Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance that can cause itchy bites. Mosquitoes are the deadliest insects that have caused a lot of human deaths. These tiny insects may seem harmless because of their minuscule size but according to the World Health Organization, their bites have resulted in more than one million deaths every year, a majority of which is due to malaria. An estimated 300 to 500 million malaria cases every year, a child dies every 30 seconds.

While mosquitoes rely on humans for food, they do not live on them. However, because they can cause life-threatening diseases, like malaria and dengue, it’s important that you keep your home or business free from them. To effectively get rid of such pesky pests, you should consider seeking professional help from six of the best mosquito control services in Singapore listed below.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. PestClinic

Image Credit: PestClinic

PestClinic is a locally established company specializing in pest control services in Singapore. They have more than 30 years of experience and expertise combined in the field, servicing residential, commercial, and industrial sectors in the city-state. They are committed to providing safe and effective pest management services. These are carried out by a team of NEA-certified specialists who have been trained to provide the highest quality solutions that are guaranteed mess-free.

PestClinic is one of the best mosquito control services in Singapore. They practice and use traditional methods combined with advanced technologies to ensure that they are able to eliminate your pest problems quickly, effectively, and efficiently. It is their commitment to providing solutions that last, which is why they deal with the root cause to get rid of your unwanted guests for good.

Customer Reviews

Lee Wei Bin

Awesome service from PestClinic. We have been working with them for a few months and so far so good. Recently we had a very pungent smell in our premise. Suspecting that it was a dead rodent, the dispatch team swiftly sent down their technician on the same day the issue was raised. Luckily there was no rodent, but the other pests have been dealt with. Appreciate the fast response!

Leslie Chong

Highly recommended pest control service. Thanks to Jessie for her prompt respond and arrangement to solve my problem with booklice and mould happen due to humid weather. Also to Joseph who answer all my questions on site when he render his  professional service.

Contact: +65 6397 5677
Location: 3 Ubi Avenue 3, #05-03A, Singapore 408857
Opening Hours: 8:30AM-6PM Daily

2. Rentokil

Image Credit: Rentokil

Rentokil was founded in 1927 in the United Kingdom and in 1964 in Singapore. They are one of the most trusted experts in pest management, having served the city-state and more than 60 countries for more than 50 years, taking care of pest control needs for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Their guarantee is to ensure the highest protection for your family and business through their innovative, safe, and effective solutions.

Rentokil is one of the best mosquito control services companies in Singapore. They have extensive knowledge and technical expertise in professional and efficient pest management solutions carried out by licensed technicians. They have garnered several awards and accolades over the years, as well as embrace Corporate Social Responsible and Health and Safety initiatives. Aside from pest management, they also offer sanitation and disinfection, fumigation, COVID-19 recovery programme, and more.

Customer Reviews

Mr. Hirokawa Yu

I was very comfortable with the service and do not see flies anymore. Thank you very much!

Mr. Say Koon Ng

All good and the team assigned to support us was friendly and knowledgeable. Hopefully my pest issue is resolved with one visit.

Contact: +65 6347 8138
Location: 16 & 18 Jin Mesin, Singapore, 368815
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30AM-5:45PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

3. Innovative Pest Management

Image Credit: Innovative Pest Control & Management

Innovative Pest Management is one of the most reliable pest control services in Singapore. It is their guarantee that anyone who calls for their help can rest assured that they offer the best pest management treatments available to you. their pest technicians have a combined experience of more than 30 years in the industry. Aside from ensuring the highest quality pest control services they also make sure that they take environmental management seriously. And to ensure top-notch services at all times, they are always on the lookout for new pest control products and techniques.

Innovative Pest Management is one of the best mosquito control services here. They cater to homes, schools, offices, restaurants, and even vessels. They also offer a complimentary inspection to ensure they are able to provide the appropriate pest control services. They also guarantee a fair quote to all.

Customer Reviews

Carlo Crisanto Buela II

Consistent check and good service from Shafiq always.

Naokazu Kozakai

We are so satisfied with the prompt and kind correspondence. Appreciate to Mr. Shafiq’s service.

