Swimming is an important life skill that bears benefits not just in survival but also in more everyday use cases, like exercising or leisurely having a splash in the pool to beat the heat. As such, it is something that everyone should learn at some point in their life, whether in childhood or later in adulthood. Remember, you’re never too old for anything, including learning to swim!

That said, becoming a great swimmer requires a great teacher capable of getting you through the usual obstacles and frustrations on the path to mastery. Not only that, but the lessons should also be as hassle-free as possible to ensure you don’t skip a lesson. So, if you or any of your family members want to learn how to swim, here are the 5 best and most convenient private swimming lessons for adult beginners in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. SG Condo Swimming Lessons

SG Condo Swimming Lessons
Image Credit: SG Condo Swimming Lessons

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to learn how to swim with the help of a reliable private swimming coach, look no further than SG Condo Swimming Lessons. Founded by two certified swimming instructors, the company now has a team of passionate and equally qualified coaches ready to provide swimming lessons where it’s most convenient for you: right at home.

Besides convenience, the swim instructors develop a personalised lesson plan with fun and interactive learning methodologies to determine the best way for students to progress. This, and in conjunction with step-by-step guidance, adult beginners are sure to quickly learn how to move in the water effortlessly. Whether it’s learning to swim in your private pool or your condo, you’re guaranteed to get the undivided attention you deserve from the professional instructors at SG Condo Swimming Lessons.

Customer Reviews

Lynnette Soh

My 2 girls look forward to their weekly swim lessons a lot – I think that in itself is a great testament to the coaches ability to engage the kids. As a parent, I like the convenience of having lessons at my condo’s pool. Fees for group classes is also affordable.

Hui.t Ng

My son has been learning with them for about a year at our condo pool. Coach Nigel is very patient and good with kids. Initially, my boy was really afraid of water and hesitant to go in. However, after the 1st lesson, he was so comfortable in the water and kept pestering me to bring him down to the pool after. I appreciate the effort put in by the coach and the school to update the parents after class as well.

Website: https://sgswimminglessons.com.sg/
Contact Number: +65 8501 1096
Address: Nordcom 2, 2 Gambas Crescent, #09-01,  Singapore 750744
Opening Hours: 9AM-5PM Daily

2. Sharkies Swim School

Sharkies Swim School
Image Credit: Sharkies Swim School

Sharkies Swim School has years of experience providing convenient lessons for, children, adults, and learners with special needs. By leveraging the internationally-recognised Swim School International (SSI) swimming syllabus, their certified swim instructors are more effective at helping students become proficient in various swim strokes. Furthermore, with safety being the number one priority, kids and adults will learn many essential survival techniques when in the water.

If you’re interested in becoming a professional swim coach yourself, Sharkies Swim School also provides SSI courses that provide everything you need to become a certified instructor. Last but not least, Sharkies Swim School goes wherever you are so that you can arrange private swim lessons at your condo’s pool, private property, and anywhere else convenient for you.

Customer Reviews

Bertrand Lim

Bervyn is a very patient instructor. His cheerful demeanor always brightens up the class. With him pointing out my mistakes, I am now able to swim much better than I did before. He even takes note of the slightest detail which may hamper my learning.

I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn how to swim, regardless of age!

Darius Tan

Coach Bervyn is a patient and friendly teacher. He is a good natured person who likes children and my son enjoys his lessons very much.

Website: https://www.sharkiesswimschool.com/
Contact Number: +65 9115 9676
Address: 3D Upper Boon Keng Rd, Singapore 384003
Opening Hours: 24Hrs Daily

3. Swimmerse Swim School

Swimmerse Swim School
Image Credit: Swimmerse Swim School

Whether you’re still a beginner at swimming or want a certified swim coach to correct your technique, Swimmerse Swim School’s lessons can meet all your swimming needs. Their tailored swim classes cater to all experience levels and are available in both group and private settings, with the former mainly held at swimming complexes all over the island. Swimmerse’s MOE-certified and experienced swimming coaches are experts at guiding you step-by-step towards overcoming your water phobia and being more confident in the water – one of the keys to being a great swimmer.

Apart from their excellent swimming courses, Swimmerse offers their Swimsafer 2.0 syllabus, a nationally-recognised programme divided into six progressive stages that teach water survival skills. Completing the programme grants the kids an online certificate and a Swimmerse badge as proof of their hard work, as well as increased confidence in their parents that they know how to stay safe in the water.

