Top 7 Amazing Body Shaper Brands In Singapore For Women

November 7, 2019
Top Body Shaper Singapore

Women’s shapewear covers a range of clothing items such as corsets, girdles, brassiere, bodysuits, and also panties. While these are just some of the general ones, there are also others that target specific areas of the body. They are essential items in any woman’s wardrobe as they can help to enhance an outfit’s appearance and elevating their natural beauty. If you’re looking for shapewear items, out list of top 7 body shaper brands in Singapore will be your best friend. Read on!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. D’elegance

Image Credit: D’elegance

D’elegance is one of the premier body shaper brands in Singapore. Combining exceptional craftsmanship, innovative technology, and also intelligent 3-dimensional cutting methods to create a range of perfect body shaper items. Their body shapers are designed to accentuate women’s natural curves and beauty, especially the Asian Woman, who are D’elegance’s core target audience. Their philosophy is that no woman should sacrifice their comfort to get the perfect silhouette in their outfits, and they aim to help women in feeling beautiful and confident.

With a large collection of body shapers, D’elegance caters to many different body shaping needs. Their range includes brassieres, waist slimmers, bodysuits, long and short girdles, vests, and also panties. All of their body shaper items have feminine ultra-detailing, and constructed with the best materials such as sheer tulle and French lace. Call them up to set an appointment and purchase your body shaper today!

Contact Number: +656226 3013
Location: International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, #03-10/15/16, Singapore 079903
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-7PM | Sat & Sun 11AM-5PM

2. Chalone

Image Credit: Chalone

Established in 1922, Chalone is one of the world’s most recognisable body shaper brands in Singapore and internationally. With a range of top-selling intimate apparels, they have developed into a well-known brand and has built a portfolio of clients over the decades. To maintain their iconic heritage, they constantly innovate their collections of body shapers and intimates while also designing, sourcing, and marketing into newer channels. Because of this, they have become synonymous with generations of women that seek to buy body shapers.

Chalone’s body shapers come in an extensive range which includes camisoles, shaping panties, waist cinchers, thigh slimmers, and much more to cater to varying shaping needs. In addition, the shapewear comes in a variety of shades and colour tones to suit various spectrum of skin tones so that no women feel left out. With both comfort and style in mind, they are one of the best body shaper choices you can have.

Contact Number: +656255 5814
Location: Midview City, 18 Sin Ming Lane, #08-22/23, Singapore 573960

3. Pierre Cardin Lingerie

Image Credit: Pierre Cardin Lingerie

Introduced to Singapore’s lingerie scene in 1995, Pierre Cardin Lingerie is renowned for its unique French designs that are both elegant and sexy. This quality has immediately appealed to the local market and become of the most desired lingerie and body shaper brands for Singaporean women. Aiming to provide lingerie items that fit women well, their products were designed for the Asian women in mind and with many campaigns, have become the ideal choice for many women locally and regionally.

Pierre Cardin Lingerie offers a selection of beautifully designed and comfortable body shapers in Singapore. Some of these include high girdles, shaper shorts, thigh shapers, trimmer boyshorts, and bodysuits. Incorporating modern tastes in design together with high-quality materials, their body shapers are both comfortable and highly attractive. Enjoy Pierre Cardin Lingerie’s line of body shapers and add them to your wardrobe today.

Contact Number: +65 6734 3978
Location: Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Plaza, #02-24, Singapore 238839
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-9.30PM | Sat & Sun 11AM-10PM

4. Sorella

Image Credit: Sorella

Sorella believes in the celebration of each woman’s femininity by highlighting and enhancing their natural sexiness and beauty with their range of high quality lingerie. Their products provide some of the best support, exceptional toning, great body shaping, and beautiful flawlessness. Their collections allow women to cherish their unique bodies and also show off their true feminine allure. With Sorella’s premium lingerie and body shapers in Singapore, you can enhance your confidence and be the true you.

Sorella’s philosophy of beautifying and accentuating the natural curves of women has made them to create innovative body shapers using technology that lifts, sculpts, and tucks parts of the body. In addition, their collections of shapewear are versatile, comfortable, and also sophisticated, making them tailored for every occasion. At Sorella, you can have the perfect shape that you want with their exceptional body shapers.

Contact Number: +65 6222 7324
Location: Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Road, #02-08, Singapore 169074

5. Mainichi

Image Credit: Mainichi

Meaning “Everyday” in Japanese, Mainichi is an international body shaper line that is available in Singapore and globally. Specially designed for everyday wear, their wide range of shapewear items help to empower women with confidence and self-love. With decades of experience in the lingerie industry, their products are curated made with Japanese cultural influences combined with innovative technologies. In addition, they are constantly evolving their body shapers so that they can accommodate women of every shape and size.

Mainichi’s body shapers are designed to keep both the hips and tummy tucked comfortably to create a flatter stomach and slimmer waistline, smoothening bumps so that the outfit can be worn over it with no problem. Placing emphasis on both form and practicality, Mainichi’s body shapers are ideal for all types of events, and can be worn with practically any clothing item. Browse their collection and shop for the ones you like today!

Opening Hours: Always Open

6. Amolyi

Image Credit: Amolyi

A renowned body shaper brand in Singapore that has developed a large list of clientele globally, Amolyi shapewear is an innovative brand that has utilised both advanced technology and also rare materials such as volcanic stones and Germanium fabric. As a result, their innerwear is both great at shaping the body while also being highly comfortable. In addition, their body shapers can also help in detoxification of the wearer’s body, making them one of the best body shapers in the market.

Amolyi body shapers are available in both the slimming and post-partum options. Their slimming shapewear helps to hold the body upright and improves the body’s natural posture. Also, it supports the internal organs, helping them to feel healthier. For the post-partum body shapers, it helps new mothers to feel confident and more like themselves after giving birth. With their waist compression and postural correction, they’re great for shaping up and restoring the body’s natural shape.

Contact Number: +65 9720 7009
Location: Vision Exchange, 2 Venture Drive, Singapore 608526

7. Waistlab

Image Credit: Waistlab

Based in Singapore, Waistlab is a startup specialising in women’s body shapers. Their philosophy is to empower women of all ages and sizes to be the most ideal versions of themselves at every stage in life. Placing a strong emphasis on self-care, they are passionate in introducing body shapers such as waist trainers into the lifestyles of women. What sets them apart from others is that they market their collections on the core advantages of their items along with their aesthetic appeal.

Waistlab’s body shaper collections has a range of benefits that comes with wearing them consistently. They incorporate fat-burning technology through thermogenesis which heats up the midsection area, helps to suppress the bigger appetites and encourages healthy eating and regular exercise, and also provides great posture correction and spinal support. Shop for your ideal body shaper with them now!

Contact Number: +65 9852 5456
Location: Primz Bizhub, 21 Woodlands Close, #09-21, Singapore 737854
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 2PM-6PM | Closed from Sat-Sun

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