Have you been searching for the best wedding emcee in Singapore? We have just the list for you! Curated below are the top six wedding emcees, offering years of emcee experience and boasting charismatic yet warm demeanours. These emcees are sure to bring in fun and lighten up the occasion for you. Join us as we delve into the best wedding emcees in Singapore to set the perfect mood for your big day.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. EmceeSG

EmceeSG Wedding MC Singapore
Image Credit: EmceeSG

One of the best options for wedding emcees in Singapore is EmceeSG, led by the renowned emcee Hazmie. EmceeSG makes certain that your big day is nothing short of extraordinary since he has a talent for bringing warmth and excitement to every occasion. Well-known for their adaptability and fast thinking, they fit into any setting with ease and make sure the celebrations go off without a hitch. Every interaction demonstrates their dedication to understanding your goals and desires, which leaves couples happy and reassured. You can count on a wonderful event full of love, laughter, and treasured memories that will last a lifetime when EmceeSG is in charge.

Customer Reviews

Emma Swan
Thank you for being my EMCEE on my wedding day! damn talented i would say! found him through youtube! i was worried bcs most wedding i went to their EMCEE are all normal.nothing new. i did a lot of research too but not much emcee post their work online i think only hazmie did that? which is a good move like it makes everything convincing! he did discuss on how i want it. mostly i leave it up to him bcs after seeing his videos on youtube and IG highlights i love how he host wedding events so i put my trust in him and he did well! also it’s an interracial wedding and he make the effort to discuss with my husband on how to pronounce his family names in mandarin. thank you!! ❤️❤️

Karim Ureta
Hazmie, was able to interact well with guests. Everyone that attended our wedding spoke highly of him. There was never a dull moment throughout the event. He was able to adapt and think quick on his feet the adjustments needed to be made during the event. He was able to allay our anxiety when things did not go according to plan. My wife and I sincerely thank him for the efforts he made to make our a wedding event a success. Thank you Hazmie!

Anna Lam
Hazmie was very engaging and helped to carry out the wedding smoothly. He exceeded expectations and set the whole vibe for the wedding. Thanks Hazmie for making our wedding a success and allowing the audience to bring back memories of joy and laughter. Will no doubt recommend him as a wedding MC. ☺️

Contact:9022 8411
Location:No Physical Store
Opening Hours:Friday: 6 PM – 11 PM | Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM – 10 PM | Closed on Mondays – Thursdays

2. Sylvia Tham

Sylvia Tham Wedding Emcee SG
Image Credit: Sylvia Tham

Sylvia Tham stands out as a beacon of warmth and professionalism among the wedding emcees in Singapore. With an innate ability to read the crowd and create engaging moments, Sylvia infuses every event with a genuine sense of joy and connection. Her seamless presentation ensures a smooth flow of audio-visual cues, enhancing the overall experience. Couples praise her for her easy going nature and bilingual proficiency, which eases communication and ensures inclusivity for all guests. From her carefully crafted programmes to her infectious enthusiasm, Sylvia embodies the perfect blend of charisma, organisation, and heartfelt care, making every wedding unforgettable.

Customer Reviews

Johnson Soon
My wife and I wanted a wedding that put the guests foremost. We wanted guests to feel engaged, entertained, and genuinely happy. Emcee Sylvia was able to do all these, and also restore the focus onto the couple at the same time. Sylvia truly lives in the moment – she reads the crowd and responds in a nuanced and spot-on manner. Of course, she has no problem working out a programme structure and adhering to it. Yet, she adds on more to make the wedding engaging. Sylvia is able to provide an “X-factor” that is rare – a real “Big Sister” vibe that is both caring and assuring. Sylvia also tag-teams with DJ Edwin who complements her with seamless audio and visual cues that accentuate her charisma and smoothen the onstage flow. Our guests truly enjoyed our wedding, thanks to the professionalism of Sylvia and DJ Edwin.

