With dishes ranging from delicious Korean fried chicken and mouth watering bibimbap to scorching BBQs and substantial stews, Singapore’s Korean restaurants offer a taste of Seoul to the Lion City. The top nine Korean restaurants in Singapore will be covered in this book; they are all renowned for their superb flavors, inviting atmospheres, and sincere dedication to fine dining. Whether you’ve always loved Korean food or are just curious to try it for the first time, these best places guarantee a remarkable culinary experience.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Chang Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant

Chang Korean Food Singapore
Image Credit: Chang Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant

Established in 2006, Chang is a genuine Korean eatery situated in Dempsey Hill. They serve a variety of a la carte foods as well as Korean BBQ. One of the opulent venues to choose for special events, corporate dinners, and gourmet dining experiences is Chang Korean BBQ. A skilled Korean chef’s skillful and reasonable cooking is a passionate expression of their love for food. The meal is of the highest quality. Chang BBQ maintains its reputation as the most authentic Korean restaurant, serving delicious food that retains its original flavour. To maintain the same level of quality for patrons, the chef’s unique recipe is used in the preparation of all dishes at Chang. Please visit Chang to savour authentic Korean cuisine in Singapore in a unique, environmentally friendly setting. Above all, Chang Korean Charcoal BBQ is superior.

Customer Reviews

Si yao Li
The environment of this barbecue restaurant is quite good. In Dempsey hill, you can dine indoors and outdoors. Like other Korean BBQ, all side dishes and vegetables are free. We ordered three plates of BBQ, a seafood pancake, a kimchi pork pot, and a bowl of Korean cold noodles. The other dishes are all pretty good. What I particularly want to talk about is their cold noodles, which are thin noodles. I have never eaten cold noodles with this kind of noodles. The taste is so-so and I don’t like it very much.

Preeti Gupta
First time eating at Change and loved it. A bit pricier than the usual Korean BBQ I’m used to, but worth it.

kim Kim
The only real Korean food place in Singapore. But the ceiling is too high so it’s hot. Considering the price of food, installing an additional fan and air conditioner is essential.

Contact:6473 9005
Location:71 Loewen Rd, #01-01, Singapore 248847
Opening Hours:12-3 PM, 6-10 PM Daily

2. Wang Dae Bak Pocha Korean BBQ

Wang Dae Bak Pocha Korean BBQ Cuisine Singapore
Image Credit: Wang Dae Bak Pocha Korean BBQ

Wang Dae Bak KBBQ is a place to get together and enjoy a meal like in South Korea, offering a variety of Korean barbecue options including their unique Half Half Pancake, comforting soups, and hot stone Bibimbap, all cooked on a charcoal grill. Wang Dae Bak has become one of Singapore’s most well-known Korean restaurants since 2011. Their mission is to make their customers happy by prioritising value, quality, and a memorable dining experience. It is their goal that the authenticity of the food and the enjoyment of dining will attract future generations. Enjoy yourselves with Wang Dae Bak Korean Restaurant in Singapore!

Customer Reviews

Yi Yong Lim
It’s my go to when I crave for Korean pancake.

JiSheng Js
value for money lunch sets with a variety of soup/hotplate to choose from. Comes with sides too.

Cheryl Goh
Been a while since we last visited. It’s still so good!

Contact:6220 0322
Location:93 Amoy St, Singapore 069913
Opening Hours:Monday-Thursday & Saturday-Sunday 11:30 AM-2:30 PM, 5:30-10:30 PM I Friday 11:30 AM-2:30 PM, 5:30-10 PM

3. HoHo Korean Restaurant

HoHo Korean Food Restaurant Singapore
Image Credit: HoHo Korean Restaurant

Korean food is the specialty of the Clementi Street-based HoHo Korean Restaurant. The restaurant has a soft atmosphere that adds to the genuineness of the eating experience. Famous for its delicious kimchi, Ttukbaegi Bulgogi, and Haemul Pajeon, HoHo Korean Restaurant in Singapore offers a wide range of Hot Plate selections, as well as noodles, main courses, and soups. Soup selections come with a serving of rice. The restaurant personnel are committed to delivering flawless and timely services, guaranteeing a hassle-free dining encounter. For individuals who have a strong affinity for Korean cuisine, HoHo Korean Restaurant is the ideal option. The Tofu Kimchi Soup and Bibimbap are two standout dishes that complement the restaurant’s menu offerings.

Customer Reviews

Beatrice Tou
Oppa and Onnie are the best ! Have been going to their restaurant since they opened in 2016. Tried their fried chicken and new menu Tukbaekgi jimddak! Slurps !

