The best girl anthems are sung by powerhouse females who dominate the music charts so effortlessly. Empowering women all over the world, these artists aim to spread the message of self-love through their music.

Not every day is great as there are ups and downs in life. On bad days, we tend to get very dispirited which is why we have compiled a list of 8 songs that screams girl power to help you get through even the worst day of your life. Let these top hits by your favourite female artists be the reason why you have the strength to push through your toughest days!

1. Confident – Demi Lovato

There is nothing wrong with being confident. In Confident, Demi Lovato’s strong vocals with empowering lyrics are sure to brighten up your mood! In life, many of us may face ups and downs so it’s very important that us ladies keep our spirits high and continue unleashing our inner badass energy.

“It’s time for me to take it, I’m the boss right now”

2. Independent Women – Destiny’s Child

A classic by one of the OG girl groups, Destiny’s Child is no stranger when it comes to preaching about girl power in their songs. Part of the soundtrack from the Charlie’s Angels franchise, Independent Women talks about being a girl boss and taking control of your life.

“Try to control me, boy, you get dismissed pay my own fun, oh, and I pay my own bills.”

3. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson

When it comes to testing a woman’s strength, Kelly Clarkson’s hit song, Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You), sure does send across a strong message. This breakup song talks about regaining your individuality and independence after getting out of a relationship. So ladies, forget that boy, wipe away those tears and jam out to this upbeat song instead!

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone.”

4. Who Says – Selena Gomez & The Scene

Selena Gomez calls for girls to embrace our unique traits in Who Says. Although this message is simple, loving yourself wholeheartedly may be difficult for many people in this age. Jam out to this lighthearted tune as you get ready in the morning for a positive start to the day!

“You’d like to change about yourself but when it comes to me, I wouldn’t wanna be anybody else.”

5. Level Up – Ciara

Ciara knows a lot about hitting rock bottom while being in the public eye. Her song, Level Up, is all about regaining our power and standing tall. Exude confidence with this power song as you strut down the streets, knowing you have the ability to achieve all that you want in life.

“I just keep elevating, no losses, just upgrading.”

6. Most Girls – Hailee Steinfeld

Being a girl comes in all shapes and forms. In Most Girls, Hailee Steinfeld gives a shoutout to every girl and breaks any form of gender stereotypes that the world has created. Whether you’re a girly gal or a tomboy, we can assure you this song will speak to everyone and deliver an uplifting message, even on your rainy days.

“Most girls, our fight to make every day no two are the same.”

7. Fight Song – Rachel Platten

When all the odds are stacked against you, Rachel Platten’s Fight Song, is the perfect song to listen to when you don’t feel your best. Feeling unjustified and defenceless? Take a breather and play this song first!

“And I don’t really care if nobody else believes ‘cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me.”

8. Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

In this era where social media is at its peak, it may be hard to not compare yourself to other people. Christina Aguilera is here to say that you are Beautiful no matter what you, or other people think and say. Remember! True beauty comes from within.

“You are beautiful no matter what they say.”



Music has the ability to lift our moods and put a smile on anyone’s face. As ladies, going through a ton of hardships as we live our day-to-day is expected so it’s important for us to not get affected easily. Handle your emotions by blasting these upbeat tunes and add them to your playlist. We hope you enjoy these 8 best power songs from your favourite female artists!

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