6 Best Co-living Space In SG That Will Make You Feel At Home

March 17, 2021
Best Co Living Space Singapore

With expensive rent and the overall high cost of living in Singapore, it’s no wonder that locals, travelers, and expats turn to Co-living spaces for an affordable option that they can call home. Co-living is a modern housing option that allows you to share your living space with other people and your interests, intentions, and values. Just like your home, these spaces have everything you need – from personal stuff to leisure activities. Although there’s a famous saying, “there’s no place like home,” these co-living spaces will make you feel like you never left home. 

Since there are several co-living spaces all over Singapore, it can be hard to choose which one fits your needs the most. Don’t worry, though – we scoped out the country and picked out the five best coliving spaces in Singapore to help you make the decision.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Coliwoo

Image Credit: Coliwoo

From its establishment in 2019, Coliwoo has a total of 556 units islandwide and is one of the leading student lodge operators in Singapore. This coliving space serves a residential area where same-minded individuals from different backgrounds gather to relax and hang out. From ex-pats looking for a temporary place or international students looking for affordable, safe, and private space, Coliwoo’s doors are open to help you feel at home.

Coliwoo offers dormitory rooms that can be doubled up as a home office, with high-speed broadband internet. Tight on budget? No problem! Coliwoo offers a comfortable modern communal room which is perfect for anyone on a tight budget!

Customer Review

Loy Chua

Good staff support and they are very friendly! I also like the great Coliwoo’s environment with their creative design. 2 thumbs up!

Brad Okada

Comfortable room with many accommodations, good location, and the very nice guy working with the utilities. Overall, great!

Contact: +65 9790 8585
Location: 31 Boon Lay Dr, Singapore, 649934
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

2. Figment

Image Credit: Figment

If you want a place where you can lounge in Singapore’s culture and heritage, Figment has beautifully-arranged coliving spaces. This space is the best co-living space for creative individuals and ex-pats who want to live in style. Figment bought old Singapore shophouses and turned them into stunning living spaces. The area resides in Singapore’s trendiest neighborhoods, where you will be able to explore all the beautiful sights and sounds of the country.

Figment also offers fuss-free living, as their rooms come fully furnished with everything you’ll need. The friendly staff of the area also take care of the weekly cleaning and maintenance so you can focus on your daily tasks. You can choose storehouses of different aesthetics and contain 4 to 6 private studios, with the first floor acting as the common area.

Customer Review

Richard Hadwen

Figment offers an opportunity to sample characterful housing in tastefully refurbished shophouses at an affordable price. Their tenants are like-minded professionals for whom the co-working spaces are ideal, and the company ethos is to look after their clientele with a personal touch.

Daniel Flores 

Great place for both a short or long stay. I really enjoyed the shared common area. I was surprise to see friendly staff available 24/7—super-fast wifi. The tea and coffee program is nice.

 Contact: +65 8726 2162
Location: 36 Petain Rd, Singapore 208102
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

3. CP Residences

Image Credit: CP Residences

If you’re looking for an urban co-living space in CBD, you should check out the areas offered by CP Residences. They offer the best co-living rooms in Singapore for students, travelers, and working professionals. Although the CP Residences mainly offer private housing, they also have spacious co-living spaces that cater to your budget and needs. Plus, all of their rooms have a unique design and are fully furnished with all the essentials.

CP Residences recently launched Hovoh, a more feasible co-living option for residents who want to adapt to a greener and cleaner home. When you choose co-living spaces from this residence, accessibility will never be an issue since everything is within reach – from leisure buildings to business towers. 

Customer Review

Farhana Aziz 

I loved my stay here! It is in the heart of Orchard Road, Singapore, so it was very convenient to get to places. Feels like home away from home. Highly recommend CP Residences to anyone looking at a long-term stay in Singapore.

Xin Hui Helder-Eng

Amazing location! The building is linked to a shopping mall that connects you to one of the most central subway stations in Singapore – SOMERSET MRT! Five-stars too for the service!

Contact: +65 6219 0111
Location: The Centrepoint, 176A Orchard Rd, Singapore 238844
Opening Hours: 9AM-6PM Daily

4. Cove

Image Credit: Cove

Cove is popular among the young and young-at-heart. Due to its flexible monthly contracts and hassle-free process, several people consider this place one of Singapore’s best co-living spaces. This company has hundreds of locations around the island, which gives you the luxury of many choices to choose from – from land properties, apartments, condo units depending on your preferences, budgets, and needs.

All Cove’s areas are clean and ready for moving in within 24 hours. Cove is famous among the younger group of people because everything – from check-in to check-out – can be done online. This place also helps you match and find your flatmate that you’re compatible with through their flatmate matching service. 

Customer Review

Aya Matsumoto

I lived in a lovely house run by Cove, and what I loved the most is the staff’s service. Their technical staff are also polite and helpful, making your life a lot easier when the problem happens. You should try their property if you have a chance.

Jasmine Wong

Cove made it so easy to move here to Singapore, it truly is hassle-free, and the team is so efficient in their responses. They made me feel comfortable from the get to go, and the move-in was quick and fast. I know I can rely on them if I have problems! Thanks, mates!

Contact: +65 3163 1597
Location: 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #02-16, Singapore 168976
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

5. Lyf

Image Credit: Lyf

Lyf by Ascott Properties is the number one co-living space among travelers, because unlike other co-living areas, the rates are per night, which is perfect for residents who only plan to stay for a few nights or less than a month. Whether you’re alone or with company, you will indeed find a perfect space from Lyf’s selections of rooms. 

The property has a 24/7 security surveillance system, and the staff will provide you with mobile key access to keep you and your personal belongings safe. Plus, the rooms also have complimentary safes so you can secure your essential valuables. Lyf is famous as one of the best co-living spaces in the country because it is near Singapore’s restaurants, transportation areas, shopping malls, and iconic landmarks, which makes its place an ideal location.

Customer Review

Sabrina Lim

I stayed during the weekends at One of the Kinds and entirely enjoyed my stay. The interior design is inspiring with quirky quotes and thoughtful collaboration spaces.

Jessie Taemin

I stayed here not expecting superb 5 star standards, but the whole co-living concept and operations blew my mind! When I reached for check-in at 3 pm, there was a queue forming for check-in. 

Contact: +65 6970 2288
Location: Funan Mall, 67 Hill St, Level 4, Singapore, 179370
Opening Hours: 
9AM-7PM Daily

6. Hmlet

Image Credit: Hmlet

In the world of co-living, Hmlet is among the popular spaces for various types of people. They have multiple co-living areas in four countries: Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, and Singapore. If you’re in the country or outside Singapore, Hmlet is the best co-living space for you because of its uniquely-designed spaces, each as stylish as the other. Besides, each space also has private and communal areas such as utility rooms and recreational rooms.

Upon checking in, Hmlet lets you choose from a range of bedroom sizes – from single pocket rooms to huge and spacious bedrooms. If you’re worried about cleaning the area because of the busy schedule, you can avail the cleaning and maintenance service of the place. Renting a space in this place gives you the right to a move-in membership, including Wi-Fi access, passes to organization events, special membership deals, and more.

Customer Review


Best place away from home!

Contact: +65 3165 2880
Location: Boon Tat Street, 7C, Singapore 069614
Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily


The sharing lifestyle and an increased interest in living a feasible and being a part of a community have inspired the birth of business co-living spaces. Whatever reason you have for leaving home, these co-living spaces are a community where you can build your own home with new people. If you’re looking for a place to rent, whether for a few nights or months, check out the co-living spaces list we made just for you! 

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