What is the best thing about watching a coming of age movie? Well, you can reminisce on your awkward self from back then and understand how you have evolved over the years. An emblem of sorts, it also serves as a personal portrayal of the struggles and emotions you go through in your formative years. Growing up may be difficult but it is, nonetheless, a fruitful and eventful life stage.

Invaluable life lessons, friendships woes, and first kisses. All these and more can be seen in these 6 best coming of age movies for women of all ages to watch!

1. Blockers (2018)

3 best friends, Sam, Kayla and Julie commit to a pact where they have each agreed to give their virginity to their prom date. Surprise surprise, their plans get interrupted when their parents find out about the secret pact. Like what any protective parent would do, they embark on a mission to stop the girls from losing their virginity on their prom night!

Why you should watch this film!

Not only will you find humour peppered throughout the film for you to laugh out loud at, but more importantly, the movie also discusses on relevant themes of sexuality. There are many sex-positive messages delivered to teenage girls. For example, the journey of sexual exploration can be done at one’s own pace and that it’s okay to withdraw consent even if you change your mind later.

2. Mean Girls (2004)

Cady has been homeschooled her whole life and struggles to navigate the social dynamics of high school life. She starts to hang out with the cool students and changes herself in the process to fit in with the group. As a result, she loses some aspects of her old self, previous friendships and even the respect of her crush.

Why you should watch this film!

Everyone judges a book by its cover. Girls tend to dumb down themselves at times to make their crush like them back, indulge in gossips and being mean to appear cool to others. At the end of the film, it teaches you to do the total opposite. Never let popularity go to your head or change yourself for others. Instead, cherish your important friendships and have the confidence to be whoever you are (in spite of the judgements that it may bring about!).

3. Whip It (2009)

Growing up, Bliss’ mother forces her to compete in pageants which she conforms to and does so to appease her. Later by chance, Bliss discovers the world of roller-derby and finds her true passion in this sports form. She ends up having to hide this secret from her mother while struggling to keep up with her academic classes, boys, friendship issues and rivals in the roller-derby world. Just when you think that things can’t get any worse, Bliss learns that the date of her pageant competition clashes with her championship roller derby game!

Why you should watch this film!

The film touches on issues that many teenage girls go through from pressures to conform to your parents’ expectations and identity exploration, to how to deal with bad boys and the importance of valuing your friendships! Want to know what’s our favourite girl power line in the film? It’s none other than “Let’s go apeshit!”. Similar to the tag line, we hope you have one hell of a good time watching this sassy flick!

4. 13 Going on 30 (2004)

Jenna is a girl who makes a wish on her 13th birthday to transform into her 30-year-old self. This wish comes true but her slowly-emerging past reveals that she was not the shy and sweet girl like she used to be during her younger years. As a grown-up, Jenna hooks up with a co-worker’s husband, does not speak to her parents and steals ideas from her colleagues. Even her best friend badmouths her. Not all hope is lost though! She eventually learns how to navigate the adult world while making eventual decisions to put her adult life back on track.

Why you should watch this film!

When we are young, we wish to be older and skip all the awkward moments that come with journeying through our formative years. However, the films shares that it is important to live in the present and be grateful for what we have, such as appreciating our parents and genuine friendships rather than endlessly chasing social popularity. Adding on to that, the movie also teaches us to be kind to all no matter one’s age.

5. Freaky Friday (2003)

Anna wakes up one day and realises that she has switched body with her single mother, Tess. They are both forced to masquerade each other until a solution is found. This obviously brings about a wave of hilarity to your cinematic screens! That aside, they learn about the struggles that each faces in their life role and develop newfound respect and understanding for one another.

Why you should watch this film!

Many a time, our parents can get on our nerves and drive us crazy. Nevertheless, the movie shows that they actually play a crucial role in guiding us on the right path and will always have our back, no matter what. Mothers and daughters may also not understand the woes that either party go through. After watching the film, you’ll learn not to judge until you have walk in the other’s shoes, literally! 

6. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)

Lara hides all the love letters she has written for her five crushes in her secret box. In her writings, she pours out her inner feelings and thoughts that she would never ever dare say out in person. After all, the letters are for her and only her to read. Here comes the rising action of the plot: One fine day, her secret letters are mailed out without her knowledge. As one can expect, her life goes haywire from that very moment.

Why you should watch this film!

If you are a sucker for puppy love rom-com, this one’s for you! Get to see how Lara’s cute love story develops with one of her handsome crush (warning alert: hot eye candy!). Besides that, you can also learn a thing or two about family, love and friendships. P.S. The best part of it all, burst out in laughter with your girlfriends at the funny and embarrassing moments of Lara and her messy love life!



There are many paths from adolescence to adulthood and no two is the same for any girl. We hope the above 6 best coming of age movies stir up your sentimental feelings and bring back those bittersweet nostalgias. They teach us that it’s okay to make mistakes and not have it figured out in life as a teenager. Adulting may be tough but it is necessary for everyone to go through it and come out maturing in the process. Awkward, embarrassing yet truly entertaining, we hope you enjoy both the films’ and your very own sweet and gritty memories of growing up!

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