Sabrina Liow
One thing I really appreciated about Sylvia was how easy it was to work with her and her valuable guidance whenever I had questions. We had a meeting before the wedding and she already had a programme in mind and what she planned to do. This was perfect for me as it was one less responsibility I had to think about. Her easy-going nature means she is open to any comments and suggestions that we had. She is also effectively bilingual so it was really helpful for my chinese-speaking guests. She told us not to worry and leave things to her and she really delivered.

Jessie Wong
Sylvia is AMAZING!!! No doubt on her hosting skill, she knows how to keep all the guests entertained throughout the entire wedding, coordinate with our AV friends, and let the couple worry-free & enjoy the party! I love her enthusiasm & the games she suggested, all our guests LOL and truly enjoyed on our big day! Highly recommend Sylvia to anyone who’s looking for emcee whether for wedding/private/commercial event, she will definitely warm up all the audiences & create a memorable one!

Contact:9382 8400
Location:20 Jalan Novena Barat, Novena Court, Singapore 308612
Opening Hours:24 Hours Daily

3. Stanley

Stanley Best Wedding Emcee Singapore
Image Credit: Stanley

Stanley has a unique blend of talent and professionalism that sets him apart from the other top wedding emcees in Singapore. He makes sure every second of your special day is unforgettable with his talent for entertaining people of all ages and switching between languages with ease. Stanley has vast expertise as an emcee and wedding coordinator. His attention to detail and flawless execution provide a stress-free event. He goes above and above to surpass expectations, from organising with vendors to taking care of last-minute details like extra cups for tea ceremonies. When Stanley is in charge, couples can unwind and enjoy their special day while he skilfully directs the activities and makes a lasting impact on everyone in attendance.

Customer Reviews

Sam ong
We met Stan at a BOWS event and after talking to him at his booth, my hubby told me that he Definitely wants to engage Stan as our wedding emcee. AND IT WAS THE BEST CHOICE EVER! Our guests all had nothing but PRAISES for him, and even mentioned that he was such a good singer too! And even asked from us his contact for their own events in future! Stan saved our day down to the very smallest detail of having spare disposable cups for tea ceremony usage as we underestimated our number of relatives turning up for the ceremony. I have never heard before of any emcee that brings SPARE DISPOSABLE CUPS as standby. Trust me, engaging Stan as your wedding coordinator, you would be so glad that you made the right choice. 1000 thumbs up!!👍

JD Lee
Stanley was fantastic at our wedding! He helped extraordinarily in our wedding day’s flow and coordination with our photographer, solemnizer, banquet manager and live streaming in-charge. His seamless transition between English, Mandarin and Dialect made our guests enjoy the tea ceremony, wedding lunch and live streaming, and he tailored the games and content for all ages. All my guests gave us heartening feedback, and we felt they enjoyed themselves. Our friends were also asking about his service at our wedding, so we can 💯 say you will not regret having him as your emcee and wedding coordinator! Thank you, Stanley, for giving us a wonderful and unforgettable moment! 10/10 Thumb up! 💯

Bronson Hong
Emcee & wedding coordinator all in one – with his years of experience, Stan knows what is needed to host and coordinate a wedding banquet such that it is fun and enjoyable for all guests, while ensuring the event proceeds smoothly. Planning a wedding is hectic and time consuming enough. Having an experienced emcee such as Stan removes a huge mental load as he meticulously goes through the sequence of your wedding banquet step-by-step to ensure that everything is well-planned and arranged-for on the actual day. All you have to do is to enjoy your big day stress-free, as Stan runs the programs seamlessly. The numerous praises we got from our guests on how outstanding Stan was is prove enough that the money was indeed well spent. Highly recommended!

