As women, we do not get enough credit for what we go through on a day-to-day basis. At times, it can feel disheartening when everything falls flat. Although the first thing you would like to do is curl up in bed and binge-watch your favourite shows, we think that there is a hidden lesson you can take from your favourite fictional female characters.

With many strong female leads gracing our silver screens, it may be hard to choose your favourite one. What many of you don’t know is that most of these female fictional characters offer insightful advice that can be applied to our life. Whether it’s for dealing with a conflict or troubles at work, count on these 8 best empowering quotes from fictional women characters to brighten up your day!

1. “There are days that make the sacrifices seem worthwhile… and then there are the days where everything feels like a sacrifice. And then there are the sacrifices that you can’t even figure out why you’re making.”– Meredith Grey

Our favourite on-screen doctor from Grey’s Anatomy creates a realistic portrayal of everyday life through this quote. Every day, we may face a different set of challenges, so it’s important to not put too much stress on yourself and take one day at a time.

2. “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?” – Pam Beesly

As The Office’s receptionist, Pam is the true definition of the quote. Many women feel competitive to be the best in everything they do without realising that each of us is special in our own way.

3. “I look fresh to death my with new dress and purse.” – Lumpy Space Princess

This lighthearted quote from Adventure Time aims at lifting your spirits up on days when you don’t feel your best. As we know that looking good physically switches up our mood, the next time you’re feeling down, don a gorgeous dress and strappy heels and paint the town red!

4. “My gut tells me everything I need to know.” – Olivia Pope

Scandal’s main character is cutthroat about working to get to where she is today. A woman’s intuition is a useful trait in many situations as having an underlying gut feeling is helpful when it comes to making the final decisions.

5. “I want to live my life so that I’ll be able to read an in-depth biography about myself in later years and not puke.” – Paris Gellar

Life’s short, so make the best out of days you have. Gilmore Girls’ Paris illustrates this in a cynical manner to showcase a pragmatic viewpoint on life. The quote teaches us to seize every opportunity that comes our way which will, in turn, create a more fulfilling life.

6. “Whenever I think I’m certain about something, I’m always surprised.” – Alicia Florrick

The Good Wife’s leading lady is a fierce lawyer and loving mother who juggles between the corporate world and family life. One thing you can take away from this is to always be on your toes in case you have to craft out an alternative solution.

7. “Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it!” – Rapunzel

From Disney’s Tangled, the show’s protagonist goes through a journey of discovering the outside world from her once sheltered life. We advise that you venture out of your comfort zone by doing projects that make you happy.

8. “Why don’t you stop worrying about sounding smart and just be yourself.” – Monica Geller

As one of the most beloved characters from Friends, Monica Geller is the big sister everyone wished we had growing up. A fruitful lesson we can learn from her is to always be true to yourself as nothing beats authenticity at its finest.



Now as you watch your favourite leading ladies, we hope that you have learnt something new from these badass females. As a lady, times can be tough which is why we hope that these 8 best empowering quotes by your favourite fictional women characters will hopefully inspire you to take charge of your life!