These supermarkets in Singapore provide a broad selection of goods, from fresh vegetables and groceries to household necessities and gourmet treats. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, identifying the top supermarkets can enhance your shopping experience in a city renowned for its efficiency and high standards. Here are the best Singapore supermarkets, each distinguished by its calibre, assortment, and level of customer care.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. FairPrice City Square Mall

FairPrice Grocery Shop Singapore
Image Credit: FairPrice

FairPrice City Square Mall is a modern and lively supermarket in Singapore. The shop offers a large selection of fresh produce that is sourced both domestically and abroad, such as fruits, vegetables, and meat. The employees of FairPrice City Square Mall are renowned for providing warm, attentive service and are constantly available to aid clients with their needs. Due to its convenient position within the mall, the supermarket draws customers from both locals and visitors who come to City Square Mall for its wide selection of shops and restaurants. All things considered, FairPrice Supermarket Singapore is a dependable and practical place to shop. Enjoy an effortless shopping experience with FairPrice Online, whether from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Customer Reviews

Ashley Tan
Great selection! Was surprised at the wide selection at this location!

K Mathison
Nice store, self check out can be a little difficult.

Anastasia G
You can find all essentials in this grocery shop. Good mix of foods from different parts of Asia.

Contact:6509 6260
Location:Mall, B1 – 09 / 10 City Square, Singapore 208539
Opening Hours:8 AM-11 PM Daily

2. Sheng Siong Supermarket

Sheng Siong Groceries SG
Image Credit: Sheng Siong Supermarket

One of the biggest supermarkets in Singapore, Sheng Siong Supermarket Pte Ltd, runs Sheng Siong Online (SSOnline), a handy one-stop food-buying platform. Sheng Siong Online was founded in 2013 and operates under the brand. Their goal is to provide their clients with improved services and increased convenience so they can fulfil their daily demands. Like any of their regular brick-and-mortar stores, Sheng Siong Online offers an extensive selection of high-quality products, including fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, diary, frozen foods, pantry staples like rice, noodles, oils, spices, and seasonings, as well as other groceries and household necessities like baby and personal care items. Find goods from around the world at reasonable costs, including French wines, Norwegian salmon, Australian cherries, Korean strawberries, and Japanese sweets.

Customer Reviews

Marishka Norah
For those who hate crowds best to visit after 2am. If day time confirm plus chop got many customers.

Saliha L
Thank you Ah Wei for the quick response on my enquiry on packets of cleaned and soil water chestnuts. Appreciate the assistance.

Xiaoqiang Deng
There are many varieties, the meat and vegetables are fresh, and the prices are affordable!

Contact:6535 0401
Location:52 Chin Swee Rd, #01-25, Singapore 160052
Opening Hours:Open 24 hours

3. Giant

Giant Grocery Singapore
Image Credit: Giant

The first Giant Provision Store opened its doors in Sentul Pasar, Malaysia, in 1944, marking the beginning of the company’s history. However, the opening of the first Singapore hypermarket at the IMM mall in Jurong in 2000 marked Giant’s introduction into Singaporeans’ life. Currently, Giant holds the top spot as Singapore’s mass market retailer for everyday commodities, having more than 50 locations throughout the island. Being a pioneer in the retail sector, Giant has developed into one of the most recognizable companies in the nation. Having been in the area for nearly 75 years, Giant has made a name for itself as a major retailer. View its milestones to get a sense of its rich past.

Customer Reviews

I was able to buy cute pocket tissues and chocolates to distribute as souvenirs♪ Recommended.

Reema Gupta
Good place for daily routine items and groceries. Giant is giant.

Jesse Lee
Nice and comfortable shopping experience, plenty of fruit and vegetables available, unfortunately most are wrapped in plastic so you can’t smell if they are fresh. There few items that was on sale and it was a good deal.

Contact:6336 6779
Location:3 Temasek Blvd, #B1-154 / 155 / 156, Singapore 038983
Opening Hours:9 AM-10 PM Daily

4. Meidi-Ya Supermarket

Meidi Ya Grocery Store Singapore
Image Credit: Meidi-Ya Supermarket

The Meidi-Ya Supermarket’s international branch is located in Singapore. In addition to referring to the food’s wonderful flavour and freshness, their motion “More Than Just Freshness” also highlights their exceptional customer service, which makes for a very positive shopping experience. Since 1911, Meidi-ya’s extensive range of unique domestic items have consistently enjoyed high demand. “My Jam” offers you the best-tasting jam because it is created with the finest and freshest fruit. You may get a huge selection of fresh cuisine imported straight from Japan at Meidi-ya. Their freshly made bento, local Singaporean goods, and other imported goods are all of the highest calibre and quite tasty. Meidi-ya Supermarket Singapore is dedicated to improving your quality of life by providing fresh, premium items.

