The demand for streetwear brands is on the rise in Singapore. You might have seen people pulling off oversized T-shirts, hoodies, chunky sneakers and baggy pants on the streets. The reason we all love streetwear; there is no limit. It is all about showing your individual style, and the relaxed and comfortable clothes that are meant for everyone!

Streetwear takes inspiration from both skater style and hip hop culture. Besides the popular streetwear brands like Stussy, Off-white or Obey, there are many other homegrown labels that have turned heads. Here are 5 best local streetwear brands in Singapore you should add to your closet and level up your urban style!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Gemsy

Gemsy is a local contemporary streetwear brand established by a group of friends who share the same love and passion for street fashion. Their apparels are inspired by Chromatic Aberration – the failure of a camera lens to focus on the same point; creating a blurry and distorted effect.

They offer unique designs that are of top quality and comfortable. Most of their apparels are minimalistic, which allows you to focus on the details on the t-shirts. For the ladies – they have their designs on crop tops too!

Available on: Gemsy

2. Playhood

Image Credit: Playhood

Playhood is a homegrown label founded by Sarah Lai, which started as a service to provide custom hand-painted designs on denim jackets. Today, they have expanded their focus towards apparels now. Sarah wanted to combine fashion and art together to create a wearable work of art, thus bringing together her love for streetwear and botanical floral illustrations.

Many of Playhood’s apparels are designs with botanical flowers but with a tougher edge. So ladies, if you want to look girly and badass at the same time, this is perfect for you! What’s more – you can even customise your own jackets!

Available on: Playhood  

3. The Salvages

Image Credit: The Salvages

The Salvages is an uprising streetwear label with an international credit. They stick to the basics like oversized T-shirts, using them as a canvas to express different colours and unique graphics. The best part is the cutting of the oversized T-shirts, which has a very flattering cutting that fits all body types!

This is the brand for you if you’re looking for local streetwear with an international appeal. Be sure not to miss out on the brand’s classic oversized T-shirts which you can easily pair with any denim bottoms!

Available on: The Salvages

4. Angel Angel

Image Credit: Angel Angel

Angel Angel is a homegrown streetwear fashion label emphasizing on quality and design. They appeal to the younger generation with their aesthetically pleasing, bright coloured graphic tees. Most of their apparels have cute or interesting themes that give you an artistic and street look.

Here, you will be able to find many simplistic t-shirts that you can slip on any day and still look good! Not to mention, they offer free shipping too!

Available on: Angel Angel

5. TheToxicFriendsCo

Image Credit: TheToxicFriendsCo

A local brand established in 2017, the apparels at TheToxicFriendsCo are inspired by global streetwear trends which dip into Singaporean pop-culture. The label is founded by Brendan Kor, a university student, who wanted to challenge the boundaries by breaking the western hype brands, incorporating oriental influence, while doing some social commentary.

Their designs are heavily focused on the oriental aspect and local scene of Singapore. Even their brand name, The Toxic Friends Co, was adapted by the common lingo “toxic” that youngsters use. The apparels are unique and aesthetically pleasing, but the most important thing – they will not break the bank!

Available on: TheToxicFriendsCo


Streetwear generally focuses on four basic elements: comfort, scarcity, menswear style and contemporary art. From oversized sweatshirts to baggy denim, discover these homegrown streetwear brands to incorporate urban fashion into your look – and most importantly, don’t be afraid to unleash your inner fashionista and be yourself when dressing up!