6 Best Vocal Lessons in Singapore to Learn How to Sing

May 14, 2020
Best Vocal Lessons Singapore

Unsurprisingly, most of us dream to sing in front of a huge audience but lack the confidence to do it. Instead, we stick to singing in the comforts of our own shower or car but let’s admit it, we wouldn’t be able to pursue our hearts desire if we are always stuck in our own bubble.

Be the next Ariana Grande of Singapore! These 6 best vocal lessons in Singapore are specially for you to brush up on your confidence and show the world your talent. Hit those high notes, learn proper singing techniques and be more adventurous with wherever your voice can take you to!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Studio72

Image Credit: Studio72

As Studio72 are well aware that most people lack the confidence to sing in front of an audience, they are equipped with all the resources you need to improve your vocal abilities. With their well-crafted lessons that are adaptable to your schedule and skills, the exercises and tutorials will cover lessons such as breath control, diction, voice switch, pitching, voice blending, tempo and rhythm.

Lessons such as discovering basic elements in singing, identifying voice quality and type, vocal positioning and parts and vocal technique or control would aid in achieving your goals of learning how to sing. In addition to that, a basic introduction to vocal anatomy and knowledge on vocal health will also be taught to you so that you are more aware of how to protect your voices for a lifetime.

Contact: +65 9322 7272
Location: 45A Circular Road, Singapore 049400
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12.30pm-9pm | Sat 10am-7pm | Closed on Sunday

2. Passion Vocal Studio

Image Credit: Passion Vocal Studio

Specialising in teaching the IVA technique, Passion Vocal Studio ensures that their singers sing in a free and natural way, smooth from the bottom to the top of their range without abrupt change in their voice. To further assist singers with this, they offer private vocal lessons that are the most efficient voice education that you could have when learning to sing. Rather than following a systematic way, they are prepared to give customised vocal exercises for you so that you are able to acquire the most out of your voice.

Benefits that you would acquire are widening of vocal range, eliminating an abrupt change in your voice, singing with better control, gaining better stamina and reducing strain. For those who stay far from their studios, you wouldn’t feel excluded as you can still grasp the opportunity to learn vocal lessons held online over Skype!

Contact: +65 9751 2710
668C Jurong West Street 64, Singapore 643668
465 North Bridge Rd, #02-5041, Singapore 191465
Block 111 lengkong Tiga, Singapore 410111
Opening Hours: Differs for every outlet

3. Millet Music

Image Credit: Millet Music

Established and backed by managers and producers who created Asian Pop Sensations such as JJ Lin and By2, Millet Music offers their helping hands to those who are interested in vocal lessons. The ability to listen is essential therefore, Ear Training is also offered in Millet’s vocal training syllabus. On top of that, they will teach you correct methods of diaphragm breathing, pitch, placement, projection, resonance, diction, tonal quality and understand how to control your voice just like an instrument in vocal context.

Providing guidance to obtain full control of your vocal techniques along with understanding your emotional expressions, you would be able to create resonance for your audience in the future! With a choice of a group session of a class size of 3-5 pax or individual sessions, you can freely choose the one you’re most comfortable with!

Contact: +65 6440 2345
Location: 362 Joo Chiat Road, #02-01, Singapore 427607
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 2pm-10pm | Sat 9am-6pm | Closed on Sunday

4. Alternate Tone

Image Credit: Alternate Tone

At Alternate Tone, they understand that every individual’s learning experience will differ based on their needs and goals. Throwing out the systematic way of teaching, they strive to provide value-adding, fun, enjoyable and inspiring learning opportunities for you! Lessons at this studio will enable you to work on a few things to reach your goals. You will learn to manage your voice and expand your range and apply the correct breathing techniques and management so that it can be used with optimum effect when you sing.

Focusing more on vocal, you will learn more about your vocal stamina where you will be trained to build your stamina using the different vocal exercises and vocal techniques. Other than that, at this studio, you can sing your favourite songs or learn new songs to build your range and acquire necessary skills for live performances to manage stage fright!

Contact: +65 8115 9378
Location: 29B Seah Street, Singapore 188385
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11.30am-9pm | Sat 9.30am-5pm | Sun 10.30am-6pm

5. Harmony & Pitch

Image Credit: Harmony & Pitch

Harmony & Pitch provides an encouraging environment for learning where students can develop fundamental skills and correct techniques. Accompanied by teachers who are also seasoned performers, they will guide you and share their tips and tricks on how to outshine other performances and ultimately shine on stage. With these experienced teachers, their correct singing techniques will take you from the basics of breathing techniques, vocal range expansion and pitching to diction and expression.

Other than providing a stimulating environment, they have designed their music courses to allow for specialisation and flexibility. As they understand that every individual requires a different teaching approach, this will give our students a choice in their musical pursuit. Likewise, they are also offered a choice of either individual as well as group vocal lessons, whichever would aid in their teaching approach.

Contact: +65 6251 0730
Location:  9 King Albert Park, KAP Residences, #02­17, Singapore 598332
Opening Hours: Mon 2pm-6pm | Tues, Wed & Sat 10am-6pm | Thurs & Fri 10am-8pm | Closed on Sunday

6. Studio Verve

Image Credit: Studio Verve

Studio Verve has the best and popular professional singers in Singapore as well as teaching qualifications to help you find and develop your vocals. Be it the genre you wish to specialise in, their teachers are versatile as teachers and performance who can assist in reaching your goals. Backed by scientific research, their correct singing techniques will ensure their you understand the science behind their teachings. This will also take care of your throat and vocal health to make it feel relaxed with no strain in your throat and neck when you sing.

You will also be endowed with the knowledge of vocal physiognomy, fundamentals of breathing, intonation, dynamic control and many other skills. Other than that, the ability to read music would help you gain a deeper understanding of the genre you are doing as it ensures that you can discuss underlying issues with musicians in a common language.

Contact: +65 6554 4097
Location: 728 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, #02-4228, Singapore 560728
Opening Hours: Mon-Wed & Fri 1pm-9pm | Sat & Sun 9am-5pm | Closed on Thursday

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