Diamonds are some of the most admired and most expensive stones on the planet. They have also been the most sought-after jewels for centuries. Miners need to take a long, tedious journey to and from the pits of the earth to reach where diamonds abound. This is why they are incredibly rare and extremely expensive.

Because they are so rare and expensive, diamond jewellery are also the most sought-after jewellery pieces in the world. If you’re thinking of buying one for yourself or as a gift for someone else, check out five of the best diamond jewellery shops in Singapore listed here.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Love & Co.

Image Credit: Love & Co.

Love & Co. is one of the most trusted jewellers in Singapore. They are committed to excellence, ensuring that every diamond piece that comes out of their showroom is perfectly cut and handpicked for its exceptional qualities. To ensure that they only provide the highest quality diamonds, they use 50 stringent selection criteria. Each diamond is evaluated and scrutinized, from specific proportions to fluorescence. Every piece is selected, designed, and cut to add an exquisite gemstone to various types of jewellery.

Love & Co. is one of the best diamond jewellery shops in Singapore. They do diamonds differently as they aim to redefine jewellery traditions. They are committed to providing personalized jewellery pieces that each wearer can truly embrace as their own. They also make sure that sustainably creating diamonds is the way to go.

Customer Reviews


Pleasant and wonderful customer service by Thin Thin and Shereen. Being very patient and mindful of all my needs while recommending their best product available.

Sideka Shahul

My bf and I walked in looking for engagement rings. No intentions to buy actually. Jane and Thin Thin served us with such grand hospitality. The rings were so beautiful and to top it off, the staff were genuine and not stingy with sharing information. Definitely recommended. Oh of course, we ended up purchasing on the day itself. 🙂

Contact: +65 6255 3933 | +65 6264 4733 | +65 6970 4233 | +65 6734 8033 | +65 6835 7533 | +65 6509 8633
Northpoint City (South Wing), 1 North Point Dr, #01-187/188, Singapore 768019
VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-125/126, Singapore 098585
Jewel Airport, #01-258, Singapore 819666
JEM, #01-24, Singapore 608549
Plaza Singapura, #01-07, Singapore 238839
ION Orchard, #B2-64, Singapore 238801
Opening Hours: 11AM-9.30PM

2. Star Carat Shop

Image Credit: Star Carat Shop

Star Carat Shop is one of the top diamond jewellery stores in Singapore that believes everyone deserves to shine, and that the best way to do so is with an exquisite one-carat diamond. They have more than 30 years of experience in the jewellery business. They always make sure that quality comes first and they will every customer is completely happy and proud with their purchases. It is their goal is to ensure that all customers get the best value for their money.

Star Carat Shop is one of the best diamond jewellery shops here. With Star Carat, you don’t have to settle for something less because they always make sure that they offer all customers nothing but the most exquisite and sophisticated piece of diamond jewellery from their showroom.

Customer Reviews

Amelia Tan

Went with my boyfriend. service was good and price was very attractive. Really like my star carat diamond!

Lim Youcun

Pleased with their service. Shown me the difference between fake and real diamond. Its Orign is from United States.Used a 10x scope to see the surface details. Price is around 50% cheaper as compared to mined diamond. IAG certified. Olden generation might not able to accept lab growth and prefer natural one.

Contact: +65 6280 0733 | +65 6893 7533 | +65 6794 3133 | +65 6260 0133 | +65 6509 8733
7 Changi Business Park Vista, SOOKEE HQ, #01-01, Singapore 486062
1 Woodlands Square, Causeway Point, #01-K01, Singapore 738099
63 Jurong West Central 1, Jurong Point – The Centris, #01-53/54 and #01-83/84, Singapore 648886
4 Tampines Central 5, Tampines Mall, #01-19/20, Singapore 529510
2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, #B2-66, Singapore 238801 and more
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-7PM

3. SK Jewellery

Image Credit: SK Jewellery

SK Jewellery was established in 2003 with the belief that every high-quality jewellery’s luxury, allure, and beauty should be attainable to all women. This jeweller is one of the best when it comes to top-quality diamond jewellery pieces in Singapore. They put great emphasis on design excellence and innovation to ensure that every piece that comes out of their showroom is not only exquisitely beautiful but also offers the highest value for your money. This company quickly rose to fame for its contemporary diamond jewellery pieces.

