5 Best Bicycle Shops In Singapore To Setup Your Dream Bike

March 15, 2021

Cycling is a fun way to tour around Singapore, plus you can hang out and meet other cyclists on one of the country’s bike lanes or parks. Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands around the neighborhood, or doing some intense cycling activity on the weekends, there are loads of reasons to get yourself a bike! There are various bike types for different lifestyles, so take note of the main purpose you have for wanting one. If you are a beginner or you have no idea about bike stuff, you have nothing to worry about – we’ve got you covered! We prepared a list of the best bicycle shops in Singapore to help you set up your bike!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Hello, Bicycle!

Image Credit: Hello, Bicycle!

When it comes to setting up a bicycle for first-timers, no one does it better than Hello, Bicycle! This shop has a range of bikes from famous brands to new brands, plus their collections are for all ages. So if you’re buying one for yourself, for your partner, or your child, this shop has everything that will satisfy your imagination of your dream bike. 

Hello, Bicycle! also provides trade-in programs for a more affordable option and offers second-hand bikes of good quality. Aside from the bicycle display that will surely catch your attention, this shop sells graphic tees that you can wear and bike accessories. 

Customer Review

Sasha Aleksandra

Hello Bicycle is hands down the best bike shop around! The location is so central and super convenient. Bike selection is vast and can suit the need of the whole family; a mum bike with a seat for a 4yo, a dad bike for a super tall person, and kids bikes! All stylish, sleek, and so functional!

Thank you for taking care of our cycling needs and for the great customer service, including all the post-sale assistance. We are not well versed in bicycles, and you made it so easy for us to become a cycling family!

Eugene Low

The staff was hot; they helped get me what I need—overall great experience. I would definitely come back for more bike accessories 🙂

Contact: +65 6333 0054
Location: Bylands Building, 135 Middle Road, #01-01,  Singapore 188975
Opening Hours: 11AM-9 PM Daily

2. Coast Cycles

Image Credit: Coast Cycles

Coast Cycles is indeed one of the best bicycle shops in the country, given that this shop has several international branches. This shop featured award-winning and originally designed bicycles with appropriate structures and fabulous looks. Coast Cycles’ one-of-a-kind bike designs gained recognition from locals and international customers. 

For whatever reason you may have, whether it’s for adventure and long rides, a simple trip around the neighborhood to get you fit, or for commuting every day, you can find the best and the right bicycle for you in this shop.

Customer Review

Paul Welsh

Oozing with hipster style, this industrial-chic shop displays a full lineup of clean, retro, fat tire, stubby bikes. There’s no rush and lots of thoughtful advice from the sales guy Ryan. There’s a wide, shaded alley right next door to park a moto.

Within 10 minutes of arrival, I was test riding around the Siglap hood. Pricey? Yes, but these are Singapore designed and constructed.

Edward Norton

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The bikes are designed for cyclists by cyclists. Really fun to ride. Lots of options to change/upgrade. So glad I found these people.

Website: https://www.coastcycles.come/home
Contact: +65 6681 6681
Location: Siglap Building, #54 Dr, Singapore 456176
Opening Hours: 9AM-6PM Daily

3. Treknology 3

Image Credit: Treknology 3

If you are a massive fan of going on rough roads, this shop is the right one for you. If you are looking for a durable and robust bicycle that you can ride on rough roads, Treknology 3 contains a whole set of bikes designed for heavy use. These bikes include: mountain bikes, road bikes, triathlon bikes, hybrid bikes, and many more.

With over 25 years of experience in the bicycle business, Treknology 3 is one of the country’s best bicycle shops. This shop also has a kids’ collection, so if you want to teach your kids how to ride a bike, this is the ideal shop for you.

Customer Review

Alma Cafino

Staff are welcoming. The service guys were all knowledgeable about each item. I got new tires as per their recommendation. I Will not hesitate to go back for servicing and replacement of parts even if it’s quite a distance from my place.

Yvonne Chin

Have an outstanding follow-up customer service from Calvin Loh. He is very patient and helpful in attending to my issue today. Tireless advice and always extends good advice & recommendations on whatever needs on bike-related matters.

Excellent overall customer service from him and a few helpful service/sales consultants around. I always feel great walking in and tempted to bring back some great stuff home.

Final comment, I highly recommend anyone looking for quality bikes & accessories to visit Treknology 3.

Contact: +65 6273 8616
Location: Jalan Kilang Barat, #14, Singapore 159356
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-7.30PM | Closed on Sun

4. Tokyo Bike

Image Credit: Tokyo Bike

For diverse mountain bike selections, Tokyo Bike can be the best bicycle shop in the country. Most of this shop’s products feature a simple yet functional design, which brings you extreme lightness and comfort as you drive your way to work or explore the beautiful sceneries of your city. 

The compact bikes in this shop have a durable design and are available in different colors for a more vibrant look, making this a top choice for some female customers. Besides the bicycle, you can also view additional accessories to upgrade the style and functions of your bike.

Customer Review

Michale Hofmann

Great city bikes from Japan. Good service and a decent selection of bike accessories.

Jack Tan

Great gallery of Tokyobikes!

Contact: +65 6299 5048
Location: Haji Lane, #38, Singapore 189231
Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 1PM-8PM | Sat & Sun 12PM-8PM

5. Bikes N Bites

Image Credit: Bike-N-Bites

Bikes N Bites is the shop for you if you are starting or learning cycling. This shop is more than just a bicycle shop since they are known to be patient with every beginner customer and an expert guide in choosing what best fits you as a biker. Bikes N’ Bites believes in sustaining the love every customer has for cycling instead of just trying to sell their items and up their sales.

A group of sportsmen established this shop in 2010 with a sole purpose: to create a place where people could get premium quality bicycle equipment and help beginners love cycling by giving them the right bike that fits their needs, and a bonus of professional advice from the owner.

Customer Review

Miles Witherspoon

I’ve been visiting Bikes and Bites for a few months now and have been delighted with the service. Paul is very knowledgeable and passionate about the community. I’ve been working with David on my bike fit. He’s very professional and extremely thoughtful. So good to have a local shop with a great team behind it.

Marcel Ewals

Truly professional, as expected from a Cervelo dealer. Down-to-earth advice, no overselling, and a realistic approach to your budget and riding needs. Still wondering, whatever happened to the Bites part? A great Nespresso machine would be appreciated 🙂

Contact: +65 6469 9964
Location: Interlocal Centre, 100G Pasir Panjang Road, #01-11, Singapore 118523
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11AM-7PM | Closed on Sun


Whatever your reason may be to start cycling, there is the right bike for you. When starting a hobby or interest, seeking help from the right group of people to learn is the key to the best growth you’ll ever have. So if you have no idea or knowledge about which bicycle to get, visit one of these bicycle shops now, and start setting up your dream bike!

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