Whether you’re going to a party, attending a formal event, or going out on a date, your exquisite look won’t be complete without some bling! From earrings and rings to bracelets and necklaces, jewelry is a precious piece that adds glam style to your everyday look. Pamper yourself with everyday gems, elegant jewelry, and other dazzling choices for your accessories collection.

Not sure where to find the perfect jewelry for your look? Fret not! – We’ve compiled a list of the best jewellers in Singapore that will certainly make your eyes sparkle!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. SK Jewellery

Image Credit: SK Jewellery

Sk Jewellery’s belief that everyone deserves to shine reflects their meaningfully conceptualized and beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry. The shop was established in 2003 and was created with the belief that the beauty, luxury, and allure of high-quality jewelry should be accessible to all modern women. SK Jewellery also puts great emphasis on innovation and design excellence and became known as the contemporary jewellery famed for its high quality and beautiful collection.

SK Jewellery is committed to innovation and design, where each of their product is thoughtfully created and is set to revolutionize the way their clients perceive how contemporary jewelry combines art and tradition.

Customer Review

Isabelle Ong

Charles is very patient when helping us choose the right combinations of jewelry from the bridal collection. Got a set that matched very well to the type of design we were going for.

Lee Ronald

Was served by a friendly staff, Shirley Koh. Very knowledgeable and gave good advice. Very good attitude and explain clearly. Highly recommended!

Website: https://www.skjewellery.com
Contact: +65 6336 1033
Location: Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Rd, #01-27, Singapore, 238839
Opening Hours: Daily, 11AM-9.30PM

2. Star Carat Shop

Image Credit: Star Carat Shop

Star Carat Shop has been in the diamond business for over 30 years and aims to bring clarity to a new alternative – a beautiful choice made possible with science and technology. This shop knows that quality comes first and is ready to help you find a diamond that will make you happy and proud while not breaking the bank. The staff of the shop are available to guide, educate and chat with you to ensure that you get your dream diamond, from budget size to purchasing lab-grown diamonds.

Star Carat Shop specializes in lab-grown diamond, a diamond that is chemically, optically, and physically identical to natural diamonds mined from the earth.

Customer Review

Mei Zhen

Thank you, Andrina for your service. Thanks for coming back and staying back for us till so late on a Friday night. Got the ring I want! Highly recommend Star Carat to get your desired ring.

Clara Kok

The service was great and I feel very satisfied with my ring. Through speaking with the salesperson, I was able to understand the products much better. There was also a wide range to choose from and the price was worth it because of its top-notch quality.

Website: https://www.starcaratshop.com/
Contact: +65 9875 8733
Location: 7 Changi Business Park Vista, #01-01, Singapore, 486062
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM | Closed on Weekends

3. Love & CO

Image Credit: Love & CO

Love & CO is known as a brand to disrupt and redefine jewelry traditions since this brand does diamonds differently. This company offers jewelry both from ground zero or with a touch of personalization that you can fully embrace as your own. Plus, the shop aims to create transparency in a once opaque industry and allow diamonds to shine truly for what they are. Aside from the beautiful diamonds, the shop is also commended for the way they help their clients select, create, or buy a diamond with education, confidence, and unmatched access.

Love & CO offers certified conflict-free diamonds, lifetime complimentary cleaning services, personalization services, and bespoke design services.

Customer Review

Arlene Tan

Love their designs here. Was served by Bonnie from Ion outlet and she was super friendly and helpful in helping us choose our perfect wedding ring. Thank you Love & Co! Definitely the best place for ring shopping.

Ray Zhi Tai Thong

Was served by a very excellent staff, Kit. 5 stars rating for her patience and attitude in helping me and my fiancee choose a very lovely engagement ring. Even after sales, she continues to offer advice.

Website: https://love-and-co.com/store_locator/ion-orchard/
Contact: +65 6509 8633
Location: 2 Orchard Turn, #B2-64, Singapore, 238801
Opening Hours: Daily, 11AM-9PM

4. Choo Yilin

Image Credit: Choo Yilin

Choo Yilin is a jewelry brand that works with excellent Burmese Jadeite and is the only modern jade jewelry line in Singapore. The company aims to bring jade into the modern jewelry world by highlighting jade pieces in their jewelry and adding a unique touch to their pieces by mixing jade with other materials.

Choo Yilin also features a perfect combination of classic and modern jewelry designs such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Plus, they also offer jewelry care services.

Customer Review

Avalyn Lim

I love the pieces I bought at Choo Yilin. The modern twist to jade, and the relevance of jade which is so personal to me, make for a heady and emotional experience when I look at the pieces and buy my rings and earrings.

Elizabeth Saviour

I am a long-time customer since the birth of the brand. Her jewelry has never failed to attain my admiration from my friends. Her design is just the right mix of tradition and modernity thus it would go well with any outfit!

Website: https://chooyilin.com/
Contact: +65 6733 1131
Location: Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Rd, #02-23, Singapore, 238897
Opening Hours: Daily, 11.30AM-8PM

5. Carrie K

Image Credit: Carrie K

Carrie K was established in 2009 and focuses on unconventional jewelry with each piece designed to be meaningful and to tell a story. Each piece of this jewelry shop is unique, confident, and contemporary, where the designs are daring but wearable and classy. Most of the jewelry in the shop is made for people who aim to stand out.

