There’s nothing quite like a fun and fabulous movie night with your best friends. Whether you’re in the mood for a thrilling blockbuster, a heartwarming romance, or a laugh-out-loud comedy, the right cinema can make all the difference in your movie-going experience. In Singapore, there are numerous cinemas that cater to girls looking for a perfect night out, offering stylish settings, comfortable seating, and top-notch viewing experiences. In this article, we have curated a list of the best cinemas in Singapore for girls’ movie nights, ensuring an unforgettable outing filled with laughter, popcorn, and cinematic magic.

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Golden Village @VivoCity

Golden Village Cinema In Singapore
Image Credit: Golden Village

The largest selection of movies, cutting-edge design, ease of use, and unmatched comfort are all provided by GV. Their strategy has always been to make innovation a fundamental component of the GV Singapore Cinema, going beyond simply displaying the newest blockbusters. From conferences and virtual meetups to fan meets, esports tournaments, and exclusive live screenings. With GV, guests can enjoy a full entertainment and lifestyle experience, which reflects our constant commitment to providing MORE THAN JUST A MOVIE. It’s the height of elegance and ideal for a classy evening out.

Customer Reviews

Wei Kwan Ng
One of the better places for movies – easy to access via Harbourfront MRT, ample parking (can also park at Harbour front mall), 2 food courts, etc.

Very satisfying experience to watch a movie. Purchase tickets through Kiosk only and grab some snacks at the cinema shop.

The max screen here is really good tho not the brightest but still nice. The matinee price for weekdays afternoon makes it a great deal.

Contact:9900 0799
Location:1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-30 VivoCity, Singapore 098585
Opening Hours:Visit their website for schedule information

2. Shaw Theatres Paya Lebar Quarter

Shaw Theatres Best Cinema SG
Image Credit: Shaw Theatres

Shaw Lido Cinema in Singapore, well-known for its IMAX and Lumiere screens, offers a captivating cinematic experience. There is plenty of legroom and backrest adjustment on the high-end Lumiere seats. Shaw’s famous Lido Theatres reopened to the public in May 2011 following a seven-month, S$20 million “re-imagining” that included the addition of 11 additional halls, one of which has Singapore’s first and only IMAX Digital Theatre System. The elegant and sophisticated “lifestyle” design concept of the new Shaw Theatres Lido is reflected in its clean, modern lines and rich wood details. The S$1 million 8.2 m by 2.7 m Panasonic Super Video Screen, updated movie wall mural, floor to ceiling windows with an amazing view of Orchard Road, and unique digital living poster screens that engage customers with content beyond movie trailers are all aspects of the renovated Lido Lobby perfect for every girls bonding with friends or family.

Customer Reviews

Veronica Gilbert
Lovely shopping n movie n church going experience.

Clean and well maintained.

Mister White
Been over there quite a number of times, the theater & seating are neat & pleasant. I was served by the Indian lady manager. Although it was pretty crowded, she somehow managed (probably short-staffed). Overall, satisfied with the service & great customer service by the manager!

Contact:6235 2077
Location:350 Orchard Road 5th, #6th floor Shaw House, Singapore 238868
Opening Hours:Visit their website for schedule information.

3. Oldham Theatre

Oldham Theatre Cinema SG
Image Credit: Oldham Theatre

With its focus on education, preservation, and enjoyment of the cinematic arts, Oldham Theatre Cinemas Singapore is a cultural institution that offers more than just a venue for watching movies. Oldham Theatre offers a singular and fascinating experience that goes beyond traditional movie screenings, catering to a wide range of audiences including cinephiles, film students, and general movie enthusiasts.

Customer Reviews

A fantastic place for me to reach more nice movies.

Butcher’s Bill
Staff were friendly and the surrounding nature is gorgeous. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to catch a movie. The toilets are one of the cleanest and most disabled friendly ones I have ever seen that wasn’t in a hospital. Good job, whoever thought of that!

