9 Best Boutiques to Rent Bridesmaid Dresses in Singapore

February 20, 2020
Best Bridesmaid Dresses Singapore

Bridesmaid dresses always have to be the perfect accompaniment to the bride’s dress and complement it without outshining the bride herself. This is why choosing the right one for every wedding is essential, and many factors have to be considered such as the theme of the wedding, the décor, the dress design and much more. If you are unsure where to start looking, we are here to help with our list of the 9 best boutiques to rent bridesmaid dresses in Singapore. Find out more in the article below!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. The Louvre Bridal Couture

Image Credit: The Louvre Bridal Couture

Ever since its establishment, The Louvre Bridal Couture has strived to have a comprehensive collection of bridal services as well as wedding packages to provide for any couple who are about to tie the knot. Aiming to always create a seamless experience for the customers, they craft memorable experiences that add the splendor and joy to pre-wedding preparations. Their extensive collection of designer wedding dresses is among some of the best in the region, while also catering to any photography and planning needs.

The Louvre Bridal Couture provides bridesmaid dresses of many kinds, making them one of the favourites of both brides and bridesmaids. Offering selections such as bespoke designer bridal dresses, Korean bridesmaid dresses, modern Japanese bridesmaid dresses, and much more, their collections dazzle and attract many women looking to have a flair to their wedding outfit. Efficient and easy, the rental process is also done smoothly, ensuring that you have the dress when you need it without delay.

Contact Number: +65 6337 7808
Location: 48A Club Street, Singapore 069425 (By Appointment Only)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11AM-8PM | Sat 10AM-7PM | Closed on Sun

2. Your Love

Image Credit: Your Love

Your Love is a bridal boutique that specialises in creating love stories for couples of all ages, and aspires to be the trusted bridal partner for every wedding need. The boutique understands that couples face high pressure of managing wedding costs so they strive to make their bridal packages affordable while still maintaining a high-quality of service and offerings. Wedding dresses, photography services, makeup services and décor are just some of what they offer with their comprehensive collection that has become a favourite of many couples.

As a premier bridal boutique, Your Love boutique offers one of the best bridesmaid dresses for rent services in Singapore. Be it dresses that are similar in theme to the bride’s, or contrasting ones, they have a wide range of beautiful bridal dresses to suit many types of modern weddings. Additionally, their affordability is a boon to weddings of any size and budget, so they have consistently be of great assistance to many weddings. Visit their showroom today and peruse their collection of elegant bride and bridesmaid dresses today!

Contact Number: +65 9108 5285
Location: Link 2 AMK, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #04-10, Singapore 569139
Opening Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri 12PM-8PM | Sat & Sun 11AM-8PM | Closed on Wed

3. Bridal Affairs

Image Credit: Bridal Affairs

A combination of 3 wedding planners, Bridal Affairs is a bridal boutique motivated by their love for romance and splendor of wedding planning and celebrations. Catering to everything a couple who are about to get married needs, they specialise in wedding suits and dresses along with an extensive range of customisable options and accoutrements, all in one destination. In addition, they also provide full bridal package deals that include photography, videography, car rental, and more for all pre-wedding and wedding needs.

With the option to have pre-made dresses or fully-customised bridesmaid dresses, Bridal Affairs has quickly become the go-to for women who are in need for bridesmaid dresses for rent. With transparent pricing and a comprehensive range of beautifully-designed dresses, they cater to various types of themes, decor, budgets and many other factors, making them one of the most diverse choices for dress rentals. Call them up and find the dress you need!

Contact Number: +65 9228 8380
Location: Sengkang Square, Singapore 545076

4. Truly Enamored

Image Credit: Truly Enamored

Inspired by Parisian fashion and sensibilities, Truly Enamored is the pinnacle of elegance in bridal dresses in Singapore. Combining Fine Art with ornate and unique dress designs, the luxury boutique lives and breathes fine art philosophy in their wedding photography by utilising both analog and film to capture the fleeting beauty of love in marriage. Every bride receives a private styling session that are customised specifically for the aesthetic that they desire while also being pampered with the finest accessories.

At Truly Enamored, heir range of artfully crafted bridesmaid dresses are available for rent through a quick and efficient process. Placing a high priority on maintaining the best standard of bridal dresses that embody the Fine Art image, all of their dresses exude luxurious couture and quality that are unique to the boutique. Vibrant and elegant, the boutique is the premier choice for women who are looking for extravagance as a bridesmaid.

Contact Number: +65 6286 0281
Location: Oxley Tower, 138 Robinson Road, Suite 28-01, Singapore 068906
Opening Hours: Tues-Sat 11AM-7PM | Closed on Mon & Sun

5. Luxe Wardrobe

Image Credit: Luxe Wardrobe

Luxe Wardrobe is an online bridal boutique that specialises in offering designer bridesmaid dresses for both purchase and rental purposes. Being the pioneering boutique that brings in amazing bespoke dresses for rent, they are dedicated to bringing a comprehensive selection of dresses that are both stunning and elegant. The team of stylists at the boutique are also highly passionate to making you look amazing in the choice of dress that you pick.

