Since we are all guilty of snacking 24/7 at home, we should also squeeze in some time for workouts. Simply lay a yoga mat and join in on the fun! These benefits of yoga have been prevalent amongst the years. With many fitness gurus using a combination of intense training and yoga, these classes will definitely help you relieve stress! Though, it may be hard to get into the groove, remember that everyone’s fitness journey is very different. Furthermore, yoga is a popular choice among many ladies as it comes in many forms.

Discovering the various types through these free classes sounds like a great deal, right? With these 6 best online classes, you’ll never have to worry about saving money to join an actual studio!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

Online Classes

1. HOM Yoga

Image Credit: HOM Yoga

HOM Yoga is easily one of the best yoga studios in Singapore. Offering a wide range of yoga, they have dedicated themselves to providing easy-to-follow classes. As they offer classes online and offline, they have become extremely popular amongst many ladies in Singapore.

HOM Yoga’s online studio caters to those who prefer being at home instead. To do this, simply visit their page, select a video, follow the routine and enjoy a comprehensive session in your home! Using the latest techniques, HOM Yoga is sure to get your zen on.


2. Fitness First Singapore

Image Credit: Fitness First Singapore

Whilst many people recognise Fitness First Singapore for their gym memberships, you’ll be surprised to know that they also offer yoga classes. This company has pledged to create a healthier society by teaching people easy-to-do exercises. Through their Facebook page, you can now select your desired content and follow their trainers along.

For stay-at-home yoga classes, we recommend Dynamic Flow Yoga! Headed by Sherlin and Yit Yan, this comprehensive class promises to mimic an actual yoga class. Practice with these experienced individuals online and see results! So, if you’re looking for an online yoga class, you can bet on Fitness First Singapore to deliver exceptional classes every time!

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3. Yoga Movement

Image Credit: Yoga Movement

Find your inner zen with the help of Yoga Movement! As one of the leading yoga studios in Singapore, their business motto is to help ladies get the ultimate yoga experience. Providing an array of classes, they aim to be the best in everything they do. With their team of yoga experts, you’ll never have to worry about the lack of experience.

Dedicated to giving you the best, they offer free yoga classes on their Instagram. Through an online platform, this can give everyone the chance to pick up yoga in the comforts of their home. So why wait? Start today at the Yoga Movement and choose from their selection of free online yoga classes!

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Free on YouTube

4. Yoga With Adriene

Image Credit: Yoga With Adriene

When ladies think of online yoga, many would think of Yoga With Adriene first. With over 7 million subscribers and counting, Adrienne has truly mastered the art of virtual yoga. With her calm demeanour and easy routine, you’ll be able to catch up with her in no time at all. Understanding that everyone is at a different fitness level, she specifically customises her videos depending on your comfort level.

Try out her total body workouts that aim to get your heart pumping whilst you’re in a relaxed stage. Believing that yoga is beneficial to the mind and body, unwind from your issues with an online class from Yoga With Adriene!

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5. KinoYoga

Image Credit: KinoYoga

Behind the walls of this favoured channel lies Kino MacGregor, an expert on all things related to yoga. The channel, KinoYoga, was started due to her passion for yoga and the need she felt to make it more accessible to others. With over 20 years of experience, you can count on Kino to give you reliable advice on how to properly execute a session at home.

What’s more, her channel also offers Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for yoga enthusiasts who want to try something different. She hopes that anyone who comes across her channel tries out her videos to reap the benefits of yoga. So, if you’re looking for one of the best online yoga classes, then head to KinoYoga!

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6. BrettLarkinYoga

Image Credit: BrettLarkinYoga

With a closer look at yoga and philosophy, BrettLarkinYoga is a great channel to look out for! This YouTuber is well versed in her field of expertise and aims to help everyone experience the joys of yoga themselves.

Being a mum, Brett Larkin understands the importance of time management which is why she centres her videos on quick yoga tutorials. Allowing busy ladies to get their yoga fill according to their individual schedules, choose from BrettLarkinYoga’s wide range of videos from a 30-minute yoga session to a 10-minute stretch!

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Whether you’re looking to start your fitness journey or need a fun way to relax at home, these 6 best online yoga classes will do the job! From local companies to YouTubers, we have catered a variety of yoga programmes that can best fit your fitness levels. Be it a quick or slow-paced yoga session, this list has covered them all!