Redherring “Redherring”
Came to check out the Oldham Theatre. It was quite a nostalgic event as get to watch Wang Sha and Ye Feng exhibition.

Contact:6777 3243
Location:1 Canning Rise, Singapore 179868
Opening Hours:Wednesday & Friday 7 PM–11 PM I Saturday 3 PM–11 PM I Sunday 1 PM–9 PM I Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

4. Filmgarde @ Leisure Park Kallang

Filmgarde Cinema Singapore
Image Credit: Filmgarde

The PRIMO theater in Filmgarde Leisure Park Kallang, which provides an upscale moviegoing experience, is one of its distinctive features. PRIMO offers single and double sitting choices on sophisticated leatherette reclining seats that are built for comfort and seclusion. With the biggest screen in its class and DTS:X 360° immersive sound technology from GDC, the hall offers an unmatched movie experience (Leisure Park). With all the comforts of today, Filmgarde is the best cinema in Singapore that provides a stylish movie experience. Their theaters are a terrific option for a laid-back and enjoyable excursion because they are well-equipped and pleasant.

Customer Reviews

Charlene Su
My favorite cinema in Singapore – it’s unassuming but wonderful. There’s no crowds so it’s quiet and clean. I hope it stays in operation for a long time. ✨

Sasha Rosy
Underated and my family including myself love this cinema. Very nice, clean, quiet, no crowd, good sound system, comfortable seats & of course the popcorns aint so expensive like other cinemas (not for fussy people). The only Filmgarde Cinema left in Spore. Hope this cinema wont close down. Do support Filmgarde.

Oz Aksugur
Filmgrade cinema/cineplex at the Kallang Leisure Park Mall is a great little alternative to theuch larger GV (Golden Village) chain of cinemas. It is clean, comfortable, and most importantly almost always very quiet. Just a few minutes, covered walkway away from the Stadium MRT station, Filmgrade Cinema can easily be a destination in itself even if you don’t live in the area.

Contact:6344 5997
Location:Level 3, Kallang Leisure Park, 5 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397693
Opening Hours:Visit for movie time schedule

5. Carnival Cinemas Singapore

Carnival Cinemas Singapore
Image Credit: Carnival Cinemas Singapore

The historic Shaw Towers in Singapore, once the location of Jade Cinemas and Bombay Talkies, is now home to Carnival Cinemas’ first location. Perched on the prominent and historically significant 100 Beach Road, this building is well situated in the vibrant Central Business District. Carnival Cinemas in Singapore is distinguished by its dedication to offering an excellent cinematic experience at a reasonable cost. Regardless of your preference for indie or popular Hollywood productions, Carnival Cinemas provides a warm and entertaining atmosphere for all cinema enthusiasts. Its convenient location, cozy seats, and cutting-edge technology make it the ideal option for an unforgettable movie night.

Customer Reviews

The best get away for Indian Films In Singapore! This cinema Offers a wide Amount of seats and a huge screen accompanied with a good sound system. Other than the fact that there is only one screen this cinema is the best. Hope they continue with the Elderly and Student Discounts!!

abhay Gopinath
Seats have started to degrade.. but overall a very good experience for the platinum seats.

Subin Lal S M
Best theatre to enjoy with fans . Felt like was in India. Mass euphoria , vibes was top notch and felt like concert . Watched Ghilli rerelease , a dream come moment to watch it in theatre. Fans were dancing dancing dancing , reciting all dialogues and felt like concert of vidhyasagar. 🔥

Contact:6902 7095
Location:Beach Rd, #03/00 GOLDEN MILE TOWER, Singapore 199589s Singapore
Opening Hours:Visit their website for schedule information

6. EagleWings Cinematics

EagleWings Cinematics Singapore
Image Credit: EagleWings Cinematics

With the intention of providing a variety of healthy options to make friends and families happy, EagleWings Cinematics was established. The Bible verse “You are the light of the world” served as the inspiration for EagleWings Cinematics’ motto, “Light your world.” Allow your light to radiate.  EagleWings Cinematics in Singapore is committed to showcasing independent, uplifting, faith-based films that are family-friendly, wholesome, entertaining, educational, inspiring, and have a message that enriches one’s spirituality, in addition to the newest blockbuster movies, all in accordance with our core values. We hope that by lighting up the globe, we will brighten many hearts and that every visitor to EagleWings Cinematics leaves feeling inspired.

