7 Best Makeup Brush Sets To Flawlessly Apply Your Makeup

January 6, 2021
Best Makeup Brush Set Singapore

Although often underestimated, makeup brushes are an integral part of any beauty routine. Even your favourite foundation or bronzer will only produce their best results if they’re applied with the right tools. However, in an effort to save time in the morning, many of us resort to using our fingers to quickly smear on our makeup products. But for a truly precise application of your foundation, eyeshadow and other products, along with a flawless full-face finish – you’ll need a good quality makeup brush set in your kit.

Finding the best makeup brushes to purchase can be a challenge. After all, makeup brush sets can often come at a substantial price, so it’s an investment that you’ll want to consider carefully. If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to finding the right set, look no further! Below, we’ve compiled 7 best makeup brush sets for you to effortlessly apply your makeup.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Brush Set

Best Makeup Brush Set

Image Credit: Real Techniques

As one of the pioneering brands of innovative makeup tools, Real Techniques’ award-winning brushes are of prestige quality and great value to both makeup newbies and experts. The perfect kit for any beginner, the Real Techniques Everyday Essentials covers all the basics for a full-faced makeup look. This professionally curated set comprises of four must-have makeup brushes that can be used for different areas of your face.

The first is a rounded fluffy brush, which works exceptionally for powders, blush and bronzers. Along with it is a petite precision brush that does a quick job of meticulous concealing, and a small fluffy brush for flawless highlighting. Finally, a dome-shaped buffing brush works to perfectly blend out your foundation. And if you thought that this comprehensive set couldn’t offer any more, it also comes with a Real Techniques blending sponge as well!

Available On: Sephora

2. Tarte Cosmetics Full Face Five Brush Set

Best Makeup Brush Set

Image Credit: Tarte Cosmetics

Dream of getting ready in five minutes every morning? With these five versatile, multipurpose makeup brushes, you can turn that fantasy into reality! The Tarte Cosmetics Full Face Five Brush Set comprises of five of the brand’s most popular brushes, with two of them having double ends – so you’re receiving seven brushes at a fantastic price. While Tarte brushes are known for their colourful and whimsical nature, this set has won the hearts of beauty junkies around the world for their straightforward design and vegan DNA.

Inside the kit, you’ll find a complexion brush for your foundation, small cheek brush to precisely apply contour or blush on your cheeks, loose powder brush, double-ended shader and blender for your eyeshadow, and double-ended pencil crease and liner for your top and lower lash line. Enjoy an effortless application for a stunning look in no time!

Available On: Tarte Cosmetics

 3. Fenty Beauty Artistry Pro Complexion Essentials

Best Makeup Brush Set

Image Credit: Fenty Beauty

Looking pretty in pink, this 4-piece set is specially curated by Fenty Beauty’s founder Rihanna. It features her must-have brushes from her critically acclaimed brand to provide a smooth application for your face makeup. Simplify your makeup routine into four simple steps when you use these celebrity-approved brushes to achieve a flawless finish!

To set a full coverage base for your makeup, the soft Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110 combines the quick coverage of a paddle brush with the seamless blending of an airbrush for a glowy, air-touched finish. Next, pack on your concealer with fingertip precision using the flexible bristles of the Precision Concealer Brush 180. Applying your loose powder doesn’t get any easier with the Powder Puff Setting Brush 170. Finally, give yourself an effortless glow with the expertly chiselled Cheek-Hugging Highlighter Brush 120 for game-changing precision highlighting.

Available On: Fenty Beauty

4. MyKitCo Essential Brush Set

Best Makeup Brush Set

Image Credit: MyKitCo.

An ultimate favourite among professional makeup artists and beauty lovers alike, the MyKitCo. My Essential Brush Set is equipped with all the vital tools needed for a complete coverage and eyeshadow look. From smoothing out your base products to defining your eyes and blending your eyeshadow, this five-piece set contains everything you need for your makeup routine.

Perfect for both beginners and experts, the brushes are impressively well-crafted with weighted handles that provide an incredibly satisfying experience – especially if you’re just starting out and find yourself a little unsteady. The set consists an angled foundation brush, a fluffy powder brush, sharp-angled brush, tapered crease brush, and an all-over eyeshadow brush. As a bonus, each brush across the set is colour-themed according to whether they’re designed for beginners or pros. Grey brushes show that they’re suited for all, while blue indicates a specific function.

Available On: Beauty Bay

5. BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil 10 Piece Brush Set

Best Makeup Brush Set

Image credit: BH Cosmetics

When it comes to looking Instagram-worthy, this brilliant multi-coloured set from BH Cosmetics definitely takes the cake. Inspired by the dazzling spirit of Carnival of Brazil, this festive collection includes face and eye brushes to offer all you need for flawless makeup application. Each brush in this 10-piece set features polished metal handles and luxurious two-tone bristles. But aside from their pretty aesthetics, these brushes have the ability to accent every contour and curve on your face.

The set comprises of four different brushes to smoothly apply foundation, powder, and contour, as well as six brushes to flawlessly blend your eye makeup. With each brush specially designed for a different function, this set will have you feeling like a pro as you create stunning party-ready looks!

Available On: Beauty Bay

6. EcoTools Start the Day Beautifully Kit

Best Makeup Brush Set

Image Credit: EcoTools

If you’re a warrior for environmental sustainability, this kit goes out to you. EcoTools is a planet-friendly brand that is committed to creating innovative products for clean beauty. The brushes in their Start The Day Beautifully set are created from highly sustainable bamboo. Their ferrules are made from recycled aluminium, and bristles are crafted with vegan, cruelty-free synthetic Taklon.

Created with the intention of simplifying your beauty routine, this no-frills set of essentials holds an angled foundation brush, full blush brush, blurring brush, angled liner brush, and a defined crease brush. Not to mention, it also comes with a cute storage tray so you can keep your makeup tools organised!

Available On: LookFantastic

7. Too Faced Mr. Right 5-Piece Eyeshadow Brush Set

Best Makeup Brush Set

Image Credit: Too Faced

Love to create flamboyant eye looks? This set is for you! Boasting five essential eyeshadow brushes, this set is your ideal companion to easily complete any eye look like a pro. The brushes are created with Too Faced’s ultrasoft and cruelty-free Teddy Bear Hair™ bristles to evenly distribute your eyeshadow and blend it to perfection.

Choosing Mr. Right with this set gives you a large shader brush, small shader brush, smudge brush, blender brush, and an eyeliner and brow brush. The versatile brushes work well with both wet and dry formulas, with the ability to pick up and blend the perfect amount of pigment for seamless application – so you’ll have everything you need to groom your brows and complete your eye makeup just right!

Available On: Sephora


If you have yet to add the right tools to your makeup routine, now is the time to do so! Makeup brushes are the best way to help you apply your makeup flawlessly and make you look as though you just walked out of a professional makeup studio. Look forward to a radiant finish for your makeup while cutting down time in your beauty routine with our list of the best makeup brush sets!

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