Every minute, a new video is uploaded onto YouTube. As such, you can literally find everything and anything under the sun when you search for videos to geek out to. With the sheer amount of content available online, it might be hard for you to narrow down your options.

To help you out, here are our picks of the 6 best female YouTubers you can consider subscribing to in Singapore! P.S. Not only are they strong, sassy and vocal lady vloggers, but their content is also binge-worthy for the everyday woman.

1. Oon Shu Ann

If you’re looking for honest reviews on beauty-related, food, interesting or downright wacky products of all kinds, Oon Shu Ann’s Tried and Tested show is suitable just for you! In this particular episode “Useful or Useless”, Oon Shu Ann puts 7 items to the test to see whether they are indeed functional or are a total flop instead.

With Oon Shu Ann’s candid critique and recommendations, you will never have to worry about burning an unnecessary hole in your pocket over a lousy product!

2. Georgia Caney

Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a female British expat living in Singapore? Well, you can now finally put yourself in the shoes of one – Georgia Caney! The videos that she uploads online are about her life in Singapore as well as her thoughts on our Singaporean culture.

In this light-hearted and funny episode of hers, hear Georgia Caney share about the 10 Singlish words and phrases that she has since adopted from our local shores!

3. Saffron Sharpe

Even though Saffron Sharpe no longer appears in MOSG’s Real Talk, not to fret! You can still hear her thoughts and feelings about adulthood in her YouTube show, The Saffy and Dew Show, where she partners up with her good friend Dew Francis.

From how to get over a breakup to what it’s like growing up in a divorced family, you may find their real-life experiences relatable. In the episode “BUILDING CONFIDENCE”, let them share with you some insightful tips on self-love and self-esteem building!

4. Peggie Neo

Mukbang has taken the YouTube world by storm in recent years! From Korea to Japan and even America, you can find individuals filming themselves binging on large amounts of food. We have our very own Singaporean Mukbang star, Peggie Neo! Don’t let her small and slim frame fool you though. Her appetite is incredibly twice or even thrice that of an average human!

She also enjoys interacting with her lovely fans through her vlogs. Watch till the end of the video if you are curious to see whether Peggie manages to devour the whopping 28″ Big Mamas & Papas Pepperoni pizza slice!

5. Xiaxue

You either love her or hate her. Yes, I’m referring to none other than the infamous Xiaxue. The queen of Singapore’s influencer scene, she is known for making headlines with her independent views which are labelled as “divisive” by the masses.

That said, her videos do not only touch on politically incorrect opinions but also cover on makeup tutorials, cute videos of her son, alongside Q&A vlogs. When you tune in to Xiaxue’s “Relationship advice: Xiaxue answers your relationship questions!” episode, you may even score some tips and tricks on how to make your relationship last for the long run!

6. Tyen Rasif

With workouts being all the rage nowadays, you’ll be glad to have Tyen Rasif guiding you on how to stay fit through her No Sweat exercise videos! Which body part are you looking at to firm up? No sweat, for you can easily find a video of hers to help you tone up that specific area. And voila, you’ll achieve a smashing body in no time!

In the episode “Beginner’s Guide To Home Workout Equipment”, let Tyen Rasif show you how to use your simple home workout equipment and take your fitness routine up a notch!



The best things in life are free, and YouTube is definitely one of them. From beauty products to life experiences and food to exercise workouts, there are just so many types of female-centric content you can find online. Learn, laugh and live with the array of YouTube videos that you can effortlessly take your pick from. As such, we hope the above 6 best female YouTubers in Singapore we have compiled in our article’s list will be to your liking!

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