On the lookout for a candle that can create a romantic vibe or a natural fragrance to soothe you down after your daily grind? There is no doubt a scented candle for every mood and occasion. Not only can candles freshen up the air in a room, but it can certainly brighten up dark nights with its sweet-smelling scent.

Whether you are looking to purchase candles as a gift or need a simple pick-me-up, here are TheGirlCo’s 6 picks of the best soy candle stores in Singapore!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Nicole’s Flower

Image Credit: Nicole’s Flower

For handmade soy candles specially customised by Korean-trained staff with gorgeous and intricate flower designs, Nicole’s Flower (who also provides floral services!) is the store to head over to! Filled with passion and love, their candles use cotton wicks that do not have any zinc or lead components. Made by soybeans, the soy candles are water-soluble and biodegradable. If you’re an environmentalist, you will be happy to know that their soy candles give out zero pollutants or toxins. It won’t trigger allergies and are made by green materials safe for all to use. Ultimately, they hope to care for the precious environment while bringing you happiness with their aromatic candles! For a lovely gift to your friends or family, you can bless them with the choice of Nicole’s Flower Cupcake Assorted Flower Candle.

Website: https://www.nicolesflower.com/flower-soy-candle/
Contact: +65 8338 8511
Location: 224 Telok Kurau Road, UNI Building, #01-01, Singapore 423836
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 10am-7pm

2. Candles Of Light

Image Credit: Candles Of Light

Candles Of Light seeks to relax, inspire and evoke joy in you with their wide array of scents. Blended carefully in small batches, they are made by hand with only high-quality organic materials used. Their candle collections include Midnight which gives off a lush, fruity and Jasmine scent and Dayspring which is inspired by the uplifting tones of spearmint segue and sweet citrus. If fruity scents are not to your liking, fresh-smelling Dawn and Daylight would suit you just fine. Dawn brings forth calming notes of lavender with mint while Daylight has hints of cucumber violet leaf enhanced, delicate neroli and the gentle kiss of lavender.

Website: https://www.candlesoflight.com/collections/candles
Contact: hello@candlesoflight.com

3. Temple Candles

Image Credit: Temple Candles

Temple Candles pays tribute to the exotic and romantic sides of Asia through its luxury candles. Each and every candle is meticulously handcrafted in Singapore using the finest plant-based materials flown all the way from Australia. Infused with pure essential oil fragrances, their candles are wrapped up in their signature gift box with an elegant Eternal Knot tassel. The latter symbolises longevity and good luck in many parts of Asia. A charming yet meaningful gift, you can share with your loved ones Temple Candles’ Bamboo Candle which is a refined and minimalist fragrance inspired by the gentle bamboo forests of the Orient.

Website: https://templecandles.com/collections/2018-candles-concept
Contact: kendall@templecandles.com
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 24 Hours

4. Candescent Box

Image Credit: Candescent Box

Behind Candescent Box stands a mother-daughter duo who shares the same love for creating candles that are pleasant to burn, safe and eco-friendly. As an independent start-up, they mainly sell original reed diffusers and scented soy candles. Be rest assured that their candles emit zero toxic fumes and are never tested on animals. Handpoured in small batches and brimming with love, the candles are made from quality soy wax imported from Australia and the USA. Candescent Box is constantly at the top of its game, innovating new designs and scents by collecting ongoing feedback from their clients. If you just can’t get enough of their candles, their box of Mega Soy Candles should be more than enough aroma to keep your nose happy!

Website: https://candescentbox.com/collections/scented-soy-candles
Contact: hello@candescentbox.com

5. Artisan Of Sense

Image Credit: Artisan Of Sense

No animal testing and made only with the simple act of love is what Artisan Of Sense stands for. For all-natural goodness, their candles are created using eco-friendly soy wax from beans grown in the US. Composing of 100% essential oils from plants, these hand-poured candles comprise of natural lead-free cotton wicks which are uniquely uplifting and fresh. As the materials are harvested in a sustainable manner via a recycled glass jar, they are good for the environment as much as they are good for you. Infuse your senses with their thoughtfully designed candles with an elegant touch. Browse through Artisan Of Sense’s Classic Collection, Glass Dome Collection, or travel essentials and pick out the candle that screams your name.

Website: https://www.artisanofsense.com/candles
Contact: mailto:vivian@artisanofsense.com
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-6pm | Sat 9am-12pm

6. Hush Candle

Image Credit: Hush Candle

The candles at Hush Candle are scented with natural materials and made 100% from soy wax that can last twice the time and gives a cleaner burn! Hand-poured in small batches, this ensures quality control throughout production. Fun fact: It can be applied to your body as a massage oil or moisturiser! As many candle brands out there either give off an artificial scent or are too costly, Hush Candle gives you the best of both worlds with quality wax and affordable pricing. Their products are fuss-free and kept minimal so that the cost savings will not be passed on to you. Try out their Bergamot Basil Essential Oil Candle which is perfect in helping you gain mental strength while reducing your anxiety and stress!

Website: https://hushcandle.com/collections/candles
Contact: +65 9829 8889 | +65 9297 4611