Start your day with an easier morning routine by arranging your items in a way where you can find them with ease. Knowing where you’ve placed your items would make getting ready a simpler process! Other than that, you wouldn’t have to waste precious time searching for your accessories or products and worrying about being late for your daily commitments.

Feel refreshed in the mornings, and especially when you come home, as you wouldn’t need to tidy up any leftover mess. Using items that can easily be found at home, apply these 7 useful hacks to organise your dressing table. You’ll be on your way to a fuss-free morning!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Use holders or stands

No doubt a great way to store your delicate jewellery of any size, a jewellery holder allows you to skip the hassle of sorting out your tangled necklaces! These holders come in different styles such as Mannequin Stands, Tree Stands, T-Bar Stands, Stand Hangers, Dress Form/Doll Stands and Rack Stands.

If these stands aren’t your thing, you can place your jewellery in trays. However, dressing tables with drawers would be a bonus! You can install some velvet-lined trays in your drawers to keep your small jewellery. A pleasant way to store your small jewellery, they would also be kept in good condition and organised without ever going missing!

2. Use carabiners or shower curtain rings

Constantly losing your bobby pins? We get it, one minute it’s there and the next, it’s gone! Empty out the paper clips from your container and chuck all the bobby pins in it. Toss it or flip it over, you will never lose it as it is securely clipped! You can also get a paper clip holder, which makes it so easy to grab onto your bobby pins, thanks to its magnetic pull!

Us being girls, we can never have enough hair accessories! So what better way to organise your overflowing bunch of hair accessories than with a carabiner or shower curtain ring. These enclosed rings can function as holders to hoop your hair elastics or headwraps with ease. As such, you will never misplace or find the need to reach for a new one!

3. Use boxes or utensil holders

Protect your makeup brushes from dust with acrylic storage boxes. If you managed to get those cute storage organisers with small drawers, you can tuck your sponges to keep them safe and dust-free! Just like glass containers, these acrylic storage boxes look posh and fancy. Don’t worry, they aren’t as fragile as glass! Even if you are clumsy and accidentally smudge them with your foundation or other makeup, they can still be easily cleaned!

However, if acrylic storage boxes are out of your budget, you can go for utensil holders instead. Yes, those that can be found in your kitchen! They are useful for your eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, mascaras or makeup brushes that are left lying around on your dresser.

4. Use trays or plastic containers

Simply tuck your kitchen silverware trays into your drawers and replace all your utensils with your curler, straightener, makeup brushes, eyeliners and lipsticks/lip glosses!

However, if silverware trays and acrylic trays are too troublesome for you, an alternative would be plastic containers. Grab hold of some from your kitchen and line your drawer with them till they all fit! It’s a simple, cheaper and useful option to organising your items!

5. Use a Lazy Susan

Serving as a carousel organiser so that you need not rifle through your makeup drawer, a Lazy Susan lets you find whatever you need in a flash! It is an alternative way to place your foundation or perfume bottles rather than storing them in those traditional drawers. Why open a drawer when you can effortlessly spin through your array of choices?

On top of that, your products will also be clearly visible without the need for you to frantically search through every container. With a Lazy Susan, your mornings will undoubtedly be fun when you’re spinning away to pick out your favourite product for the day!

6. Use a cupcake stand

Not only does it act as a tray to place smaller makeup products, you can also place small jewellery on the top tier. Besides that, stacking your items upward would leave more room for other products on your dressing table. 

Another useful advantage of a cupcake stand is that it helps you save time searching for your everyday items by having them neatly organised. Whether you are in a rush or not, this will give you easy access to all your daily needs, for you to just grab and go!

7. Use floating shelves

Wall-mounted shelves are aesthetically pleasing plus it takes up minimal space in your room since they are hung from the wall. With these floating shelves, you can neatly place perfumes, products or other items that are not used often. Furthermore, this will help free up space on your dresser.

A subtle way to add dimension to your empty wall, it also serves as a wall decoration in your room! Easy to install and available in an array of shapes, materials and colours, you can simply pick out one that would preferably suit your interior!



These 7 versatile tips are highly useful to help you organise your dressing table by placing your products/jewellery, big or small, in an orderly and stylish way! With organisers that can be easily found at home, in your kitchen, or even be purchased at an affordable price, it’s perfect for those running on a tight budget. If you do not wish to blow a hole in your wallet, these helpful and well-organised options will do the trick! By simply keeping your dressing table neat and with its trendy accents, it’ll bring your dresser to life!

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