Customer Reviews

Marcus Gan
Very comfortable cinema!! More importantly I am able to order my favourite food from EagleWings Loft – applicable to Gold Class / Platinum Class. Love the reclinable seats in the premium halls with free flow soft drinks, coffee & tea from their Premium Lounge! Thumbs up and highly recommended! 👍

Nur Iman Rostam
The overall experience was commendable with all-inclusive access to the special lounge and free flow of beverage and food menu availability. However, the service aspect might have fallen short of expected quality due to lack of manpower availability.

Maureen Leong
Good AV system. Comfortable seats. Had the entire cinema to ourselves on a Monday evening.

Contact:9848 7777
Location:9 King Albert Park, #01-58, Singapore 598332
Opening Hours:14:00-22:5 Daily

7. CozyPlace @ Jalan Besar

CozyPlace Best Cinema Singapore
Image Credit: CozyPlace

Cozy Place is started by Nigel & Don, 2 brothers with the mission to create the COZIEST private movie room experience in Singapore.  CozyPlace Cinemas Singapore offers the ideal balance of coziness, elegance, and attentive care. It is a notable option for moviegoers who value a more sophisticated and laid-back atmosphere because of its intimate setting and meticulous attention to detail. CozyPlace Cinema Singapore provides a lovely and unforgettable experience, whether you’re searching for a romantic night out, a fun evening with friends, or a lonely retreat into the world of movies.

Customer Reviews

Nur Izzati
Very nice and cozy, facilities was top notch.

Angeline Wow
Went to Cozyplace at Jalan Besar to celebrate with my fren…is really good experience…room was cool n staff there was v helpful & friendly…would recommend frens to go too.

farah stitch
Good environment and have the best privacy place to be and watch. I have always gone to the jalan besar one to spent my time watching netflix wit my love ones.

Contact:8757 3292
Location:302 Jln Besar, Basement 1, Singapore 208963
Opening Hours:11 AM–11 PM Daily

8. Lazy Potato @ Jalan Besar

Lazy Potato Best Singapore Cinema
Image Credit: Lazy Potato

Located in Singapore’s easily accessible Jalan Besar neighbourhood, Lazy Potato is a top-tier private entertainment and board gaming destination. With so many private rooms available, this unusual place lets guests enjoy their favorite movies or have lively board game sessions in a quiet and cozy environment. Lazy Potato offers a wide range of rooms that may be reserved, accommodating various party sizes and tastes. They also sell a selection of food and beverages to round out the experience. For those who enjoy entertainment in Singapore, Lazy Potato Singapore cinema  is the best choice for an exciting board game adventure or a fun-filled movie night.

Customer Reviews

Nadine Goh
A fantastic spot to gather with friends and enjoy games, with the added bonus of a friendly and awesome boss. Conveniently located with a cozy atmosphere.

C Wenxin
Nice place to chill and play board games with friends.

roach yes
It’s cozy, especially for people have strict parents they can come here to hangout and chill.

Contact:8921 4665
Location:403 Jln Besar, Singapore 209010
Opening Hours:11 AM-11 PM Daily


From luxurious theaters with plush seating to vibrant cinemas with a lively atmosphere, Singapore offers a variety of fantastic options for girls’ movie nights. These top-rated cinemas in Singapore not only provide excellent movie screenings but also create an environment where you and your friends can relax, have fun, and make lasting memories. So, gather your girls, pick a flick, and head to one of these amazing cinemas for an evening of entertainment and joy. No matter which cinema you choose, you’re in for a movie night that’s truly special.