Contact: +65 6909 0988 | +65 9028 6993
Location: Northpoint Bizhub, 2 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #07-33, Singapore 768159
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

4. Mosquito Management System

Image Credit: Mosquito Management System

Mosquito Management System is one of the leading specialists in mosquito control services in Singapore. The company was established in 1982 as a distributor and service provider of products for the abatement and control of mosquitoes in homes and facilities around the city-state. They provide a systemized approach to the elimination of such pests in your area to ensure that all customers will have peace of mind knowing that they always make sure they provide the highest quality pest control services.

Mosquito Management System is one of the best mosquito control services here. They started introducing customized monthly maintenance and services in 2005. Since then, they have been ensuring top-notch, effective, and tailored pest management solutions for homes and businesses. Today, they offer a wide range of mosquito control products and services that are tailored to meet specific needs and expectations.

Customer Reviews

Jonathan Quek

Several of my close friends and family had contracted dengue so it was important that we sought a solution to protect our kids and parents. We live close to several construction sites so my wife wanted peace of mind by being proactive, and ensuring that we could mist as and when we wanted. Having it on a timer daily has certainly been helpful!

Allyson Rameker

Worked with Mosquito Management System to install a whole house solution for mosquito abatement.  A very easy experience, as they were responsiveness and professional.  From first call to installation, was only one week.  We have definitely seen an improvement in our overall mosquito presence.

Contact: +65 6250 0708
Location: 1 Pemimpin Drive, #06-02, Singapore 576151
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM

5. ORIGIN Exterminators

Image Credit: ORIGIN Exterminators

ORIGIN Exterminators is one of the most dedicated pest management solutions providers in Singapore. They are committed to providing efficient, effective, and innovative pest control services for homes and businesses here. They are one of the industry leaders in providing safe and environmentally-friendly solutions to eliminate all kinds of pests from their sources. The company was founded in 1974 and named Quiksilver and later renamed to ORIGIN Exterminators in 1991. They were the first pest control company in the world to be awarded ISO 14001EMS certification for being environmentally responsible using eco-friendly chemicals and applying science in their pest management approach.

ORIGIN Exterminators is one of the best mosquito control services here. They won the Best Environmental and Social Reporting Award (SESRA) by the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) and an award for Singapore Environmental Achievement Award by Singapore Environmental Council (SEC) in 2007.

Customer Reviews

Angela Wong

I find the service staff very responsible, responsive and professional. Of the years they have provided us with their service, I have not had any complaints from our tenants.

Marc Dhalluin

Always a good service. Well priced. Easy to deal with. In fact, they take the hassle out of your hands, making it their problem.

Contact: +65 6280 5666 | +65 6286 6525
Location: Tailee Industrial Building, 39 Jin Pemimpin, #01-01, Singapore, 577182
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM | Sat 8AM-1PM | Closed on Sun

6. Pentapest

Image Credit: Pentapest

Pentapest is one of the most top-rated pest control companies in Singapore. They are an award-winning company, having won the SME 500 Singapore award in 2019/2020 and the Best Business of 2018/2019. They have a dedicated team of highly trained specialists with a combined experience of more than 20 years in the pest control industry. This company is registered with the National Environment Agency. They are a certified permit holder by the pollution control department. They are authorized to handle hazardous chemicals by the NEA.

Pentapest is one of the best mosquito control services providers in Singapore. Their specialists are also NEA and CSOC-certified license holders. They have been highly trained in troubleshooting all kinds of pest control issues. It is their guarantee to identify the root of the problem and implement a solution specifically designed for your home or business.

Customer Reviews

Nik Dama

Sulaiman was amazing. Came on short notice for me, especially when I had returned from a long time of not being in my flat. Added baits, flushed completely and was very reassuring. Came back a few days after to add in more protection and better control. He was amazing, will definitely use regularly to flush out my flat.

Syafiq Rodreguez

Rosli was responsive and able to advice us accordingly on the treatment that were needed for our infestation on the phone.
Fadhil and Zul were very detailed in their work and were transparent with every step and action they took while doing the treatment. They even started their “inspection” before the schedule timing.
Truly impressive.
Overall good experience. Highly recomended.

Contact: +65 8303 2387
Location: Woodlands Horizon, 31 Woodlands Close, #04-02, Singapore 737855
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM | Sat 8AM-1PM | Closed on Sun


Any type of pest can be annoying, not to mention that it can cause various illnesses. This is why you need to get rid of them as early as possible.

We’ve listed down six of the best mosquito control services in Singapore to help you save time and effort finding the most reputable companies to help you get rid of different creepy crawlies in your home or business.