6 Best Nail Art Salons for Gorgeous Manicures in SG

January 20, 2020
Best nail art salon manicure

Still hoping to achieve your dream manicure where your nails will sparkle under the bright lights like a shiny diamond? With plenty of nail art salons at all four corners of our little red dot, it must be tough narrowing down one for your regular nail maintenance.

But not to worry, here is a quick read for you. Be prepared to be wow-ed by these 6 best nail art salons in Singapore with professionally done and pretty manicures!

Note: This list is strictly not in order.

1. Nailz Haus

Image Credit: Nailz Haus

Nailz Haus has an amazing entourage of nail technicians, artists and nailcare specialists to meet your every hand (and feet) needs. Safe to say, Nailz Haus is a shrine where you can indulge your hardworking hands and legs after a long day at work. With their wide array of nail services, there are just too many choices for you to select from! Nailz Haus does not focus just on the aesthetics of your hand and feet but they too understand the importance of overall nail health and prevention.

If you desire the best of both worlds – holistic care and pretty-looking designs for your nails, let Nailz Haus breathe new life into your princessy nails, and give it the pampering it truly deserves!

Contact: +65 6481 5768 | +65 6754 8998 | +65 6566 5676
53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #B1-24, Singapore 69933
Northpoint City, 930 Yishun Avenue 2, #B1-168, Singapore 769098
IMM, 2 Jurong East Street 21, #02-29, Singapore 609601
Opening Hours: Differs for every outlet

2. Bellissima Nails

Image Credit: Bellissima Nails

Established in 1989, Bellissima Nails is owned and managed by Ms Anita Sam. The company specialises in high-quality services and inspired nail artworks. Located in a prime district, their sophisticated patrons include celebrities, fashion models, expatriates and the airline crew. Ms Anita Sam has had many years of experience and received accreditations from The Creative Academy.

Next to her side at all times, her friendly team of highly trained and experienced technicians ensures that your experience will exceed expectations. With their elegant and cosy setting, it easily makes for a comforting and serene atmosphere to sit back and unwind!

Contact: +65 6737 2810
Location: Palais Renaissance, #02-12, 390 Orchard Road, Singapore 238871
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm | Sat 9am-6pm

3. Nail Queen

Image Credit: Nail Queen

Nail Queen is committed to providing the utmost effort when it comes to customer service. Their nail artists are properly trained to provide exquisite workmanship on every patron. If you ever find yourself having chipped nails just days from doing your last manicure, Nail Queen readily offers touch-up at no cost.

Like any other good customer service provider, they value any feedback you may have (bad or good!) regarding your experience at Nail Queen. If their dedicated service attitude strongly speaks to you, let them work their graceful magic on your nails!

Contact: +65 8742 5789
Location: Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road, #04-88, Singapore 228213
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-9pm | Sat-Sun 11am-8pm

4. The Nail Artelier

Image Credit: The Nail Artelier

The Nail Artelier warmly welcomes you into its premises. Nail art naturally takes centre stage here, and they have accumulated extensive experience from creating diverse styles of art. Cute, fashion-forward, whimsical, sexy, outrageous, funky or feminine  – you name it, they’ve done it!

The best part? If you want your very own unique design, you can even get it customised to your specifications at the Nail Artelier!

If all you need is a good manicure or pedicure, they’ve got you covered. They take pride in carrying out their craft, placing emphasis on proper nail care and sanitation. All their nailists are certified and trained nail technicians. Evidently, you can confidently sashay out of the salon with your gorgeous new nails.

Contact: +65 6298 8028
Location: 666 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188800
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-9pm

5. I Love Nails

Image Credit: I Love Nails

Winnie’s love affair and fascination with nails began more than 15 years’ ago. She spent 5 years just learning the tricks of the trade and in 2001, with the encouragement and support of her sisters, she has now fulfilled her dream of becoming a professional manicurist through I Love Nails. She continues to serve her regulars (some who have known her for as long as 15 years!) with the same value-for-money service.

How does she keeping them coming back? She ties this back to her ability in understanding the needs of each customer, employing manicurists who have at least 5 years of experience, using top quality products and her creative input. Regardless of her experienced nature, she still shows the excitement and eagerness of a novice when it comes to serving customers, treating everyone who steps into her shop like a precious old friend.

Contact: +65 6468 8687
Location: 211 Holland Avenue, #03-30/35, Holland Road Shopping Centre, Singapore 278967
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-7.30pm | Sun 10am-6.30pm

6. Project Nails

Image Credit: Project Nails

When you first enter Project Nails salon, the first thing you’ll notice is their stylish relaxed atmosphere. Next, you will be served with your choice of premium tea alongside lovingly home-made treats. Then sit back, relax and partake in your well-deserved pampering by Project Nails’ manicurists in their cosy massage chair.

They understand that everyone is unique and that not all will find the right match in their salon; be it the manicurist, services or products. That’s what makes life interesting, you’ll never know till you try! Taking care of your nails is like being in a long-term relationship with them. There has to be an initial start point. Thus, whether you need a manicure, pedicure or foot spa treatment, you may be able to find what you fancy at Project Nails when you take the leap of faith into their salon.

Contact: +65 6344 1636
Location: 83 East Coast Road, Singapore 428786
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-8pm

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