Lyon Bakes
Came by for lunch on a Monday. Not many tables but it’s almost 50% filled. Order the beef short ribs and beef stew soup as it was raining out there. Despite the menu stating that beef ribs was for 2 pax, the serving portion was only 200g of beef short ribs. Not suited for big eaters. Beef stew soup was with clear noodles which fills up easily. Soup was tasty. The side dishes were tasty. However compared with my visit many years back, the flavor somewhat have localized. Staff are happy to refill unlike some other Korean restaurants. Portions are decent and fills up the stomach. With inflation, prices are reasonable. There’s service charge no GST. Will visit again if I’m in the area. Good place to come for a quick fix if craving for Korean food.

Benny Tan
Very authentic Korean food at fair prices. Service is very warm. Atmosphere is decent, like a comfortable family restaurant.

Contact:6250 3908
Location:106 Clementi Street 12, #01-58/60, Singapore 120106
Opening Hours:Wednesday-Monday 11:30 AM-3 PM, 5:30-10 PM I Closed on Tuesdays

4. Hyang Yeon Korean Restaurant (Telok Ayer Street – Formerly  Amoy Street)

Hyang Yeon Good Korean Food Singapore
Image Credit: Hyang Yeon Korean Restaurant

In Korean, Hyang Yeon, 향연, translates to “host a feast; welcome guests to a location with delicious cuisine.” They wish to welcome their devoted patrons to a place with wonderful food and lovely people in a setting that feels like home, just like Hyang Yeon suggests. Though centuries have seen changes in Korean food and culinary culture, the meaning of Hyang Yeon has not changed. They aim to serve their patrons as though they were inviting them to the house of real Korean food in Singapore. 

Hyang Yeon offers a unique experience for all tastes and preferences. In addition to the cuisine itself, they wish to spread a wholesome culinary tradition enhanced by human and natural harmony. At Hyang Yeon, they work hard to preserve the authentic Korean flavour while providing a variety of grains, veggies, and toppings to meet each customer’s dietary requirements and taste preferences.

Customer Reviews

Jiamin Jae
The banchan is 12 out of 10! The portion is so generous, each and every one of them tasted so good! The kimchi is the best, we love it as it’s abit to the spicy side. Wanted to buy the kimchi but too bad they’re sold out. The korean staff (maybe the owner?) told that they usually make it on Tuesday so can purchase them on Wednesday. It’s not easy to find kong guksu in SG, the one we has is so good🥹 so refreshing, the soup is thick although the taste of the soy didn’t really stand out but it’s so addictive! The bibim naengmyeon was also super flavorful! The cold noodles are perfect for the weather in SG. Please try out their cold noodle ala carte menu when you visit this restaurant. You won’t regret!

Xin er
Steam egg is a must have!!

karthigan Ramatas
Worth waiting in the long line and sweltering heat. Lunch set is value for money. Every item in the Banchan was chefs kiss. Loved my tofu stew and chicken bulgoggi.

Contact:6221 6368
Location:128 Telok Ayer St, #01-01, Singapore 068597
Opening Hours:11:30 AM-2:30 PM, 5:30-10:30 PM Daily

5. Seoul Restaurant

Seoul Korean Restaurant Singapore
Image Credit: Seoul Restaurant

The best of traditional Singapore Korean food and charcoal BBQ flavours can be found at Seoul Restaurant, which is located in the Conrad Hotel (Orchard), tucked away in the center of Singapore. The history of Seoul Restaurant undoubtedly begins in simpler times. They opened their first booth at the former food court of the Amara Hotel (a shopping center) when they were founded in 1997. They are a proud but modest family-run business now. They also run the place. Their first focus is their dedication to maintaining the family-oriented ownership and service model. For both Singaporeans and Korean residents, Seoul Korean Restaurant is the place to go. Their establishment is dedicated to providing a genuine, unique, and classic Korean experience.

Customer Reviews

Claudelia Audrey Koh
The food is so delicious especially the beef!! We had a really good time! Must try.

very nice restaurant! I have been here several time.

Lilly Hong
A Korean restaurant I’ve always wanted to visit! The restaurant is very clean, the food is clean, and the buffet prices are nice! 👍👍👍 A place I want to visit often! Korean restaurant that I really wanted to visit! The restaurant is so clean, the food is clean, and the buffet price is nice! 👍👍👍 Where I want to come often!

Contact:6338 8548
Location:1 Cuscaden Rd, #03-02 Conrad Singapore, Singapore 249715
Opening Hours:12-2:30 PM, 5:30-10:30 PM Daily

6. Daebak Korean Restaurant

Daebak Korean Food In SG
Image Credit: Daebak Korean Restaurant

Provides you with Real and Reasonably Priced Korean food in Singapore. Since 2009, Singapore has been home to the authentic and reasonably priced Korean cuisine of Daebak Korean restaurant. Many Koreans and locals enjoy the dish that the owner of Daebak Restaurant has been perfecting over the years. For instance, the proprietor of Daebak Restaurant claims that the components for tofu soup (순두부찌개) exceed 20. Experience the daily soul food that Koreans consume at Daebak Restaurant.