Providing a myriad of bridesmaid dresses for rent, Luxe Wardrobe offers designs that look effortlessly beautiful and stylish, combining both classic timelessness and modern fashion. They have garnered a strong following on social media because their rental bridesmaid dresses fit a diverse catalogue of styles that appeals to varying tastes and wedding themes. In addition, the rental process is efficient and easy, ensuring timely availability even for last-minute picks. Visit their social media website or arrange an appointment now!

Contact Number: +65 9782 8570
Location: 25 Keong Saik Road, #03-02, Singapore 089132
Opening Hours: Mon 5PM-8PM | Wed-Fri 12PM-8PM | Sat 11AM-4PM | Sun 12PM-4PM | Closed on Mon

6. Luna Bianca Bridal Boutique

Image Credit: Luna Bianca Bridal Boutique

The quintessential bridal shop in Singapore, Luna Bianca Bridal Boutique creates a memorable experience for brides-to-be with their range of beautiful wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses for rental. The team at the boutique is focused and dedicated to delivering high-quality wedding needs, having become a renowned and trusted name among many couples over the years. With them on your side, you can be sure to have a memorable and well-thought out wedding planning, outfits, photography and much more.

Offering a variety of bridesmaid dresses for rent, Luna Bianca Bridal Boutique has made-to-measure dresses as well and bespoke gowns that are captivating and gorgeous. Incorporating classic styles that are always in trend, to more modern designs for bolder brides and bridesmaids, there is always something for every lady who steps into their boutique. Renting is made easy with their efficient system, ensuring that every bridesmaid will have the ideal dress for the wedding they have be be at.

Contact Number: +65 6388 9839
Location: 21 Tan Quee Lan Street, #01-02, Singapore 188108
Opening Hours: 12PM-9PM Daily

7. Yvonne Creative

Image Credit: Yvonne Creative

Yvonne Creative is a bridal boutique that believes that every woman is special, even if they’re being bridesmaids for another lady’s wedding. Because of this, the bridal shop has dedicated themselves to fulfilling every wedding need that a bride or bridesmaid could have with their range of exquisite dresses, photography services, and more. They aim to help both brides and bridesmaids to represent and express themselves in the best way possible through dresses that are customised specifically for their vision. With options to alter and personalise the kind of fitting they want, the bridal boutique has quickly become a favourite among many.

With an in-house dress designer that crafts amazing and stunning bridesmaid dresses for rent, Yvonne Creative aims to be an international brand for all wedding outfit needs. Their selection of dresses is perfect for both non-themed and themed weddings, enabling creativity and self-expression to shine through. In addition, the highly-personalised nature of the dresses allows bridesmaids to have dresses that incorporates their own tastes as well as fitting the needs of the wedding without much hassle. Visit their boutique today!

Contact Number: +65 6292 0342
Location: Link @ AMK, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, Singapore 569139
Opening Hours: Mon, Wed-Sun 12PM-9PM | Closed on Tues

8. Fleur D’sign

Image Credit: Fleur D’sign

Fleur D’sign is a one-stop bridal boutique that provides a comprehensive range of luxurious wedding gowns, floristry and wedding design decors for every type of wedding in Singapore. At the boutique, they are committed to helping you achieve the dress design of your dreams with their styling expertise that has spanned years. Be it wedding gowns, suit rentals. Bridal packages, event designers, or floral designs, they are able to attend to your every wedding desire through their connection with many reputable wedding vendors in the industry. 

Fleur D’sign, they understand the need to have extravagant and beautiful dresses, even for bridesmaids. This is why they offer bridesmaid dresses for rent that are not only gorgeous but also affordable, to cater to various wedding budgets. They are devoted to providing the best bridal services so that each lady’s wedding dream can come true. Their gowns and dresses have a timeless appeal, so that they are suitable for weddings of any theme. With comfortable, glamorous and vivacious dresses, even bridesmaids can feel like brides with the boutique’s dresses. 

Contact Number: +65 91169 8088
Location: Yikai Court, 371 Upper Paya Lebar Road, #01-05, Singapore 534969
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun 11PM-7PM | Closed on Mon

9. Bridefully Yours

Image Credit: Bridefully Yours

Incorporating modern sensibilities for their offerings, Bridefully Yours has developed an online presence in providing unique and contemporary bridal gowns for non-traditional, stylish and carefree brides. The bridal shop aims to be a bride’s best friend, treating their beauty and gracefulness as a priority so that their weddings will be a dream come true. The boutique celebrates the uniqueness and dynamism of every lady, helping them to achieve their greatest potential as brides with amazing allure and assets.

With many beautiful bridesmaid dresses for rent, Bridefully Yours will help you find the perfect gown that are suitable for the wedding. They strive to bring you various dress designs that are gorgeous with both timeless and modern sensibilities that appeal to brides and bridesmaids with more daring and bold tastes. Visit their shop today to find out what fits you best, and have their experienced stylists help you with the vision you have in mind, so you can achieve the look you desire!

Contact Number: +65
Location: 160 Paya Lebar Road, #08-05, Singapore 409022
Opening Hours: Mon-Wed, Fri & Sat 11AM-7PM | Closed on Thurs & Sun

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