Contact:8691 8168
Location:349 Tampines Street 33, Singapore 520349
Opening Hours:24 Hours Daily

4. Sharlyn Lim

Sharlyn Lim Wedding Emcee Singapore
Image Credit: Sharlyn Lim

Emcee Sharlyn Lim is one of the most well-liked wedding emcees in Singapore, known for her unparalleled ability to enliven any event. By ensuring that every guest feels engaged and amused during the event, Sharlyn skilfully captivates audiences with her quick wit and magnetic presence. Couples feel comfortable and confident on their special day because of her excellent handling of transitions and unforeseen events. Sharlyn Lim ensures a wonderful wedding experience full of love and laughter, whether she is in charge of planning the evening’s schedule or bringing in impromptu charm.

Customer Reviews

SW Lim
It was an absolute pleasure having you as the MC for Jing Han & Trevina’s wedding dinner held at Gardens By the Bay ~~ 18 Nov 23. You did a fantastic hosting that night, so capable, so stunning and professional. You kept the energy in the banquet hall up and kept every guests engaged. The night went off flawlessly and it’s a pleasure working with you. Awesome! Many thanks again. Love you, KISS!

Jackie Ma
It is with immense pleasure and gratitude that we take a moment to acknowledge the extraordinary talent and professionalism of our wedding emcee, Sharlyn! She has truly been the heartbeat of our special night! Me and my wife are delighted to share our heartfelt review of her remarkable performance. From the moment Sharlyn took the stage, her quick wit and engaging presence captivated us all. Her ability to keep the energy high and the atmosphere lively throughout the entire event was nothing short of exceptional. Whether it was keeping our guests entertained during transitions, seamlessly introducing our singers. (haha yes we have a short mini singing competition), or orchestrating the flow and program of the evening, she demonstrated an unparalleled mastery of her craft. Her years of experience shone through every aspect of her work, anticipated our needs, adapted effortlessly to unforeseen circumstances. We couldn’t have asked for a better emcee, and we wholeheartedly recommend Sharlyn to anyone looking to elevate their special event to a level of excellence that will be remembered for a lifetime. Her dedication to ensuring our wedding dinner ran smoothly left us with a sense of calm and confidence that is truly priceless. Thank you! Sharlyn, for making our wedding day truly unforgettable! 🙂

Elisha Eng
There was never a “down” moment throughout the wedding dinner. Great atmosphere created by Sharlyn. She is extremely professional and spontaneous. She is someone that you would definitely want to engage in your events.

Contact:9180 7902
Location:Emcee Services, 10 Ubi Crescent, #06-100, Ubi Techpark Lobby E, 408564
Opening Hours:9 AM – 6 PM Daily

5. James Yang

James Yang Charming Wedding Emcee Singapore
Image Credit: James Yang

Emcee James Yang is a seasoned professional known for his ability to bring charm and charisma to any wedding. James creates each event with a flair for customisation so that it reflects the couple’s own tastes and personality. His careful preparation sessions, where he expertly navigates couples through the event flow, demonstrate his professionalism. James makes sure that every occasion is unforgettable with his inventive engagement activities and perfectly timed cues. His humour and charisma are highly praised by the guests, which makes him a popular choice for Singaporean weddings. James Yang brightens the mood at every event, whether it’s a formal gathering or a more laid-back celebration, delighting both couples and guests.

Customer Reviews

Zach Chua
James is not only a fantastic emcee, but an amazing human being. We engaged James to host our wedding in December 2023 and it was the best decision we made for our wedding. From our first meeting, James made us feel like VVIPs. James was so professional during our meeting, he helped us with planning our event flow and even coming up with such creative activities for our guests! One of the many ideas given was to get hand clappers. Initially I was a bit skeptical because it felt kiddy, but James said TRUST HIM! Thank goodness we did, it was such a hit and all our guests LOVED IT! All our guests had nothing but praises for James. Everyone loved him so much. Some of our guests even said that this was one of the most memorable weddings they have attended, this is all James’ credit. So thank you James, for making our wedding such a perfect one.

