Undeniably, we all enjoy spending our hard-earned money when we receive our salary at the end of each month! However, before spending and purchasing, you have to think about financial management first and foremost. As much as you enjoy going on a shopping spree to snag the best deals out there in the streets, you’ll still need to develop healthy money habits before anything else.

With so much that you’ll need to save up for in life, managing your expenditure and savings wisely is vital! Here are 6 best money-saving tips for you ladies out there on how you can better manage your finances!

1. Consider having your meals at affordable dining spots

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Singapore is well-known for being a food paradise. Wouldn’t it then be a waste to miss out on our Singaporean cuisines that can be easily found at coffee shops, food courts and hawker centres all around our little red dot? Not only do they offer a mecca of delightful local fare, but it also wouldn’t burn a large hole in your pocket at the same time!

2. Give equal weight to both the quality and price of the item

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Buying a cheap item merely for the sake of snagging a good deal is not sensible if the item is neither something you desire for nor long-lasting in terms of quality. The product may end up being either chucked at one corner of your home or will start to wear-and-tear soon after due to its poor durability. A wiser choice would be to purchase a moderately-priced item that does not compromise on its quality!

3. Budget your spending habits before the start of every month

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When you do not give a thought about your monthly expenditure, you may end up spending more than you can afford before you even know it! Hence, what you can do instead is to track your potential spending habits for the upcoming month and see whether it falls within a reasonable range.

4. Differentiate between your short-term and long-term wants

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Fashion trends come and go every season but classic staples make for timeless fashion pieces. Similarly, before you bring the product to the cashier’s table, re-evaluate whether you can see yourself using or wearing it in one year’s time. If the answer is no, then hmm… maybe you might want to think twice before making the purchase.

5. Think of your long-term financial goals

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As an adult woman, financial responsibilities come into play as you grow older. You’ll start to worry about paying for your daily expenses, BTO flat, holiday trips with your boyfriend and daily expenses. Adding on to all these, you’ll also begin to ponder if you have the career and financial stability to last you till your old age. Spend and save wisely as such!

6. Find budget-friendly ways to celebrate special occasions

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In our current day and age, it has become the norm to host a luxurious wedding. Having said that, would you prefer to set aside a portion of the money for your wonderful honeymoon or save it up for your future flat expenses instead?

Besides these, when it comes to birthday celebrations, friends like to purchase gifts for one another. Multiply the number of birthday celebrations or cliques you have and the money spent on all these can grow into a larger-than-life sum. After all, the value of friendship is not monetary. Even with a simple, heartfelt card, we’re sure it would certainly make your friend’s day!



All in all, being financially-savvy doesn’t have to hurt. You don’t have to undertake drastic changes in your financial habits. Instead, you can develop the above 6 wiser and realistic strategies to better manage your finances in the long-run (P.S. But only if they ring true to you!). With just a few tweaks in your spending preferences, saving up for your future can be made a painless process!

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