COVID-19 has shifted the digital media landscape, and so have various premier agencies adapted to better serve a new landscape of clients – many of whom run SMEs and smaller businesses. The government, being aware of this new development, has also come up with the Productive Solutions Grant (PSG) to cater to these smaller businesses.

PSG alleviates the financial burdens of SMEs going digital, helping them kickstart the foundations of their digital strategies by engaging a digital agency to equip them with pre-qualified IT solutions to enhance their business productivity. Here are 4 of the qualified PSG approved digital agencies that can provide PSG approved solutions to your business.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Impossible Marketing

Image Credit: Impossible Marketing

With various awards under their belt, Impossible Marketing has a track record of creating multiple successful campaigns for their clients over the years of service. Listed by as the Top SEO Company in Singapore in 2021 and the number 1 Performing Marketing Agency Of The Year by Marketing Magazine 2021, they show no signs of slowing down their growth in providing expert solutions to their clients.

With a firm belief in supporting local businesses, Impossible Marketing doesn’t shy away from starting digital marketing campaigns for the clients from the ground up. From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Lead Generation, their experience with various industry leaders and small business owners alike grants them perceptive insight to assist business owners getting to start out in the digital space.

Customer Reviews


Digital advertising has become an essential aspect of lead generation, and I am glad that we have engaged IMpossible Marketing for their services. From creating our Facebook Business Page, Business account to a landing page to running our lead generation campaign, Impossible Marketing has done an excellent job in all aspects. It has, in turn, helped us generate nearly 200 leads over 2 months.

Tily Tea

With Impossible marketing, the team has been very accommodating in helping us strategise for our business goals and giving us valuable insights on Social Media Ads. Since engaging them, our website has experienced an increase in website traffic as well as sales!

Contact: 6208 8111
Location: 14A Yan Kit Road (Level 2 & 3), Singapore 088266
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9:30AM-6:30PM | Closed on Sat & Sun

2. Corsiva Lab

Image Credit: Corvisa Lab

Corvisa Lab is a digital agency dedicated to providing digital solutions that generate higher sales revenue for their clients. They have worked with 400+ clients over the years, representing big organisations and smaller business owners keen to improve their current digital strategies. They pride themselves on working closely with the client to understand their goals and needs before optimising a solution to fit them.

Their portfolio includes modern web pages from many clients, showcasing their strengths in web design, mobile app development and digital marketing strategies, providing patient consultation and insight especially to starting businesses that require a helping hand in the basics of marketing strategy.

Location: 82 Playfair Road, #12-01, D,lithium, Singapore 368001

3. Next Level Singapore

Image Credit: Next Level Singapore

Calling themselves a group of ‘social media ninjas’ that serve their customers from behind the scenes, the team at Next Level Singapore has served clients from the real estate industry and various industry leaders who manage up to $40 million in revenue. They specialise in Live Streaming Production, Facebook Advertising Services and other Digital Marketing Services. Having keen insight into comprehensive digital marketing strategies allows them to boldly reposition the digital strategy of various firms to capture a larger audience.

They aren’t just keen on providing tailored solutions for businesses but also conduct courses with the SkillsFuture Singapore Grant (SSG) to upgrade individual skillsets to learn digital marketing skills to benefit their business in the long run.

8376 5715
7500A Beach Road, The Plaza, #05-320, Singapore 199591

4. OOm

Image Credit: OOM

Founded in 2006, OOM has established itself as a digital agency that serves clients from all backgrounds – SMEs, enterprises, non-profits and government agencies. They value transparency and accountability while working with clients while simultaneously delivering key performance indicators to denote actual growth.

They understand that clients bring with them many questions, and they serve them by including best practices that they have garnered through sheer volume and experience over the years. They specialise in Google Marketing Solutions, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and specialised China Digital Solutions to cater to the ever-growing Chinese market.

Customer Reviews


We had an enjoyable experience working with Serena and Chloe from OOm. Not only are they objectives driven and resourceful in answering our campaign briefs, but they are also quick in their responses which is essential to our campaign needs!

Calendar Fashion

Very Professional Service. Their years of SEO and SEM experience helped me out a lot. Very willing to share and go into details to teach and enlighten you on the best practices and strategies to get the most out of your marketing dollars!

6391 0930
Location: 141 Middle Road, GSM Building #06-05 and #05-04, Singapore 188976


The booming digital landscape can seem like an intimidating prospect to tackle. But it can also mean a wealth of opportunities for any business owner willing to take the initiative and make a leap of faith. While many SMEs might not have the full-fledged capabilities or knowledge to get started, outsourcing their digital marketing efforts to an experienced agency can prove worthwhile, saving much time and effort while granting maximum results. Don’t be afraid to get started while the iron is still hot and expose your business to greater reach and prospects.