7 Best & Timeless Wedding Photobooths in Singapore

January 6, 2020
Best Wedding Photobooth Singapore

Getting hitched is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it is important that your loved ones share the same amount of joy as you and your partner on that very day. You will need everything to be perfect and for your guests to be entertained at all times but how exactly can you do that?

Photobooths are now a common trend in events and weddings that it feels empty without them. They make for a wonderful token to remember the big day by and are great for keeping guests occupied. Watch your loved ones move, laugh and dance at any of these 7 photobooths that will rock the socks (and heels) off all your guests!

1. Cloud Booth

Image Credit: Cloud Booth

If you are never one to settle for second best, Cloud Booth’s the perfect photobooth option for you! The team operates on the belief that the best photobooth experiences capture joy in superb clarity – and that is exactly what they do best.

With packages altered to suit even the most intimate parties to huge wedding affairs, Cloud Booth has proven its ability to fit seamlessly in any event regardless of the size. Whether you engage in the standard photobooth or GIF booth, smiles will surely be etched on all of your guests’ faces.

Up the level a tad bit and venture into the idea of having a Green Screen Photobooth instead! This package allows for any digital image to be made into the backdrop so if you and your partner share a favourite movie franchise, why not blow it up on the green screen? P.S. All of the photography services include a fully customisable print template so you won’t have to worry about additional costs to ensure everything follows your wedding theme!

Contact: +65 8127 1500
Location: 465 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore 560465
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 10.30am-10.30pm

2. Jolly and Miki

Image Credit: Jolly & Miki

Jolly and Miki brands themselves as hip, fun and goofy and it definitely shows in their props, backdrop and prints! This affordable photo booth rental service knows how to put wide smiles on the faces of your guests and comes at a really competitive price too. Their vintage wooden booth box is actually custom designed and handmade which makes it exclusive to the brand only. Patrons can expect the likes of 3D masks, cartoon and superheroes props as well as quirky Singaporean phrases on signboards. Customers can also choose from a carefully selected range of premium photo backdrops to suit the wedding theme!

Amongst their six different photo services, the Instant Photobooth and Animated GIF booths suit weddings the most. The Instant Photobooth offers on-the-spot printing and a customised layout print that couples can choose from prior to their big day.

Meanwhile, the Animated GIF is sure to ensue bouts of laughter as your guests plan their synchronised moves. Add your very own watermark to the GIFs and watch those moving images gain clicks and likes on social media!

Contact: +65 9832 0491
Location: 7 Temasek Blvd, #12-07 Suntec Tower One. Singapore 038987
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-5pm

3. The Story Box Co.

Image Credit: The Story Box Co.

The team behind The Story Box Co. consider themselves as experts in executing a flawless photo booth for big events while injecting elements of fun for the guests! Their booths come equipped with in-house professional photographers and designers which means that the quality and design of the end-products are top-notch.

The 4 customised booths at The Story Box Co. were all specially crafted to contain professional equipment and allow patrons to experience photo-taking in an exciting new manner. For weddings, these four packages – The Amour, The Story Box, The Mirrox and the Rover – works best to accommodate your guests of the day.

These are the services you can expect from them at the wedding; photo booth rentals, GIF booth, Boomerang booth, Roving Photography and Instant Printing. Every wedding photo booth package includes the usage of a high-end DSLR with excellent lighting for top-quality instant prints. Not to forget, creative fun props and friendly attendants are also included in the mix!

Contact: +65 8121 2223
Location: 50 Gambas Cres, Proxima @ Gambas, Singapore 757022

4. Little Snap

Image Credit: Little Snap

Photobooths are essential at events and the photo strips make for a great memento for a significant day. With the help of Little Snap, you will no longer have to worry about keeping your guests occupied and joyful in between meals. Best of all, photobooths can be enjoyed by both the young and old.

The Photobooth package offered by Little Snap comes with unlimited prints of 2R/4R and filmstrips so that everyone can fill up their quota of wacky poses and usage of props. Pre-customed layouts are definitely available but if you have a specific design in mind after spending hours on Pinterest, just drop a message to any of their designers!

Contact: +65 8290 8899
Location: 18 Bukit Batok Street 21, Singapore 659634

5. Ubersnap

Image Credit: Ubersnap

If you have been to wedding shows, chances are that you have come across Ubersnap before! With their proven excellent ratings and reviews, it isn’t difficult to see why many couples choose to liaise with Ubersnap on their big day. This reliable photobooth service has stolen many hearts with their one-of-a-kind holographic prints, where GIFs are brought to life on paper. How cool does that sound!

Immaculate customer service begins the moment a wedding photobooth package is booked, to the planning of design, to ensure that digital files are sent within 12 hours of the wedding and ends only when you are absolutely satisfied with the whole experience. If you are never one for conventional experiences, Ubersnap is just the right photobooth service for your ceremony.

Contact: +65 9012 8537
Location: 12 Arumugam Road, LTC Building B, #03-08, Singapore 409958
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

6. Dollop

Image Credit: Dollop

Did you know? Dollop is actually the very first enclosed vintage photobooth in all of Singapore. You might have also spotted – or have taken photos at – their antique booths at Artbox Singapore, Christmas Wonderland, Singapore Night Festival or Marina Bay Carnival!

Food is the main inspiration behind naming Dollop so it was only right that their photobooths continue on the tradition too. The 3 photobooths are named Strawberry Jam, Peanut Butter and Marmalade to cater to different whims and tastes. Peanut Butter is perfect for weddings as it can accommodate large groups while still maintaining the authenticity of a true photobooth. Make sure to smuggle in some props before going all out with your poses!

Contact: +65 8852 6102
Location: 6 Ubi Road 1, Singapore 408726
Operating Hours: Tue-Fri 9am-6pm

7. Sixsheet

Image Credit: Sixsheet

Sixsheet Singapore grants every customer the ability to have full control when it comes to customising their photobooth experience. This means you will have the absolute power when deciding on the props, backdrops and exclusive watermarks that will be printed on the Standard Photo snaps. The sky is the limit at Sixsheet so you can go crazy with ideas!

The LCA GIF booth will need guests to strike 3 differing poses as the camera takes 3 string shots. The shots will then be linked to form a looped animation. Guests will then have the option of having the copy sent via email or have the three images printed out in a single strip. In a way, this is value for money as you and your beloved attendees can take home both the photo and animation versions!

The LCA Curve Photobooth is a level higher as 16 still pictures taken consecutively on a curve device is stitched up to form a video. With its Matrix/3D effect, it is sure to gain likes and comments of interests on social media.

Contact: +65 91262593 | +65 91397782
Location: 565 Macpherson Road, #03-00, Singapore 368234

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