Daphne Chan
My husband and I engaged James for our wedding as our emcee and honestly the best damn decision we ever made. What we love about James is that, days before our wedding, we did a zoom call where he tries to understand us better and what kind of vibe we want. He had questions prepared and check in with us how we like the wedding to be. Ours was simple, it was to go all out haha and boy did he do it and over our expectations. Every guest sang praises about him and asked us how did we find him. He is super comical which I think it’s really impt for weddings cos sometimes it can get boring. We didn’t have games to engage the crowd because we don’t need to! James was just so engaging. My FIL don’t usually praise others but for sure sang high praises of him and even few months after the wedding, he doesn’t stop telling us how much he likes James. The best thing is, because he has so much experiences, he knew how to cue us in for our march in etc. I mean most of us won’t know what to do and sometimes with the excitement you just wanna march in quickly. It helps a lot with keeping the crowd and us in suspense and most importantly, it helps a lot for the photographer and videographer to capture the best moment for us!! For anyone who is looking for an emcee that can add a personal touch to your vibe, look no further . James will customize his emcee style to your needs and preference as I witness it first hand. Honestly, my words will never be able to express to you all how I felt during my wedding and the unforgettable experience. Honestly, no words will ever be good enough to express to you how we truly felt at our wedding and the experience that I James gave us. You will only know if you engage him. I can guarantee you, the only regret you will have is not to engage James to be your emcee! Wedding is once in a lifetime, and having James to be part of it, you truly truly know it’s worth it. Thank you James again for making my wedding so much fun and love. (Add 5 more stars for you cos Google review max only 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️).

Love, Iggy and Daphne ❤️

Nina Yang
James put together a glitzy evening for a traditional chinese wedding. He was able to whip up the enthusiasm from the audience and was funny without being offensive. His performance certainly helped to pull off the evening smoothly and did justice to the months of preparation by the bride and gloom. As the bride’s parents, we were highly satisfied with the choice of James as the emcee and we received rave reviews from our guests too.

Contact:9733 4405
Location:3, #03-24 Coleman St, Suite 4405-Y, Singapore 179804
Opening Hours:10 AM – 12 AM

6. Raveen Thedj

Raveen Thedj Wedding Emcee In Singapore
Image Credit: Raveen Thedj

Wedding celebrations are effortlessly elevated by the charming and adaptable Emcee Raveen Thedj. His contagious enthusiasm and ability to overcome communication gaps make sure that each attendee is involved and feels included the entire time. In order to make the experience of hosts smooth and stress-free, Raveen provides advice and help. Raveen’s kind disposition and versatility make moments that everyone will remember, whether she is arranging entertainment or facilitating talks. Becoming one of the best wedding emcees in Singapore, Raveen Thedj ensures that everyone has a happy and unforgettable time with his own blend of charm and skill.

Customer Reviews

Hasan Rosli
Emcee Raveen Thedj is a bubbly and entertaining host for my friend’s wedding! I enjoyed myself throughout the event. Although there was some language barrier in certain parts of the wedding, he explains it concisely. He helped me warmed up with questions before giving a speech to the married couple. It was a great experience overall. Thanks for making the evening awesome !

Emcee Raveen is a friendly host and everyone at my sister’s wedding had a great time as they enjoyed how he carried the event. He spoke in both Tamil and English and made the guests feel comfortable. Since it was my family’s first time hosting a huge event, he was understanding and gave us advice and helped to run the event smoothly. It was a good experience overall. Thank you Raveen.

Asvantha Bharatravi
Emcee raveen was very professional and made the event very enjoyable. I gave a speech at the wedding and he made me feel very welcomed on stage too. He even took a photo with my dad.

Contact:9383 8041
Location:1 Cantonment Rd, Singapore 080001
Opening Hours:24 Hours Daily


Choosing the ideal wedding emcee in Singapore for your big day will make it an unforgettable occasion. These six emcees are notable for their professionalism and charisma, displaying everything from sharp repartee to flawless coordination. Their ability to maintain a high level of energy and a seamless programme guarantees that your special day is full of happiness and fun. Choosing these outstanding wedding emcees in Singapore can add a modern or classic touch, depending on your preference, and their special flair will make your wedding celebration unforgettable.