Have total freedom and flexibility with Hashtag Print as you can take as many selfies or wefies anywhere just by using the hashtag. Regardless of whether your guests are old or young, everyone can join in the fun and bring back a piece of memory from the special event! Especially for those who despise the long wait, this one’s for you – your prints will be developed in less than 10 seconds!

So just snap a shot, grab it and carry on partying with any of these 6 best photography services in Singapore for the ultimate Hashtag Prints to make your bestie’s party unforgettable!

Note: This list is not in order.

1. Cloud Booth

Image Credit: Cloud Booth

Cloud Booth’s Hashtag Print allows you to print unlimited prints for you and your girlfriends to go wild and take home as many physical memories as you wish! In just 8 seconds, your photo will be ready for you! With bespoke print template designs, you can have the option of designing your own print! Also providing a choice of 2 sizes, these photos can be printed in either the ever-so classic 4R or convenient 3R.

To seal it all together, your prints will be handed to you in a glossy plastic sleeve to maintain your precious photo! Cloud Booth understands you might feel that company logos are in the way of those pretty designs on your prints. Hence, for their prints, they do not come with a watermark logo on them.

Website: https://www.cloudbooth.com.sg/hashtag-print/
Contact: +65 8127 1500
Location: Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, Singapore 560574
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-10.30pm | Sat & Sun 8.30am-11.30pm


Image Credit: REXX

With a simple Snap-Post-Print process, REXX’s Hashtag Print provides friendly on-site assistants to help guide your guests through this process as well as snap a shot for them! Their unique hashtag specially created for your event will give you and your guests a lifelong memory of the occasion. For those who can’t get enough of your amazing event, they can reminisce about the entire experience by simply searching up its unique hashtag on Instagram.

Don’t worry about those who do not have an Instagram account, REXX is all about putting their customers at top priority and taking potential hiccups into consideration. As such, an add-on service that they provide is a prefixed dummy account so that no one feels left out, as all can get a chance to have a snapshot at your amazing event!

Website: https://www.rexx.com.sg/hashtag-print
Contact: +65 9647 6554

3. Unique Booth

Image Credit: Unique Booth

Unique Booth’s Rovstagram allows guests to document highlights of their event by uploading their own photos on Instagram with their chosen hashtag (and it will be printed out instantly!). Photographers will also walk around the venue to capture fun-filled moments of your guests and these can be easily uploaded onto Instagram. With Rovstagram’s Ambassadors to guide your guests, they will assist you in printing your photos in sizes of 4×3 inches or 3×2 inches.

In less than 4 seconds, these individual prints for each of your guests will be in their hands! In addition, Instagram live feed projection will be placed at your venue, so that guests can view the live updates of these photos taken by other guests and the photographer.

Website: https://uniquebooth.sg/rovstagram/
Contact: +65 9144 4537

4. Flashpixs Photography Services

Image Credit: Flashpixs Photography Services

Spice up your event and your social media branding with Flashpixs Photography Services. You can create unique memories of your event for your Internet pals to view, as well as launch your business and branding on social media effectively. Through their hassle-free and unlimited customisable instant prints, you will be able to create a unique online album to revisit. As for businesses, without the ridiculously high advertising fees, this is a new way to uniquely market your company in a cost-effective manner.

As it’s a simple process that anyone can do, there is no need to invest in a professional photographer! With Flashpixs Photography Services’ Instagram Instant Prints, all you need to do is set your Instagram account to public, feel like a model and pose for your wonderful shot. Then, you can upload it to Instagram with the event’s hashtag before proceeding to collect your photo at the instant booth!

Website: https://www.flashpixs.com/services/
Contact: +65 9796 4895
Location: 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1, Singapore 415934
Opening Hours: Tues-Fri 11am-5pm | Closed on Monday & Weekends

5. Social Booth

Image Credit: Social Booth

Unlike other instant print services, Social Booth uses Instagram as well as Whatsapp to provide instant prints for guests at your special event. Being aware that some of your guests might not be into the whole Instagram rave, they provide Whatsapp as an alternative. You can send it to a prearranged number and it allows practically everyone at your event to join in! What a great way for your guests to bring back these physical printed mementoes!

With Social Booth’s Instagram hashtag and Whatsapp printing station at your event, it includes a 22″ Touchscreen PC setup and a high-speed dye-sublimation photo printer that prints in 9 seconds. You can have freedom of choice with their customisable template print design. Also, your guests can choose between 4R 4″ x 6″ 4R or polaroid sized 4″ x 3″ for their photos to be printed with.

Website: https://www.socialbooth.sg/instagramprint/
Contact: +65 8230 3373

6. Tagronauts

Image Credit: Tagronauts

Using the legendary app, Instagram, Tagronauts prints unlimited photos that are uploaded onto the app along with a hashtag. Your guests will have a choice of 4 sizes, mini-wallet, wallet, half 4R as well as 4R. The photos uploaded on Instagram would also be shown on a 22″ screen provided by the company, which includes a customised background.

What’s even better, they provide a fully-automated system coupled with face detection to ensure the least possible waiting time. It can also develop up to 500 prints per hour! Tagronauts will help you design your prints to your branding needs or you can also use your own designer too. A shareable link will be allocated to a private online gallery for you and your guests to download the pictures, and reminisce about your special day.

Website: https://www.tagronauts.com/services/instagram-printing
Contact: +65 9858 5480


With these 6 best hashtag print and photography services, the guests at your bestie’s party can bond over these amazing printed photos. Not only that, they also get the chance to create new memories with new people! Additionally, as this is a simple and fast way to get your printed photos, you would definitely not hear anyone complaining about long queues.