Customer Reviews

Cornelius Sim
The food was really good and the portions are great! Really a must-try affordable Korean food.

lillil lililli
It’s better than the bibimbap you eat in Korea. It’s amazing that you can get this quality and this price in Singapore. Singapore. Please open a store in the south as well.

It’s delicious..!!🥺🥺 The best Korean kimchi stew I’ve ever had in Singapore..!! Bulgogi was also delicious. However, in the photo. I don’t have it, but Budaejjigae ramen is awesome.. haha.

Location:8 Wilkie Rd, #01-18, Singapore 228095
Opening Hours:11 AM-9 PM Daily

7. Jangwon Korean Restaurant

Jang Won Top Korean Food Singapore
Image Credit: Jangwon Korean Restaurant

Jang Won places a high value on preserving the genuine flavour and aroma of Korean food. At Jang Won, they work hard to offer additional options that are health-conscious and make use of organic and fresh products. To please a variety of palates, their cuisine incorporates modern flavours while paying homage to tradition. Korean cuisine is a reflection of Korean culture and history and is currently recognised as one of the healthiest diets in the world. Jang Won provides wholesome, well-balanced meals that are similar to what you could have at home. Visit and be healthy at Jang Won Korean restaurant in Singapore.

Customer Reviews

BingQian Tan (Bq)
The food was great! Along with their family secret Kimchi which tastes great with their pork.

Angel Fang
Good Food and Good Service..Worth for money.👍

Joachim Lee
You know it’s legit when there IU posters on the wall.

Contact:6532 6949
Location:44 Mosque St, #01-01, Singapore 059522
Opening Hours:Monday-Saturday 11:30 AM-2:30 PM, 5:30 PM-1 AM I Sunday 11:30 AM-2:30 PM, 5:30-10:30 PM

8. Nanta BBQ

Nanta BBQ Best Korean Food SG
Image Credit: Nanta BBQ

Nanta BBQ is one of the first eateries in Singapore to serve a modern interpretation of Korean barbecue that preserves the flavors and elements of the dish, which initially opened its doors in 2014. With years of experience and a staff of talented chefs, its owner, Mr. Kim, has provided a taste of Singapore Korean food and culture that is suitable for the palates of the locals. They take great pride in providing only the highest quality meat for each of their barbecue options. Only A5 Wagyu Beef and Kurobuta Black Pork are used by Nanta BBQ, and they are grilled over Binchotan Charcoal, which has garnered accolades for its excellence. To bring out the greatest flavors for the diners, they also dry-aged them for forty days. Be sure to visit Nanta BBQ to try the modern taste of Korea.

Customer Reviews

Erin XieLin
Authentic Korean family restaurant suitable for big groups and small gatherings; we enjoyed high-quality aged pork belly and collar meat. Yums’.

Danielle Mingyi Hong
Delicious food😋, very friendly staff 😁 And they even have glass noodle as a free flow side dish. 😋😃

Justina Ng
y go to place for authentic Korean food. The food is flavourful and service is friendly. A nice place to come on your own or with friends.

Contact:6258 1391
Location:175 Thomson Rd, #01-175/177 Goldhill Centre, Singapore 307624
Opening Hours:11:30 AM-2:30 PM, 5:30-10 PM Daily

9. Kimchi Dining | Korean Restaurant Singapore

Kimchi Dining Nice Korean Food In Singapore
Image Credit: Kimchi Dining

It is noteworthy that the emphasis on fresh, healthful ingredients and well-balanced flavors in Korean cuisine has helped it garner a global popularity. Kimchi Dining Korean Restaurant Singapore is a distinctive and flavorful Korean dining experience that will delight anyone wishing to try something different and interesting! Their Korean noodle dishes are no exception to their pride in delivering the best of Korea to your table. Made with real, 100% buckwheat brown rice noodles that are imported straight from Korea, they offer a taste of history that is unmatched.

Customer Reviews

Yun Yun Tan
Value for money set for 2, good ambience on a weekday afternoon and had a nice long chat with the staff Xuan. Keep up the good service!

Genevieve Lim
service by xuan was amazing she was very friendly and nice!! food was good and will come back agn. 🙂

Ruth P
Great spread od korean food! Wonderful service by Xuan & Jaree. We had a great time. Highly recommended. We will be back.

Contact:9113 7090
Location:181 Orchard Rd, #06-10 Orchard Central Singapore 238896
Opening Hours:Monday-Friday 11:30 AM-3 PM, 6-10 PM I Saturday-Sunday 11:30 AM-10 PM


Singapore’s Korean restaurants, each of which showcases the rich and varied flavors of Korean cuisine. The best Korean food in the city can be found at these nine places, which range from cosy family-run restaurants to contemporary fusion diners. These best Korean restaurants in Singapore claim to serve exceptional meals that convey you straight to the heart of Korea, whether you’re looking for gourmet experiences or comfort food. The next time you’re in the mood for a Korean meal, make sure to also check out the best Korean BBQ in Singapore and savor your favourite K-food.