Yoga has grown to become one of the trendiest ways to keep fit. Whether it’s a relaxing or tiring session, one of the key components is, of course, a mat. Previously, yoga mats came in boring, dull colours which made it less appealing to women. However, throughout the years, many companies have created more varieties to appeal to many audiences.

From floral to animal designs, have your pick from our recommended list of the 5 best places to purchase pretty yoga mats in Singapore!

 1. Manduka – eKo Superlite

Image Credit: Manduka eKo Superlite

With multiple outlets all across Singapore, chances are if you’re an avid collector of yoga mats, then you just may have this in your collection. It’s quite common for many brands to come up with nature-inspired designs but with Manduka, they seemingly inject their unique flair which makes them stand out from the rest.

Using various ripple and stippled prints, their collections are sure to leave you in awe. Quality-wise, you can expect the best materials to be used in their eKo Superlite series so that your yoga mat will last for a long time.

Pricing starts from $79.00.


2. Yoga Design Lab – Combo Mat

Image Credit: Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat

If you like ethereal and psychedelic designs, Yoga Design Lab is the best brand for you. The brand seemingly captures a feminine spirit in most of their designs which makes a stellar choice for most ladies.

Their Combo Mat series is a unique product that kills two birds with one stone by acting as both a mat and a towel for you! P.S For all you ladies who love sustainability, you’d be glad to know that this mat is made out entirely of recycled plastic bottles.

Pricing starts from $64.58.


3. Sugar Mat – Premium Suede Yoga Mats (3MM)

Image Credit: Sugar Mat Premium Suede Yoga Mats 3MM

When it comes to yoga mats, Sugar Mat is a great place if you’re looking for premium yoga mats that come in unique prints. Committed to using only eco-friendly materials, they aim to reduce waste during the production process.

Out of all collections, we recommend their premium suede yoga mats for their luxe feel. Whether it’s their Love Affair or Soft Awakening, choose from their wide array of pretty selections that best suits your style!

Pricing starts from $108.21.


4. Decathlon – Comfort Yoga Mat, 8mm

Image Credit: Decathlon Comfort Yoga Mat 8mm

For those who are on a budget, Decathlon is a great place to go for a range of affordable exercise equipment. Costing a fraction of name brands, they aim to bring you the quality you deserve so that you can conquer all your exercises with ease.

Their Comfort Yoga Mat, 8mm, is great for both beginners and experts. Coming in two different shades, their minimalist designs are truly stunners.

Pricing starts from $25.00.


5. Cotton On – Yoga Mat

Image Credit: Cotton On Yoga Mat

When most people think of Cotton On, we head straight to their clothes. However, most of us forget that they have an entire collection of exercise equipment for you to choose from. Their yoga mat has a textured surface which helps to prevent you from slipping during your exercises.

For those who want a simpler look, these mats are it. We suggest you opt for their yoga mat in blush, which comes in a soft bubblegum pink shade!

Pricing starts from $29.99.




Now, you can exercise in style with these gorgeous yoga mats. We are all for looking good and feeling good so it’s no wonder why many ladies would want to purchase a well-designed mat. At these 5 best places in Singapore, you can now purchase pretty yoga mats any time!

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