing Singapore 769098 (Little Arts Academy STUDIO 3)
And more
Opening Hours: Differs for each outlet

6. J Platform Dance Studio

Image Credit: J Platform Dance Studio

J Platform is a prominent fitness hub in Singapore. The studio offers a stimulating blend of dance and fitness through its Zumba classes, creating an exciting environment where workouts are fun and rewarding. Their Zumba sessions incorporate dance styles set to energetic rhythms, ensuring participants enjoy a total-body activity that feels more like a dance party than a traditional exercise class.

The cornerstone of J Platform’s success is its team of skilled instructors who bring passion, creativity, and expertise to each Zumba class. Their unique ability to infuse each session with high energy and infectious enthusiasm elevates the Zumba experience, keeping participants motivated and engaged. Through their commitment to cultivating an enjoyable, dynamic fitness environment, J Platform’s Zumba classes are an excellent choice for anyone seeking a unique, effective workout.

Customer Reviews

Chok Chris

Nice location which near to meet station, with professional instructor lead enjoy the class till max!

Laura Mok

The instructors are fun-loving people. Especially Jessica, she is a patient, positive and phenomenal instructor. I can’t recommend her enough. Her class is super fun and addictive. If dance or fitness is in your plans, then J platform would be the best choice. Super highly recommended!!!

Website: https://jplatform.sg/services/
Contact: +65 8795 3302
Location: Robinson Square, 144 Robinson Road #05-02, Singapore 068908
Opening Hours:
Contact for business hours


Zumba is more than just a workout—it’s a celebration of life through dance, fitness, and community. This guide has introduced you to six of the best Zumba classes in Singapore, each with its unique flavour and approach to this dynamic exercise. These classes offer a fun, high-energy workout experience led by professional and passionate trainers who ensure every session is exciting and enjoyable. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a fitness newbie, a Zumba class is perfect for you. In these classes, ladies can burn calories, enhance their mood, make new friends, and, most importantly, have fun! So why wait? Put on your dancing shoes, let the music move you, and join the Zumba party today! Remember, the goal is to enjoy the fitness journey, not just the destination. Get ready to dance, sweat, and feel the burn with the best Zumba classes in Singapore!