In modern music, women are consistently dominating the billboard charts by creating hit after hit. As ladies, it’s natural that many of us prefer to listen to our favourite female singers. Not only do their music help brighten up our mood but it has helped us through our tough times. Think breakups, commuting to work and studying in a library, all of that has got to do with us listening to a song.

In our coveted list of the 8 best famous female singers, we have covered all the most current stars. These popular singers are sure to have you dancing away anywhere you go, so go ahead and listen!

1. Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa is no stranger to many of us, the Albanian singer has been dishing out dance bops since the start of her career. With her highly raved album, Future Nostalgia, her mix of old and new beats is sure to cater to the masses. 

Although she started out in the dance-pop genre, Dua Lipa has now ventured into the 70s by bringing us back to the good old times! Be transported into the past, with her disco influences which can be heavily heard in her latest album!

Recommended hits:

  • Don’t Start Now
  • New Rules
  • One Kiss
  • Levitating

2. Lady Gaga

To everyone who has felt out of place in this world, Lady Gaga is here to be the voice for those who don’t fit into societal norms. As Mother Monster herself, she has broken boundaries in the pop world with her creative music videos and themes discussed.

Lady Gaga is not confined to one genre, with dance-pop hits to slow ballads, there is nothing she can’t do. She takes major influence from the ballroom scene which can be seen in her latest album, Chromatica.

Recommended hits:

  • Born This Way
  • Poker Face
  • Rain On Me
  • Bad Romance

3. Doja Cat

The underground rapper first broke into the mainstream with her fun hit, MOOO! If you’re one to not take yourself too seriously, then you’ll surely relate to Doja Cat. Heavily influenced by the Japanese culture, expect to jam out to catchy tunes while listening to her sultry voice.

Her songs have been a hit on TikTok, sparking a new wave of dance challenges as seen in the mobile application. Furthermore, her disco-influenced song, Say So, reached #1 on the charts, making it her most successful song to date.

Recommended hits:

  • Say So
  • MOOO!
  • Like That
  • Tia Tamera

4. Ariana Grande

Although you may remember her as the lovable Cat Valentine on Victorious, Ariana Grande’s music is far from innocent, discussing many themes from breakup to girl empowerment and tragedy. As such, it can be said that each of her albums represents a different stage in her life.

Even though she started out as a generic pop artist, her smooth and powerful vocals have consistently been at the forefront of her career. Now, she chooses to showcase her lower registers in the R&B influenced album, Thank U, Next!

Recommended hits:

  • 7 rings
  • The Way
  • No Tears Left to Cry
  • god is a woman

5. Taylor Swift

Topping the charts all through her career, Taylor Swift first broke through into mainstream success with her country roots. Later on, she moved over to pop and developed a more upbeat sound which became popular amongst many age groups. Through her collaborations and feuds with multiple stars, Taylor Swift’s public image has been met with many ups and downs.

Many people cite Taylor’s inspirations from her failed relationships, which has been the focus of her career. From hits such as Shake it Off to Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor Swift has proven that versatility is the key to a successful pop career.

Recommended hits:

  • Love Story
  • Wildest Dreams
  • The Man
  • Style

6. Megan Thee Stallion

The Houston-born rapper has swept the rap scene with her lyrics and freestyle. If you love rap from the 90s, Megan is here to bring you the right amount of swag together with catchy songs. 

Without the use of autotune, Megan delivers a more raw sound which showcases her ability as a rapper. Embracing both her wild and vulnerable side, this all-rounded female rapper is one to watch!

Recommended hits:

  • Savage
  • Hot Girl Summer
  • Realer
  • Tina Montana

7. Rihanna

While Rihanna may be currently dominating the beauty industry with her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, her music should not be overlooked. With a longstanding career, her life is truly the definition of a rags to riches story. 

Whether it’s her older or newer songs, Rihanna’s signature voice is almost recognisable immediately! So, listen to any of the songs that we have recommended to hear how versatile her voice sounds.

Recommended hits:

  • Diamonds
  • Umbrella
  • Take a Bow
  • Needed Me

8. Nicki Minaj

As the longest dominating female rapper in the hip hop game, Nicki Minaj has had a fruitful career through her list of singles. Bursting into the scene with her loud outfits and multiple wigs, Nicki made a name for herself by pushing the barriers of female rap.

Known for her fast-paced rap style, she wowed people with her multiple personas that can be seen in her songs. Her eccentric style was what caught people attention. That said, Nicki has now grown from her younger self. These days, her songs are more relaxed as she incorporates her newest alter ego as seen in MEGATRON!

Recommended hits:

  • Superbass
  • Starships
  • Barbie Tingz
  • Chun-Li



With these powerhouse songstresses, you’ll have an upgraded playlist of fresh new beats to listen to on a daily basis. Female singers have truly inspired many of us with their heartfelt lyrics to get through anything life throws at us. Perfect for millennials, be empowered by these 8 best famous female singers!

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