It’s no secret that pink is a highly favoured colour by most ladies. As ladies, we take pride in setting up every area of our home. So, if you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, then we hope you opt for some new kitchenware to replace your generic collection.

We found the 6 best pink kitchenware and appliances in Singapore that will add a dash of femininity to your kitchen. Cook with style and impress your female guests with your wonderful pink display.

1. Rorence, Silicone Whisk Spatula Spoonula & Brush Set of 6

Image Credit: Rorence

Whether you love to bake or cook a mean roast, Rorence has the perfect set of tools for you. With their Silicone Whisk Spatula Spoonula & Brush Set of 6, you’ll be having a fabulous time while whipping dishes in the kitchen.

With three different types of spatulas, two sizes of whisk and a silicone brush, you’ll have all the basics to create anything you want. Furthermore, their adorable baby pink colour is a cute bonus.

Pricing starts at $31.58.

Available on: Amazon & others

2. Hydroflux, H2300

Image Credit: Hydroflux

As the top-selling water purifier in Singapore, Hydroflux has consistently proven themselves as the best choice for many homes. What many of you may not know is that boiled water does not effectively kill all bacteria. As such, you may be left with traces of chlorine, lead and mercury.

The Hydroflux H2300 is one of their hugely raved products. With its minimal design, this is a perfect appliance for any kitchen. The water purifier comes in this soft dusty rose shade which adds a girly touch to your home.

Pricing starts at $2,488.

Available on: Lazada & others

3. KitchenAid, 2-Speed Hand Blender

Image Credit: KitchenAid

KitchenAid is a godsend to many aspiring bakers for its powerful and long-lasting kitchen appliances. Known for their mixers, they can complete a variety of tasks and work well with all recipes.

However, we want to feature their 2-Speed Hand Blender, which is a portable hand mixer. This makes for easy smoothies, sorbets and soups with less clean up to do. Made in this bubblegum pink shade, ignite your feminine energy with KitchenAid!

Pricing starts at $119.00.

Available on: Amazon & others

4. Tanita, Dial Kitchen Scale

Image Credit: Tanita

Baking requires exact precision and as such, some recipes may call for you to weigh your ingredients. This is where an old fashioned kitchen scale can save the day! A light pink kitchenware from Tanita has an easy-to-read display, ensuring that no mistakes can be made.

The Dial Kitchen Scale does not require any batteries which makes it reliable every time you use it. 

Pricing starts at $18.50.

Available on: Amazon & others

5. HiramWare, Stainless Steel Colander

Image Credit: HiramWare

Colanders are a must-have for every kitchen. From salads to pasta dishes, this kitchen appliance perfectly drains out water after boiling or washing the ingredients. As it is used primarily in most recipes, we suggest that you get a high-quality colander like this one from HiramWare.

Made of highly durable steel, expect it to be able to withstand high temperatures. With its unique design, it allows for better draining and a sturdier grip for home cooks.

Pricing starts at $25.00.

Available on: Amazon & others

6. SUPIA, Rolling Mat

Image Credit: SUPIA

If you always wanted to make homemade sushi, then you’ll need the Rolling Mat from SUPIA. Made from plastic, this non-stick mat makes it ideal for you to roll your sushi into its shape. Furthermore, the material stops mould from forming, making it far more hygienic than traditional wood.

Coming in this soft pink colour, this would definitely make a great addition to your kitchenware.

Pricing starts at $9.40.

Available on: Amazon & others



With these 6 best pink kitchenware and appliances, you can now take advantage of their gorgeous aesthetics and display them around your kitchen. Every lady has a little girly side to them, so why not show it off by starting your very own pink collection today?

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