Do you hate crowds, long lines and the possibility of missing out on deals? We totally get it! For ladies who run on a tight schedule and budget daily, going out for leisure purposes is a definite luxury. This is why many women are now turning to e-commerce to shop for clothes, daily necessities and even furniture!

Most e-commerce websites have simple user interfaces that are very easy to use. While you won’t be able to sit on sofas or test out beds, you can still narrow down the price range, product type, material and colours with a few clicks. Having the flexibility to do so gives you the assurance of ensuring your new piece of furniture fits right at home!

We understand that your home is your personal haven. So ladies, trust that you can count on these 6 best online furniture shops in Singapore to make your online furniture shopping a breeze!

Note: This list is not in order.

1. Finn Avenue

Image Credit: Finn Avenue

As the go-to store for all sorts of furniture needs, Finn Avenue can be trusted for its top-notch products! Believing that luxury shouldn’t have to amount to a ridiculous price tag, the company keeps its prices relatively low while still providing amazing workmanship. Covering all types of furniture, you can easily pick out various styles depending on your aesthetic preferences.

Choose from a wide variety of local and overseas designers who will surely add a touch of opulence to any home. What’s more, Finn Avenue offers delivery services which add to the convenience of your purchases. Here to make your life easier, you’ll never have to worry about not finding what you want. Get started on building your dream home with the help of Finn Avenue!

Contact: +65 8699 3466

2. Carlo Hofmann

Image Credit: Carlo Hofmann

Specialising in sofas, Carlo Hofmann is the place to go for your newest couch! As one of the leading online furniture shops in Singapore, Carlo Hofmann takes their craft very seriously and puts every attention to detail with their products. Based on the European standard, they go far and wide to source out the best materials that are truly fit for a king. In addition, the longevity of their furniture makes it a stellar choice for anyone.

Catering to all kinds of people, they believe in crafting various styles so that anyone can purchase their fabulous sofas. Whether it’s a modern sleek design or a furniture piece with an old school touch, you’ll never have to worry as Carlo Hofmann has it all!

Contact: +65 6269 1588

3. Primero

Image Credit: Primero

Focusing on Scandinavian minimalist designs, be transported into the world of endless possibilities with Primero. With cosy pieces that are sure to add an air of warmth to your living space, come home to a modern house that oozes trendy chic. Guaranteed to make you enthralled, you’ll never have to go to another store with their line of furniture!

With furnishing for your living room, kitchen, bedroom and even study area; you’ll never have any problems creating a stylish corner at every part of your home. Their clean-cut design and sleek furniture are perfect for those who love to keep up with the latest trends. So what are you waiting for? Head to Primero for a trusted guide to furniture! P.S. Note that the number stated under contact is strictly for WhatsApp only.

Contact: +65 9384 4885

4. Originals

Image Credit: Originals

Crafting unique pieces that are sure to add a quirky touch to every home, Originals believes in creating exquisite pieces that are here to please anyone. Sourcing their furniture from various designs across the globe, they want to take you on a trip without you needing to leave your home. Combining the aspects of good craftsmanship and intricate designs, you’ll definitely be satisfied with any of their pieces.

For those who believe in leading a greener life, you’ll be happy to know that Originals support sustainable sources in their pieces. Meaning that they upcycle materials to create refreshing modern designs across their collections. So why wait? Start shopping at one of the best online furniture shops, Originals!

Contact: +65 9672 3917

5. FortyTwo

Image Credit: FortyTwo

As one of the biggest e-commerce sites in Singapore, FortyTwo is here to offer you spectacular deals for all your furniture needs! Inclined to give you the very best, they pride themselves with their wide variety of offers across different collections. Fully based online, this furniture shop prides themselves for keeping their prices affordable. This ensures you can have your dream home without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, as FortyTwo offers installation services, you can leave the setting up to them. Here to make your life easier, you’ll never have to look elsewhere for your furniture anymore. Being in the business for many years, they keep up with the latest trends so that anyone can have a stylish home on a budget. Get started today with FortyTwo by looking through their wonderful site!

Contact: +65 6777 7667

6. Hip Van

Image Credit: Hip Van

Come on board and enjoy the exclusive deals only available at Hip Van! Offering nothing but the best, Hip Van aims to break boundaries by combining affordability and durability. This homegrown brand is aimed at those who have a tight budget and want to make the most out of it. Carrying everything related to couches, beds, tables, cabinets and rugs; your home is sure to be a stunner with any purchase from them.

Hip Van also offers bundle discounts which you can choose across various furniture. This allows you to mix and match your desired pieces whilst getting a fantastic deal. Their islandwide delivery option is perfect for those on a tight schedule as you can easily choose when you’d like for your furniture to be delivered to your home. For the hippest house in town, head to Hip Van!

Contact: +65 6291 1725


No other feeling can top the happiness felt upon returning to a well-furnished home, after a long and hard day at work. Your home is a reflection of yourself, so use it as a platform to showcase your personality through your choice of furniture.

We understand that ladies tend to spend copious amounts of time doing research prior to furniture shopping. Save your time and effort by browsing through these 6 online furniture websites instead! Not only do they guarantee an amazing user experience, but deliver spectacular quality and service.