SK Jewellery is one of the best jewellery shops that carry a wide range of extraordinary diamond pieces that will not only make any wearer happy but also proud of their impeccable quality. The company has been relentless in innovating and designing rare diamond jewellery pieces that are set to revolutionize how customers perceive contemporary jewellery.

Customer Reviews

Dani D

Louis Phua is an excellent customer service provider. He is very knowledgeable in his field with his many years of service. His desposition is always such a delight. He never fails to answer all of my questions and is always ready and very patient to go the extra mile in his services. He is also very honest and gives advice if you have any questions. I love the Star Carat Diamond range that he recommended and fell in love with it. Thank you Louis so much for your time and patience!

Ismail Nazri Kamdani

Louis was very friendly. He recognised the engagement ring we bought 12 years ago and helped to clean our rings. We settled on the new purchase within minutes. He wasn’t pushy but very assuring. We actually just wanted to window shop because our anniversary isn’t until next month, but his assistance made us convinced to purchase on the spot. Thank you!

Contact: +65 6336 1033
Location: Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Rd, #01-27, Singapore, 238839
Opening Hours: Daily, 11AM-9.30PM

4. Vivo Diamonds

Image Credit: Vivo Diamonds

Vivo Diamonds is one of the leading diamond jewellery stores in Singapore. Their guarantee is to offer the world’s most dazzling diamonds cut to perfection. They are one of the best companies to call if you’re want to design your dream ring. They offer a consultation to help achieve the perfect ring that will symbolize love and perfection. Vivo Diamonds offers an extensive range of engagement rings, eternity rings, and wedding bands that have been intricately designed and engraved with extraordinary details.

Vivo Diamonds is one of the best diamond jewellery stores here in the city-state. They have a reputation for being one of the few companies that run a full e-commerce website in the jewellery industry. All customers are guaranteed to be working with a renowned jeweller that ensures dependability and integrity. They have more than 60,000 diamonds to choose from that perfectly suit any taste, preference, or budget.

Customer Reviews

Alex & Sha

Dear Lealice, thank you for helping me choose the perfect ring for our special moment. The service rendered was excellent and we are very happy!

Matt & Natasha

Thank you for a great experience. From the start to finish, we were in great hands. The end result is perfect!

Contact: +65 6836 3789
Location: 57 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088478
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm | Sat 12pm-7pm | Closed on Sunday

5. Draco Diamonds

Image Credit: Draco Diamonds

Draco Diamonds is one of the top sources of exquisite diamond jewellery pieces in Singapore. They carry an extensive collection of GIA-certified diamonds, engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, and other fine jewellery. The company started with a Draco pendant, which is a memento of a man and his passion for the craft. The one-of-a-kind pendant has an eastern dragon holding on to diamonds. They wanted to pass down the legacy and remind them of the values that are imbued in all the fine jewellery pieces they create.

Draco Diamonds is one of the best names when it comes to exquisite diamond jewellery pieces. They are able to create masterpieces through the different expertise of their team members, including a gemologist, designer, artisan, and a listener. They all work together to capture the love story in every engagement ring and wedding band.

Customer Reviews

Sam Matthias Yong

Highly recommend Javian from Draco Diamonds. He is accomodating, patient and sincere. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him on my wedding bands.

Ziming Ong

I would like to thank Javian and his team for designing and creating the perfect proposal for my fiancée! It was a long journey from educating me on diamonds, accommodating to my design preference, and coming out with the final product which was simply amazing. What I like most about Draco Diamonds is that you are able to customise every little detail and come out with the one and only ring in the world for your partner. I would definitely recommend anyone to get their rings from them. Well done Javian & team!👍🏻

Contact: +65 8768 3453
Location: Geylang East Avenue 3, Block 1013, #07-116, Singapore 389728
Opening Hours: 10AM-9PM


Diamonds are the most enduring gemstones of all. The term “diamond” is derived from the Greek word adamas, which means unbreakable. Because of their worth, diamonds are the most coveted gemstones among them all.

Buy only from trusted jewellers to ensure quality and value for your money. The five diamond jewellery shops listed here are among the best in Singapore.