Customer Reviews

Frey Ng

Was looking for a swimming coach for my young kids , googled and inquiries with a few swimming schools. Only swimmerse allows a free trial and was very friendly over the phone . My kids who are very selective, love the friendliness and patient of the coach !!

Cherin Hoe

My boys improved tremendously under Coach Eng. He is very patient with kids and teaches the swimming techniques thoroughly. My boys look forward to their weekly classes since. Highly recommended.

Website: https://swimmerse.com/
Contact Number: +65 8588 7867
2 Bukit Batok Street 22, Singapore 659581
57 Anchorvale Rd, Singapore 544964
95 Hougang Ave 4, Singapore 538830
Opening Hours: Sat-Sun 9AM-7PM

4. Elite Coach Sports Academy

Elite Coach Sports Academy
Image Credit: Elite Coach Sports Academy

Elite Coach Sports Academy originally specialised in private training for fitness and swimming, with its mission being to connect its clients with only the best and most elite teachers in Singapore. The SwimtoFly swimming programme completed Elite Coach’s suite of training services and is renowned for its SwimtoFly method. This technique has effectively helped over 190,000 students learn to swim via its proven step-by-step method that uses the concept of “Flying in the Water”.

As the experts in private swimming lessons for students of all ages, Elite Coach guarantees a 99% success rate in overcoming aquaphobia and learning to swim properly under the guidance of the best SwimtoFly teachers. These expert swim instructors can also conduct all levels of swim lessons at your private pool or condo, promoting a seamless learning experience.

Customer Reviews

Prim Nyein

I have been to Elite Coach a few times before and I am still a returning customer. The coaches are very patient, experienced and friendly. The classes are beginner friendly. The coach conducted the class step by step and ensured that beginners like me can follow the classes easily with the proper techniques.

Oliver Schlösser

My son went for a trial lesson and I was amazed. The coaches are super friendly and the program and schedule offered is perfect for kids. Especially the additional Kids Club and Camps for additonal play time.

Website: https://elitecoach.com.sg/swimming-lesson-singapore
Contact Number: +65 8112 9162
Address: Goldhill Shopping Centre, 191 Thomson Road, Corner Unit 191B, 3rd Floor (Above SuperCuts Exit United Square, 20m from Novena MRT, Goldhill Plaza, Parking), Singapore 307632
Opening Hours: 7AM-10PM Daily

5. Odysseus Aquatics

Odysseus Aquatics
Image Credit: Odysseus Aquatics

Odysseus Aquatics prides itself on providing swim students of all ages with effective and enjoyable swim lessons backed by a quality, systematic learning syllabus at affordable rates. As a leading swim school accredited by the Singapore Swimming Association, clients can expect high-quality swim coaching and class management that meets expectations.

The school provides a variety of swimming classes catered for adults and children (available in both group and private settings) and islandwide condo swimming classes so you can learn how to swim in comfort. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced swimmer, Odysseus Aquatics guarantees you’ll always take away new and valuable lessons after each session that all add up towards reaching your swimming goals.

Customer Reviews

Jean Lim

I am very impressed with the patience of the coaches. My 4 year old has been very hesitant about being in the water and Coach Nian and Jacq made sure he was advancing at his own pace. He went into the pool after the second lesson without much coaxing.

It also helps that they do dry lessons when it rains. It helps my son and I understand the importance of water safety.

I would definitely recommend Odysseus to any first-time parents who have young children like mine who are afraid of getting into pools.

Cindy Wang

My daughter is with Coach Jia Nian and his team. Very dedicated teachers, fun and most importantly, she looks forward to swim class every week!

Website: https://www.swimlesson.com.sg/
Contact Number: +65 9099 7290
Address: 3 Woodlands Street 13, Singapore 738600
Opening Hours: Mon & Wed 4PM-9PM | Fri 5PM-9PM | Sat 8:30AM-7PM | Sun 8:30AM-6:30PM | Closed on Tue & Thur


Given the busy schedules of Singaporeans today, it can be tough to make time for and stick to less-pressing matters such as swimming lessons. However, as more and more swim schools branch out to meet their clients where it’s most convenient for them, this should no longer prove an obstacle for those wanting to learn how to become a great swimmer.