Carrie K offers customization services if you have a particular design in mind for your wedding ring. For people who have rings that have been passed on through several generations, heirloom revival services are also available. 

Customer Review

Michelle Tay

I feel like most people stress about getting an engagement ring, but my boyfriend and I absolutely enjoyed the time we spent at Carrie K. designing our ring! Carolyn and her team managed to meet all our design needs.

Samantha Ng

I am one of the lucky girls that played a part in choosing the kind of engagement ring I want. Dragged my then-boyfriend and now-fiance with me for the diamond workshop and we both definitely learned a lot.

Website: https://www.carriekrocks.com/
Contact: +65 9299 8244
Location: National Design Centre, 111 Middle Rd, #02-02, Singapore, 188969
Opening Hours: Daily, 11AM-8PM | Fri & Sat 11AM-9.30PM

6. Flower Diamond

Image Credit: Flower Diamond

If you’re a fan of sophisticated accessories, you check out Singapore’s luxury jeweller, Flower Diamond. This shop has famous clients such as Mariah Carey, Hillary Swank, and Malaysian Royalty. Even though the jewelry is a bit pricey, Flower Diamond’s collection is worth browsing through even if you don’t plan to purchase one.

Being one of the longest-running and best jewelry shops in Singapore, the shop’s luxurious and sophisticated designs have been recognized by various international artists. Plus, Flower Diamond is known for its Butterfly Collection, which symbolizes femininity and elegance.

Customer Review

Michelle Min

My fiance got our engagement ring here so naturally, we also got our wedding bands from them. Sabrina & Ros were very patient to understand our needs and they also kindly suggested that we incorporate the design of our wedding bands to suit my engagement ring. 

Website: https://www.flowerdiamond.com/
Contact: +65 6734 1221
Location: Ngee Ann City Tower B, 391B Orchard Rd, #15-05A, Singapore, 238874
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10.30AM-7.30PM | Closed on Sun

7. Gioia

Image Credit: Gioia

Gioia is used to describing precious jewels and gemstone jewelry. They believe that customized jewelry starts with your wildest imagination and a reason to create a one-of-a-kind piece of fine jewelry. The shop focuses on every detail – throughout the process of discussion and designing, the finest details are customized. The customized settings focus on details of the wearer’s comfort, and the preferred material, whether platinum or gold, and also considers style, color, gemstone, and any other element suggested by the imagination.

Gioia creates every precious gemstone that is one-of-a-kind which is as unique as every client. The shop aims to let their clients enjoy the joy of customized jewelry and bespoke by taking care of every detail, from the selection of the finest gemstone such as Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Paraiba Tourmaline, Diamond, or Spinel – up to the final polishing of the finished masterpiece. If you are a fan of Pearl and Jade jewelry but unsure which classic design to choose, consider a customized jade or pearl with gemstones!

Customer Review

Sherlyn Tan

Fantastic first bespoke experience with the team at Gioia. Never pushy but just genuinely listening to what the customer is looking for. This ring is intended as an heirloom piece for my daughter and I can’t be more pleased with the final design.

Benjamin Phan

Happy to have come across Gioia to have my proposal ring done. The entire process from the selection of gem, to the ring making, was a breeze. I was kept updated and informed throughout the process. Happy to have engaged them for my proposal journey.

Website: https://gioia.com.sg/
Contact: +65 6100 2238
Location: International Plaza, 10 Anson Rd, #02-97A, Singapore, 079903
Opening Hours: Daily, 11AM-7PM | Closed on Fri & Sun

8. Draco Diamonds

Image Credit: Draco Diamonds

Draco Diamonds started off in the backyard office, which specializes in bespoke and customized engagement rings and wedding bands. The shop is excited to listen to love stories and focuses on making the engagement ring meaningful. The staff will walk you through each phase of the process which includes selecting the ideal diamond, customizing the design, prototyping in 3D, and crafting. During the first chapter of their journey, the shop focuses on diamond education.

Draco Diamonds believe that understanding the different facets of the diamond, allows you to get the most value out of the purchase. The shop creates jewelry with supreme respect for craftsmanship and sensitivity for beauty, where their artisans work in harmony to create fine jewelry that will stand the test of time. The journey continues even after your purchase since the shop allows you to enjoy services like re-sizing, re-polishing, inspection, and complimentary yearly cleaning.

Customer Review

Alex Zeschke

Very good experience! They did a great job with a last-minute birthday present, crafting a pair of white gold earrings for some stones I had. Competent, fast, reasonable price, gave me the impression they’re honest and straightforward. Recommended!

Aly Adlina

The quality and personalized service at Draco are truly impeccable! The entire process took about 3-4 weeks and the rings turned out incredibly beautiful and nothing like we’ve ever seen before. Can’t wait to come back and create our wedding rings!

Website: https://draco-diamonds.com/
Contact: +65 8768 3453
Location: Geyland East Ave 3, #07-116, Singapore, 389728
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-8.30PM | Sat & Sun 12PM-6PM


Whether you are looking for dazzling necklaces to leave people astonished at a certain event you’re attending or you want to reward yourself with a lovely bracelet or ring, make sure to get it from the finest jewelers. Check out the best jewelers list we’ve compiled and prepare to be in awe of their luxurious and lovely collection!