Customer Reviews

Ai M
Speaking of pork soup alone, I think MEIDIYA Food Court’s pork soup is the best in Singapore for its cost performance.

Tan Han Cheng
I simply love this Japanese set from the eatery found within Meidi-ya Supermarket. The fried chicken was crispy and well marinated just like how it tasted when I visited Japan. The hot soba was not salty and soba noodle was springy. Reasonably priced at $13 per set as well.

chin yong Low
Service staff are always very helpful. Long time staff previously from Liang court. Meidi-ya is basically my therapy—way cheaper than a shrink! Each weekend, I snag my essentials: the silkiest sashimi, decadent unagi, and that buttery wagyu. But the real game-changer? Their ‘rainbow pork’ from Hokkaido. After that, regular pork feels like you’re just chewing disappointment. Trust me, give it a try and say goodbye to your porky past!”

Contact:6339 1111
Location:9 Raffles Blvd, #02 – 26, Singapore 039596
Opening Hours:Monday-Friday 10:30 AM-9:30 PM I Saturday-Sunday 10 AM-9:30 PM

5. Thai Supermarket

Thai Supermarket Singapore
Image Credit: Thai Supermarket

Since its founding in 1985, Thai Supermarket has been Singapore’s premier supplier of Thai produce and goods. It moved to Aperia Mall for the first time after spending the previous 38 years at Golden Mile Complex, popularly known as “Little Thailand.” Aside from its 6,000 square foot grocery store, Talad Thai Banana, Thai Yum Mee, and Yung Yung will be operating a small Thai food street at Aperia Mall, where customers can enjoy banana fritters, Thai salad, and Yaowarat buns. The 64-seat dine-in section at the entryway, run by Folks Collective & Slurp Noodle Bar, serves traditional Thai food. Thai Supermarket Singapore is your one-stop shop for all your needs.

Customer Reviews

Yellow Bear
Sawadee Ka. Welcome to the Thai Supermarket 🇹🇭 at Aperia Mall. Besides the usual supermarket items and regular Thai stuff, the supermarket also carries a lot of Thai vegan / vegetarian items (Those that are indicated Vegan/ Vegetarian / 齋/ เจ on the packaging); various pastes, sauces, canned foods, spreads and snacks. Truly a wonderful place for vegans/ vegetarians. Halal products are available too. The Thai supermarket also carries some Vietnamese stuff ( including vegan/ vegetarian).

The original Thai supermarket that moved from Golden Mile Complex to Aperia Mall. It’s now sleeker and neater, feels like an upmarket grocer. I prefer exploring at the old location for Thai ingredients that cannot be found elsewhere; the experience felt more authentic and less curated. Nonetheless, it’s still an interesting supermarket to shop for vegetarian ingredients! After checkout, can buy the fried banana fritters!

Sharon T
A good size supermarket located within aperia mall that sells Thai (and Vietnamese) groceries. They really imported all the goodies that one only get in Thailand and we absolutely love it!! You can get most of the stuff you find here in ther supermarket. Needless to say we bought many things here (snacks, instant noodles, sauces etc). There are trolley baskets that are small and easy to push around. And there are also food stores that are located near the exit. We tried the sweet potato balls but there are many more including the famous Yaowarat bread. The fried chicken with chicken skin also looked extremely tasty. If you miss bangkok, come here. Or if you visit Thailand next time, you may not need to bring back too many souvenirs cos you can get most from here.

Contact:8138 3715
Location:12 Kallang Ave, #01-20 Aperia Mall, Singapore 339511
Opening Hours:10 AM-10 PM Daily


Selecting the ideal supermarket can improve your everyday existence by offering not just the necessities but also the excitement of finding new items and having easy shopping experiences. For more ways to make the most of living in Singapore, consider exploring our articles on the best Korean supermarkets in Singapore as well. You’ll discover that these top supermarkets in Singapore not only live up to your expectations, but frequently surpass them, making grocery shopping a fun and effective part of your daily routine. These supermarkets in Singapore are your best chance for quality and satisfaction, whether you’re merely exploring new culinary delights, organizing a special meal, or simply filling up on groceries.